Samparc Social Action For Manpower Creation

Provides education and vocational, skill training to the orphan and poor children

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    Pune, Maharashtra

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SAMPARC was started in 1990 by Shri. Amitkumar Banerjee and Mrs. Lata Pande in a mud house with 7 children at footsteps of Bhaje caves. Shri. Amitkuma Read morer Banerjee has been working with children village project for care of orphan children and he realized that not only orphan children but also other children like children of commercial sex workers, street children, other victim children or neglected children also need care. Today, 650 orphan and needy children from, 9 SAMPARC centers in India at Maharashtra, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Gujarat are under the rehabilitation programme. SAMPARC aims to provide standard education to these children which will help them to use it like passport for their future growth and development. In 1998 SAMPARC children’s home (orphanage) Bhaje has received “National Child Welfare Award” by Government of India at the hands of the president of India Hon. Shri K.R. Narayanan

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  • Community Education Program

    Works to build confidence among the children from the rural areas and underprivileged section of society. Helped the family with a livelihood project so they could maintain themselves and encourage their kids to pursue further education. The Community Education Support Program Rajasthan was initiated to provide education to the children of stone quarry workers in the Jodhpur village of Gangani. Support is provided for sixty underprivileged and destitute youngsters. West Bengal Community Schooling Support Program: In West Bengal, 289 students receive assistance with their schooling, while 140 children receive assistance with computer literacy.

  • Tribal Development


    The primary goal of the project was to raise the standard of living for 382 Katkari families in 61 villages of Mulshi Taluka by involving them in small livelihood activities and enrolling children from the Katkari community in neighbouring schools through informal education through music, dance, and other cultural activities. 623 Katkari youngsters were enrolled in schools under the Education Support Program thanks to SAMPARC's understanding of educational issues and provision of all required educational materials. These 623 kids are enrolled in classes at the Ambavane, Bhambarde, and Nive areas of the city. Sixty-one of the 623 students registered in SAMPARC School & Hostel, Bhambarde, are tribal children.

  • Women Empowerment


    SAMPARC installed 400 smokeless ovens in the 12 neighboring Maval Taluka villages, providing a direct opportunity to interact with the women of the communities. With the support of CRY and Concern India Foundation, Mumbai, SAMPARC conducted intensive training for women from the village with the goal of strengthening them. The training covered topics such as nutrition, safe drinking water, hygiene, fighting alcoholism, sexually transmitted infections, preventive healthcare, household management, group dynamics, and how to form groups. Additionally, the training covered how to run livelihood projects through agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry, dairy, fruit tree cultivation, and small business operations like shops and flour mills. established a women's self-help organization and made financial inroads by forming their own savings group and expanding.

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  • Amitkumar Banerjee


  • Dr Lalit Chokhani


  • Anil Chandanmal Singhvi


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    Bhaje Balgram, Village Bhaje, Near Malavli Railway Station, Taluka Maval, Pune, 410405


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