Vexcel Educational Trust

Enables individuals with special needs through tailored education, therapies, and holistic support for inclusive and independent lives

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    Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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V-Excel Educational Trust operates as a registered Public Charitable Trust in Chennai, providing comprehensive services, education, resources, and soc Read moreial inclusion opportunities to individuals with special needs. It extends its reach across various cities in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. The focus of its programmes is on individuals with special needs, particularly those on the autism spectrum and those with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities. It offers a range of services spanning early intervention, schooling, therapies, vocational training, placements, and the cultivation of independent living skills, recognizing the importance of tailored approaches. The heart of V-Excel's mission lies in creating a society of compassion and inclusion through its diverse offerings. Its services incorporate various methodologies, therapies, counselling, medical support, and advocacy to empower individuals with special needs. Its committed teaching staff works tirelessly to individualize education and support for each child, aiming for holistic development and self-sufficiency. V-Excel envisions a world where individuals with special needs can lead positive and fulfilling lives, and it works towards this through its efforts in treatment, education, awareness-raising, and research into disabilities.

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Since its inception in 2001, V-Excel Educational Trust has made a significant impact with 932 enrollments across its diverse programmes, spanning 12 centres across India and collaborating with 33 partners to drive positive change in the lives of individuals with special needs.


  • Counselling & Assessment Services

    V-Excel Educational Trust offers a comprehensive Counseling and Assessments Clinic where a skilled team of professionals conducts counselling and psychological assessments using a diverse collection of standardized tools. With a range of 100 test kits suitable for both children and adults, the clinic aids individuals facing a variety of challenges. Expert clinical, child, and educational psychologists provide counselling, psychotherapy, play therapy, and formal assessments tailored to individual needs. Techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, and Art Therapies are utilized to help clients find effective paths towards addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, adjustment problems, special needs, marital conflicts, and stress.

  • Early Intervention Services

    V-Excel Educational Trust provides specialized Early Intervention programs for children aged 0 to 7, focusing on developmental challenges and timely intervention. The approach integrates sensory, motor, cognitive, and social skills through personalized plans, involving experts and parents. This comprehensive program extends beyond the centre, enhancing functional independence, school readiness, and social skills. It benefits children with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, and more.

  • Kaleidoscope Learning Centre (KLC)

    V-Excel Educational Trust operates the Kaleidoscope Learning Centre (KLC), a special school committed to nurturing children with developmental disabilities. The school employs the Rudolf Steiner curriculum, fostering holistic growth through intellectual, artistic, and spiritual elements. The curriculum harmonizes with developmental stages, forging a deep teacher-student bond in a warm, home-like setting. KLC offers Kindergarten, Grade School, and Pre-vocational programmes. Kindergarten introduces a child-friendly environment, while Grade School integrates curative education with arts, history, and practical work. Pre-vocational courses instil life skills and functional academics, preparing students for independence and mainstream inclusion. The programme's uniqueness lies in its holistic approach, emphasizing creativity, life skills, and comprehensive development.

  • Remedial Centre

    V-Excel Educational Trust operates the V-Excel Remedial Centre, addressing challenges faced by children with learning disabilities or developmental issues. The centre aims to mainstream these children, enhance their educational and social progress, and guide teachers and parents in effective strategies. Through comprehensive assessments and individualized plans, the centre offers structured one-on-one sessions, group activities, and therapeutic interventions like art and play therapy. Beneficiaries include children with learning disabilities, mild autism, intellectual disabilities, and attention deficit disorders, helping bridge learning gaps and promoting holistic development.

  • Vocational Training Unit

    V-excel Educational Trust's Vocational Training Unit, in collaboration with Esvi Sarada Foundation, was established in 2006 and has grown to become a respected centre in the city. With a focus on differently-abled young adults aged 16 to 22, the unit offers training in various vocational skills through a range of activities, enhancing their motor skills and life skills understanding. The unit caters to their aptitudes and capabilities, providing training in areas such as computers, screen printing, front-office work, crafting, baking, cooking, and more. Through hands-on experience and interactions with civic agencies, the unit aims to empower these young adults for dignified living and increased self-confidence. The unit also operates an outlet named "Samarth," where their products are exhibited and sold, offering practical training in salesmanship and money handling.

Impact Metrics

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    • 2019-20 80000
    • 2020-21 90000
    • 2021-22 85000
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    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 13
    • 2020-21 13
    • 2021-22 14

Leadership Team

  • Vasudha Prakash

    Founder & Trustee

  • Ajita Panshikar

    Executive Director

  • Gita Bhalla

    Associate Director

  • Jayanthi Vishwanath

    Regional Director - West

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    DIT(E)No.2(445)/2001-02, Sl. No. 374/2001-02

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    V-Excel Educational Trust No. 10/23, Thiruvengadam Street,Opp. LIC Staff Quarters, R.A.Puram, Chennai, 600028

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    Vexcel Educational Trust

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