Women's Organization for Rural Development, P.Velur, Namakkal

Works to improve the socio-economic condition by providing overall support to the women and children from the deprived, marginalized downtrodden and dalit community

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    Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

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Women's Organization for Rural Development works towards the following: Supporting impoverished children's education Women's Empowerment for Gende Read morer Equity assisting in the direction of socio-economic empowerment. releasing girls and women from the oppression and traditional cultural clutches. giving women the entrepreneurial and vocational leadership skills they need to achieve vital economic independence. utilizing rural women's economic empowerment and organized group strength to effectively remove cultural barriers, including the terrible practice of female infanticide/feticide, which is pervasive in the locations of our operations. establishing credit connections with financial institutions and organizing women into self-help groups and federations. Building of Public Latrines Building of Drainage Infrastructure Building Separate Toilets in the Country Home Promote organic farming as a means of sustaining small-scale and marginalized women farmers in the context of HIV/AIDS prevention.


Achievements to date 1. The creation of 311 operational Self-Help Groups and 3 women's federations at the block and district levels 2. 204 schools organized National Green Cadets, and 153 schools formed Eco-Clubs. There are now 1000 restrooms in 16 Panchayats. 3. Five community restrooms were built 4. A total of 132.65 acres of land have been made available to 405 landless Dalit families. 5. A total of 1522 female commercial sex workers have been identified and provided with care and support. 6. 255 children living with HIV/AIDS receive medical attention and nourishing food. 7. Through bank connections, impoverished rural women are now able to obtain a credit of Rs. 50 Lakhs ($125,000) for IGP activities. 8. To preserve historic seed varieties, two seed banks have been established. 9. In rural households, 500 kitchen herb gardens have been planted. 10. 31 elderly people in extreme poverty receive all the attention and assistance they need. 11. With financial support from "CAPART" and the "Water for Humanitarian Fund," USA, 15 bore wells have been built in 15 villages across 3 different panchayats in the Kablilarmalai Union. 12. Through a variety of income-generating activities, 150 Dalit women will get financial support to improve their level of living thanks to the generous help of "Zero-Kap." 13. The WORD group is receiving financial support from the UK-based charity "Jeevika Trust" to advance the rights of Dalit women. Five Dalit villages in Thidumal Panchayats, Kabilarmalai Union, are participating in this program.


  • Tailoring Skill Development Training

    Girls and women aged 18 to 35 are the current targets for the training program.
    A total of 80 girls benefit within one year.
    The project is currently undergoing a minimum three-year execution period.
    A total of 240 girls benefit within three years.
    Industry experts currently train the trainers and design the curriculum.
    Guest lectures by industry experts provide exposure to the trainees.
    Women presently receive life skills training alongside tailoring training.
    Upon successful completion of the course, women are placed in jobs within nearby textile industries.
    Certificates are provided to the women upon successful completion of the course.

  • My Dream Scholarship

    It makes use of an all-encompassing concept of poverty alleviation that puts the needs of individual trucker children first while enacting last-minute changes at the communal level.

    The main goal of the program is to give children from extremely low-income families the means to pursue higher education, technical training, or college degrees rather than forcing them into the workforce. After that, it will keep the children on track to help them become self-sufficient, contributing members of society by offering them opportunities for training and education. This project provides scholarships to forty children.

    205 kids from the community of truck and lorry drivers have been awarded scholarships for further education. In addition to Namakkal, kids in four other districts this year—Erode, Salem, Dharmapuri, and Krishnagiri—also benefit from this program.

Impact Metrics

  • Total Number of Senior Citizens Living in Home Run by Word

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2018-19 30
    • 2019-20 29
    • 2020-21 29
    • 2021-22 30
    • 2022-23 30
  • Children of Truck and Lorry Drivers Received Scholarships to Support Their Higher Education

    Program Name

    My Dream Scholarship

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 40
    • 2020-21 221
    • 2021-22 205

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    112, KAVERI GARDEN, VENGAMEDU P.VELUR POST, Namakkal, 638182


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