Snehalaya Ahmednagar Maharashtra

Snehalaya works towards ensuring a life free from inequality, cruelty and discrimination for every woman & child and those marginalised by the society

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    Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

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VISION: To develop the awareness and capabilities of individuals who have been deprived of their fundamental rights as a result of the inequalities th Read moreat exist in our society. MISSION: To offer a safe exit point to women and their children trapped in the crippling cycles of poverty and abuse in rural India. To provide rescue, rights and rehabilitative services to the communities in most need. We believe that every woman and child should have the right to a life free from inequality, cruelty and discrimination. To date we have supported 200,000 beneficiaries through 23 rehabilitation, health and education and awareness-raising projects. Our flagship rehabilitation center shelters over 200 children, 70 women and 30 girls and 30 boys over 18. We provide a safe and supportive family setting, with our own school and HIV hospital on campus. Our outreach work includes education projects in slums for children from pre-school to graduation, computer and vocational training and Childline services. Our adoption center provides shelter and other basic needs to abandoned infants and children, infants born to rape victims, young mothers etc. We also promote social work and issues through twice yearly youth camps and our own community radio station.


The issues we address are 1. Health issues and human rights of victims of flesh trade 2. Prevention, awareness creation, intervention, solutions and rehabilitation of people and children living with HIV/AIDS 3. Women empowerment and Gender equality 4. Mental health issues of vulnerable women and children and mentally challenged people 5. Education of girls who are victims of flesh trade, minor mothers, child marriage victims etc... 6. Issues and atrocities on slum children and children staying in red light areas 7. Health support to vulnerable and economically backward communities 8. Skill development opportunities to students from marginalized communities to be financially independent 9. Scholarship support to deserving students to pursue higher education


Snehalaya has always been a needs-based organization. All our projects have been started after issues in the community were identified and needed to be addressed. Our past students are our life members and 3 female sex workers or LGBTQ representatives have been on our board. Our peer educators also belong to these communities as well as reside in the slums. So the ground realities and expectations of the communities we serve can reach us directly. Our educational projects work to provide basic 10+2 education along with vocational options for children who have difficulty to be a part of mainstream education due to their physical or economical problems. The school, slum program Balbhavan, Skill development lab, are the important education projects operating for more than 15 years. The health projects mainly cater to the needs of PLHA & CLHA community, and patients who do not access to medical treatment due to economical constraints. Prevention, intervention, testing, treatment (ART adherence), indoor and surgical facilities, linking with MSACS, health camps, geriatric care, investigations etc... are some of the services offered through these projects. The services are at subsidized rates. The rehabilitation projects are mainly shelter based projects for children in need of care and protection and women in need of support. A safe and secure environment along with nutrition, sports facilities, hobby nurturing, education and vocational training, matrimonial options for women and girls, adoption of children and infants in good families through legal adoption are some of the rehabilitation options provided here. The awareness and advocacy work of Snehalaya includes sensitizing youth through the youth camps and self-help groups, including networks such as our farmers' friend project, All of our projects are developed to empower women and children and prevent their exploitation into the flesh trade and other abuses.


Over 3,000 sex workers receiving health check-ups, HIV treatment, registered as citizens and shelter and education for their children 80% reduction in HIV & STIs 100% condom usage No minors in sex work in our district No second generation sex workers in our district Over 1,200 adoptions successfully completed Prevented over 300 child marriages in our district 68 HIV+ couples married in our unique match-making program 18 HIV- children delivered from above couples 100% pass rate in English Medium School 800 slum children provided after school education each year 140 students receiving education scholarships for higher education 298 families being provided new homes in unique community-drive slum redevelopment project Over 120 patients rescued from the streets, treated for mental health issues and reunited with their families 24/7 helplines for women and children receiving around 130 calls each day piloted one-stop center with DWCD Over 75 children living in our shelter home supported to return to their families and communities as part of family-based care

Leadership Team

  • Dr Girish Mahadeo Kulkarni


  • Anil Gawade

    Director Operations

  • Dr Priti Bhombe

    Director FR&PR

  • Pravin Mutyal

    Director Shelter Projects

  • Joyce Connolly

    Director International relations

  • Hanif Shaikh

    Director Non-Shelter projects

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