Sahyadri Gramin Vikas Va Bahuuddeshiya Yuvak Kalyan Sanstha

Enables communities through diverse programs, enhancing livelihoods, and fostering development

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The Sahyadri NGO, based in Maharashtra, is a committed and professionally managed organization focused on holistic community development. It serves as Read more a catalyst, offering sustainable livelihoods, healthcare, education, and empowerment to underserved populations. Notably, it has been acknowledged for its impactful work in improving livelihoods and addressing health challenges. The NGO has diversified its efforts, extending its reach to areas like natural resource management, women's empowerment, and agricultural development. The organisation's credibility is evident through its strong relationships with Government bodies, donors, and local communities. Sahyadri Foundation is a non-governmental organization rooted on the philanthropic values for the empowerment of the people in underserved rural and urban communities of Nagpur district. For the last 21 years of our existence, the efforts are directed in providing the vulnerable sections of the society a respectable life. The organization has developed and implemented several innovative interventions with a special focus on Health care services, and has been able to create an impact on people’s life through halting and reversing TB, HIV & AIDS, Tobacco, and cancer, Skill Training for Unemployed youths and Women. Housing for the poor and works for the welfare and empowerment of women, children, adolescent children, farmers by initiating development programs in the fields of education, sports, environment protection, counseling in career guidance, linkages to health care and livelihoods. Our role is to act as a catalysts and spread awareness, redefine them to make them self-reliant and self-sufficient for a bright and healthy future. Our Vision • Sahyadri Foundation aims to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good. • Our Organization is committed to provide basic amenities in the underserved areas and work as a catalyst for providing sustainable means of livelihood through providing healthcare services, educating, training, capacity building and empowering the needy sections of the society. Our Mission • Our aim is to create awareness of general health among the people as well as to provide health services. • To create an environment where the whole community gets sensitized about health issues. • To ensure availability of primary health care to each and every individual in the village. • Sensitizing the community towards basic healthcare and hygiene.


• The organization in partnership with other organization also gave monetary benefit to the families where there was demise of the bread earner. In the second wave of the corona, financial support to the underprivileged families where the breadwinner has met with sudden demise due to Covid 19. Our organization has helped Rs. 30,000/- each of 2974 such families in the entire state of Maharashtra. • Sahyadri Foundation also donated Oxygen Cylinders, ICU Beds and Medical Equipment’s to the Government and Charitable Hospitals in the Nagpur district as a part of Covid Relief work. • Sahyadri Foundation provides free transportation facilities to the poor and needy corona patients by Advance Life Support Ambulance services in Nagpur, Maharashtra. • Vaccination Campaign - With the help of Government and Nagpur Municipal Corporation we helped the vulnerable group to complete the Covid Vaccination in Nagpur, in which the following peoples are involved- Homeless Peoples, MSME Workers, Construction Workers, Crematorium Workers, Domestic Workers, Waste pickers, Sex Workers, Auto. Truck drivers, Kirana Store owners, Milk & Vegetable vendors, Security & Support staff in residential areas, Unorganized deliver staff and street vendors. • Mobilize Rural Community Members to get their 2nd Dose of Covid 19 vaccine across six districts of Maharashtra.


• Sahyadri NGO is a professionally managed and committed NGO from Maharashtra, rooted on the philanthropic values for the holistic development of the people. The organization works actively as catalysts for providing sustainable means of livelihood through providing healthcare services, educating, training, capacity building and empowering the needy sections of the society. • The organization has multidisciplinary and talented team of volunteers and employees working diligently in the capacity building, education, healthcare, empowerment of rural youth, women, children, migrant workers, daily wage laborers and farmers living below the poverty line for their inclusion in the mainstream and linking them to various government schemes for their social and economic improvement. • The organization is recognized at the district level for empowering the poor through the outstanding works done for enhancing livelihood and ensuring food security of the rural masses from Nagpur district. • At the state level the organization is recognized for its outstanding work done in Health sector especially pertaining to HIV & AIDs, TB, and STDs. The organization has in this regard successfully carried out several awareness and service delivery programs with target communities like FSWs, pregnant women, HRGs and vulnerable men and women in Nagpur district of Maharashtra. • Sahyadri NGO starts Mobile Creech center for Children of Migrant Workers at MIHAN Area of Nagpur Named as Gyan School in association with Mumbai Mobile Foundation. • Sahyadri NGO’s diverse field of operation ranging from Education, Health, Livelihood & Food security etc. has now widened to new horizons covering sectors from natural resource management to women empowerment, addressing farmer’s issues through convergence of various line departments, awareness on environment, social forestry, Shetkari Janjagran etc. Apart from the aforesaid several capacity building measures like imparting trainings to SHG entrepreneurship, nursery, innovative techniques in farming, organic farming, rural technical trainings, veterinary trainings, computer literacy etc. have been carried out by the organization in the capacity of Farmers and Livelihood training through IWMP Project of Agriculture Department, Govt. of Maharashtra. • Sahyadri NGO is a non-political, non-partisan, non-religious and not-for-profit development organization working for improving the quality of life of the socially and economically backward communities of Vidarbha region, especially Nagpur district. All through these years of working with the rural and tribal community members the organization has earned a niche for itself and has earned credibility amongst the stakeholders including the various government departments, donor agencies and community members. The organization fully enjoys the confidence of donors, government officials at local, regional and state level and stakeholders. • Sahyadri NGO registered under Society Registration act on 2002 in Nagpur of Maharashtra State, having registered under 12A & 80 G of Income Tax Act, CSR-1 & FCRA under Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India and Under NITI Ayog, Govt. of India.


Awards and Achievements • In 2010, We received an award from Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Nagpur • In 2016, We received 1st Award in all over Maharashtra from Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society (MSACS) Mumbai & Health Department, Govt. of Maharashtra, we also received award from the hands of Hon. Health Minister, Govt. of Maharashtra • In 2019, we received the Inspiration Awards 2019 by BWW and Parivartan Organization for outstanding work in healthcare sector. • In 2021, Awarded as “Corona Yodha” by Nagpur Municipal Corporation for commendable contribution in HealthCare during COVID-19 pandemic. • Member of the District level Covid-19 Vaccination committee. • In 2022, Sahyadri Foundation was awarded by Shri Radhakrishna Hospital & Research Institute and United Health Foundation for its humanitarian work to help poor families whose breadwinner died in Covid 19. • In 2022, Elkem South Asia Pvt Ltd awarded Sahyadri Foundations project Mobile Computer Education with a certificate of appreciation for their efforts to inspire and educate underprivileged children. • In 2022, Received Prominent Impact Award 2022 at 5th edition of Giving Economy Award 2022 at Panji, Goa powered by Crowdera. • In 2022, Received Dalmia Cement Change Maker Award 2022 for Beggars Rehabilitation Project at the Global Nagpur Summit 2022 organized by Nagpur First and Indian Institute of Management (IIM-N) Nagpur. • Sahyadri is a member of the G20 working group Education and Digital Transformation. • The Udaharan presentation on the best practices for Beggars' Rehabilitation Shelter project was shortlisted at the G20 Sustainable and Resilient Communities Conclave held in Sikkim, Gangtok, India in 2023 on April 29th.


  • Night Shelter for Homeless

    Sahyadri Foundation collaborated with Nagpur Municipal Corporation to establish a night shelter (Ratra Niwara) for accommodating homeless individuals. The initiative was undertaken in response to a directive from the Supreme Court, compelling Nagpur Municipal Corporation to address the issue of homelessness in the city.

  • Gyandeep School for Construction Workers Children's


    The Gyandeep School, located in Mahindra, MIHAN, is an initiative undertaken by Sahyadri Foundation since 2015. The school has a capacity to accommodate 30 students and operates with technical assistance from Mumbai Mobile Creche. The financial support for this project is provided by MIHAN's Biggest construction site - Mahindra Lifespaces.

  • Mobile Education - A step towards securing bright future of destitute and homeless children



    “A step towards securing bright future of destitute and homeless children”

    Sahyadri foundation strives to work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in lives of underprivileged children, hence keeping its mission in view to empower underprivileged children and youth by the means of providing education, career counselling and proper guidance, the foundation has geared up to work as a part of FIRTE PATHAK.

    The aim of this scheme is to escort destitute and homeless children into the mainstream of the society by the means of providing education.

    The “Firte Pathak” initiative is launched by the state governments women and child development department in six districts of Maharashtra- Nagpur, Nashik, Pune, Thane and Mumbai.

    Under this scheme, a child-friendly bus or van will be made available in the six districts with a capacity of 25 children. These buses will be equipped with CCTV cameras and surveillance

  • Health Check-up Camps by Mobile Clinic Van in Rural Areas


    Brief Introduction
    In response to the pressing healthcare needs of marginalized communities, construction site workers, and laborers in the Nagpur districts, we are excited to present a transformative initiative – the Comprehensive Health Check-Up Camps using a Mobile Clinic Van. This visionary project is designed to bridge the healthcare gap among the underprivileged population by providing essential medical services directly to their doorsteps.
    Healthcare inequalities persistently affect vulnerable individuals, leaving them with limited access to timely medical attention. Recognizing this critical issue, we have conceived a holistic approach to deliver healthcare services where they are needed the most. Our Mobile Clinic Van will serve as a beacon of hope, reaching remote areas and underserved communities within Nagpur districts.
    Beneficiaries: Each camp is expected to serve approximately 130- 150 beneficiaries, resulting in a total of 4,000 to 4,500 beneficiaries

  • Educational Kits Distribution to Underprivileged Children from COVID-Affected Families

    Educational Kits Distribution to Underprivileged Children from COVID-Affected Families," aims to address the educational challenges faced by children in Nagpur District whose families have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has exacerbated disparities in education, particularly for underprivileged children. This initiative seeks to provide educational kits containing essential materials to support these children's learning and ensure they have access to quality education.
    Current Socio-economic Status of the Area and Target Group:
    The project will focus on Nagpur District, where many families have been severely affected by the pandemic, leading to economic hardships and educational barriers. The target group comprises children from families that have been directly impacted by COVID-19, including those who have lost income, jobs, or family members. These children are at risk of falling behind in their education due to limited resources.

  • Help the Needy, Poor and Destitute Patients for Medicines and Treatment


    One of the key factors contributing to poverty in the nation is still health problems and vice versa. Poor hygiene, low living standards, risky jobs for salaries, and other factors make the poor and the homeless more susceptible to health problems. The lack of awareness and education regarding these health issues makes them more likely to be prey to these ailments and accidents. The poor and marginalized fail to afford the high-priced treatment offered by private medical bodies. As a result, they are only left with the option of visiting a government hospital such as the Government Medical College and Hospitals in the area which provide the treatment at a very low cost and also assist the patients to avail the benefits from the appropriate schemes provided by the State and Central Government. With the introduction of the "Ayushman Bharat" Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya scheme in September 2018, the nation has made progress toward Universal Health Coverage. With almost 50% of the population

  • Help to Distribute of Nutrition Kits for TB Patients in Nagpur India


    1. To ensure effective care and nutritional support to the
    vulnerable TB cases
    2. To reduce the number of deaths, illness, and impact from
    Tuberculosis in RURAL and URBAN areas of Nagpur.
    3. To reduce the stigma and discrimination around TB through
    behavioral change communication and inclusion of TB
    patients in main stream.
    1.Distribution of 1500 kits to TB Patients in Nagpur district [
    2. For a duration of 2 years.
    RATIONAL OF THE PROJECTThe effect of nutritional interventions on nutritional, clinical,
    and patient-important outcomes has been a neglected area of
    TB research. According to a recent systematic review on the
    effect of nutritional supplementation on outcomes in patients
    with TB, there has been insufficient research in the form of
    randomized trials on the effect of macronutrient and
    micronutrient supplementation, to either confirm or exclude a
    beneficial effect of nutritional supplementation on outcomes
    in patients with TB.

  • Help to Establish Skill Centre for Beggars and Homeless People in Nagpur India


    Beggary can be considered one of the most serious social issues in India and need urgent attention. The proposed project aims at resolving the issue of the increased beggary in the Nagpur district of Maharashtra by establishing Rehabilitation shelter homes for the beggars. The beggars would be provided accommodation in these shelter homes for a period of 6 months. These shelter homes would provide the beggars with many choices for them which would prevent them from continuing begging and incorporate them back into society. The choices provided would be such as reunification with their family, skill training in various areas, self-employment, de-addiction, etc. The project aims at providing beggars an opportunity to become self-reliant and not live at mercy of others.
    Goal of the project -
    The problem of beggary, like any other social problem, is multi-dimensional. Its roots are found in the diverse patterns of its intertwined and interlocked social fabrics.

  • To Install smart portable public toilets to improve public sanitation in Nagpur India


    The public toilet is a necessary but often unappreciated part of our daily lives. However, when these facilities are not kept clean and well-maintained, they can pose a serious health hazard to users. Poorly maintained toilets can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, which can cause a variety of illnesses, ranging from stomach flu to more serious infections. In addition, the foul odors often associated with unhygienic toilets can be extremely unpleasant and off-putting to users.
    Our planet is facing a severe drought, due to water shortage and excessive pollution in the water resources. This problem is affecting all over the world especially in countries that have a hot weather for most of the year. Toilets are one of the main causes for this water pollution, especially public toilets where we do not care about its hygiene and leave it dirty after using it.
    Problem Statement:
    • Most of the public toilet lacks hygiene.
    • Public toilets are not well maintained.

  • To Provide Free Computer skills to the Underprivileged students in Nagpur India


    It was also found that poor & underprivileged ongoing students don’t have facility of computer practices at their home due to which they are not scoring marks in Computer subject. So it is proposed to planning to provide computer education, training and practices at Mobile Van for the betterment of their future.

    There is a need to conceptualise, designed and built a VAN for Mobile Vocational Education, a computer training centre to bring. A MoVE unit is a fully functioning classroom-on-wheels. Equipped with the latest computer and communication technology, the unit typically contains 09 computers & 01 Screen, through which students are trained in computer skills covers their standard curriculum which support their syllabus. It employs Wi-Fi and a local and central database to monitor and assess student performance. Back to School
    Children Drop out/ not in school ( 4-18 years)
    Clustered based
    Build Basic foundation
    Build Interest to get education
    Motivate children and parent to enroll

  • Strengthening Rural Schools to Provide Quality Education to Underprivileged Students in India

    Based on the visits we made to various schools few observations are that teachers at the school not having needed capacity to teach the students. This leads to quality of education getting effected. Educationally children are not able to progress as they are unable to get proper learning’s form the class. Science laboratories are not available in the school. Here students are missing on important science learning’s needed. The teachers also reported that there is need for training of the teachers in the schools, the teacher trainings have not been conducted since the start of the pandemic. This makes us understand the need of quality educational content.
    Lack of infrastructure continues to be a problem in government schools across the state, found a recent survey. Also condition of toilets is in misery there is no water, windows and door in the toilet damaged.
    The teachers also reported that there is need for training of the teachers in the schools

  • Transforming Learning Spaces: Proposal for Infrastructure Development in Zilla Parishad Schools of Nagpur District, Maharashtra

    The infrastructure development of Zilla Parishad schools in Nagpur District is plagued by several critical issues, hindering the delivery of quality education, and hampering the growth and development of students. The following key problem areas need to be addressed:
    1. Inadequate physical infrastructure: Zilla Parishad schools in Nagpur District suffer from a severe lack of essential physical infrastructure, including classrooms and toilets. Insufficient classrooms lead to overcrowding, compromising the learning environment.
    2. Poor Sanitation facilities: The absence of proper sanitation facilities, particularly clean and functional toilets, is a pressing concern in Zilla Parishad schools. This lack of basic amenities adversely affects the hygiene and health of students, leading to increased Defection and a higher risk of illness.
    3. Insufficient technology integration: The integration of technology in the educational process is vital for modern learning environments.



    The “We Care, Green Canopy - Creating a Man-Made Forest “project comes at a crucial juncture in Maharashtra's journey to increase its green cover and enhance environmental sustainability. With the forest area currently standing at 20 per cent of the state's total area, there is a collective need for citizens to actively participate in tree plantation and conservation efforts. The State Government emphasizes the significance of this endeavor to reach a target of 33 per cent forest cover, making it essential to plan and execute a comprehensive tree plantation program. This ambitious initiative encourages tree plantation not only on forest lands but also in various diverse locations, including agriculture fields, school and college campuses, railway and State Transport Corporation lands, hillocks, and areas under the Ministry of Defence and National Highways. Regardless of the location, the State Government is committed to making this plantation drive as successful and impactful

  • To Rehabilitate Street Beggars and Make them Self Reliant in Nagpur India


    It is an important step towards making Beggars free Nagpur City, This Beggar and homeless Shelter in the city where they will be imparted training in livelihood and skill development to make them self-reliant, In the first phase out of 1601 beggars, 450 would be brought into mainstream of the society within 6 months and 1601 within 2 years, the beggars will be kept in this shelter for 6 months. during the period, they will be given the necessary employment training to bring them in to the mainstream of the society, their counselling, healthcare treatment, Full day meals, Clothing, Medicines, makeover, Employment facilities, skill Training will be provided.

    A Beggar and Homeless Rehabilitation Project, Nagpur has provided accommodation for 100 beggars in this Shelter. Also, all the basic facilities required for the beggars here have been provided. In this shelter, the beggars found begging on the streets and footpaths of Nagpur city are given shelter and brought into the mainstream

Impact Metrics

  • • the Total Beneficiaries Benefited From the Project Are 234 Students Which Includes 72 From 12/10/21 to 31/03/22 and 162 From 01/04/22 to 23/01/23.

    Program Name

    Wings Fly High is a Mobile Vocational Education (MoVE) Van which is a fully functioning classroom-on-wheels.

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2022-23 450

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