Kherwadi Social Welfare Association

Empowers disadvantaged youth through viable livelihood initiatives, vocational training, and mentorship, to create a productive and useful future for themselves

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    Mumbai, Maharashtra

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The Kherwadi Social Welfare Association works with a vision to create opportunities for underprivileged youth, enabling them to lead efficient and soc Read moreially beneficial lives. Through viable livelihood programmes based on rural and urban skill training, the organisation aims to provide another opportunity to these youth, leading to behavioural change and income generation. With a strong conviction that the nation's potential lies in the hands of its youth, the Kherwadi Social Welfare Association offers vocational training to those who are out of school, adopting an all-inclusive approach to improve their job-related skills with appropriate direction, advice, and monetary assistance. The organisation runs a comprehensive programme that focuses on hands-on vocational training, transformation, mentoring, counselling community engagement, mentoring, and job placements.

Demographies Served


Kherwadi Social Welfare Association's Yuva Parivartan programme has facilitated more than 3000 camps across the country training 70,000 plus youth and trained more than 2000 inmates in vocational trades.


  • Yuva Engage Programme

    The Yuva Engage Programme aims to help individuals, NGOs or groups working on social causes to amplify their impact. It offers inclusive mentorship be it direction or strategy wise and supports the entity, guiding it along its journey for social good. It offers “Aarambh”, “Sthir” and “Saksham” supports based on the time the entity has spent in the social space. Currently, all its services are free of cost.

  • Rural Mobile Camps Programme

    To enable vocational training to reach youth in rural and remote areas, the organisation sets up mobile camps with help from the local Government and village administration. These camps provide short-term training in trades like beauticians, wiremen and para-nursing. It paves the way for local youth to set up their own businesses and create a future for themselves.

  • Counselling Programme

    The organisation provides counselling services for school dropouts. It recognises that such youth have low self-esteem, thus it has developed “Soch Ka Parivartan” which talks about 12 important behaviours to get youth placed in jobs and also succeed in retaining them. The modules are all in video format making them easy to understand. Additionally, financial and digital literacy are also imparted to the youth.

  • Prison Project

    It also empowers first-time offenders lodged in jails with vocational training. These disadvantaged youth are not accepted in society and find it easy to resort to crime once again on release. The organisation conducts skilling programmes for these inmates to encourage them to turn to productive professions once they are ready to be released from the prisons.

  • Integrated Rural Development Programme

    It works in the agriculture space to conduct training for farmers in improved agricultural approaches, water and livestock management. It also seeks to empower marginalised women by organising them into self-help groups increasing their collective power. This leads to the rural community reducing their dependency on the rains and turning towards communal prosperity.

  • Yuva Parivartan

    Yuva Parivartan (YP), was established in 1998 and was formally launched by the then President APJ Kalam in 2003. YP’s mission is to provide a second chance to the deprived youth and to empower women, through sustainable livelihood opportunities based on technical, business and life skill training programs, which lead to attitudinal change and income generation. We have a deep understanding and connect with the communities that we work in. Over the last 25 years, we have improved the employability of more than 1 million deprived youth and women through our skilling courses and helped them earn livelihood. Our course content, structure and delivery, flexibility of timings, focus on practical training and support to earning livelihoods is tailored to embark our students on their journey towards livelihood. The time to benefits is reduced due to short course durations ranging from 15 to 90 days.

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Impact Metrics

  • Total Number of Students Trained and Skilled

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 112240
    • 2018-19 63849
    • 2019-20 38404
    • 2020-21 19007
    • 2021-22 80452
  • No.Of Youth Trained

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  • No. of Earning Livelihood

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Theory of Change

What we want to do We want to reduce the youth & young adults unemployment rates by 30% & improve employability by 50% in the villages and towns that we operate in, over the next 3 years. What makes Yuva Parivartan unique We have a deep understanding and connect with the communities that we work in. Over the last 25 years, we have improved the employability of more than 1.3 million deprived youth and young adults through our skilling courses and helped them earn a livelihood. Our course content, course structure, the flexibility of timings, and content delivery are tailored to meet their requirements of earning while learning and combining vocational training with general education. Our network of field counselors, community leaders, and trainers along with digital reach through social media and our e-learning app- Yuva Kaushal and connects with local livelihood providers/ enablers, enabling us to mobilize our students and help them start on their wage or self-employment Who & Where Deprived youth & young adults living in the rural and peri-urban areas, who are unemployed, or have no motivation to earn a livelihood or want to graduate to a higher skill & earn a higher income by acquiring a new skill. We primarily work in villages and small towns throughout India. The current focus of our work is in states: Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Gujarat & Rajasthan How 1. Approaches: We will provide access to life, business & technical skill training and to information & linkages which would help them earn a livelihood. To increase our reach & scale, we will partner with other NGOs, institutes, and individuals who provide skill training to our target audience. We will use digital content & provide online training & leverage social media to mobilize students. 2. Linkages: Undergoing skill training, improves the employability of the target audience & information related to means of livelihood, increases the probability of earning livelihood. Where we can't reach our partners, reach & remove the access barriers to skilling to skilling & information. Social media mobilization helps us and the partners to pull students to our courses. Essential Activities: Need assessment & course selection Local infrastructure & trainer Identifying of influencer for mobilization linkages with livelihood providers Communicating value proposition Partner engagement Digital content delivery Contribution to intended impact: Target audience get employable skills, increase self esteem & self confidence and gain useful information Possible to multiply the impact in multiple locations and geographies without physical presence.

Leadership Team

  • Kishore Kher


  • Archana Nair

    Director - Finance & Accounts

  • Rajjiv Kumar Saigal

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kishor Kher


  • Mrinalini Kher

    Hon. Secretary & Trustee

  • Milind Chitre


  • Hariharan Iyer


  • Ajit Parab

    Senior Operation Director

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Parishramalaya, Teen Bungalow Road Opp. Kherwadi Municipal School, Kherwadi, Bandra(E), Mumbai, 400051

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