Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR)

Transforms rural communities in India by reviving ecosystems, improving water availability and expanding livelihoods through collective efforts.

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    Pune, Maharashtra

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Watershed Organisation Trust(WOTR) is a non-profit and think tank organisation established in 1993 that works towards ensuring water and food availabi Read morelity, livelihoods, and income security for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in rural India. It engages in cooperative efforts with various stakeholders across sectors and balances to bridge the gap between knowledge, practice, and policy with a mission to rejuvenate ecosystems and build community resilience to climate change. Through its interventions, WOTR has facilitated the regeneration of degraded landscapes and watersheds, created potential water harvesting capacity, increased agriculture productivity, and empowered women. Its ultimate vision is to create strong rural communities that enjoy a fulfilling quality of life within alive and sustainable ecosystems.


WOTR has worked in 10 states, 4395 villages and impacted over 4.43 million people by regenerating over 1.82 million hectares of degraded landscapes and creating over 158 billion litres of potential water harvesting capacity. Additionally, it has trained over half a million people from 63 countries, resulting in a 121% increase in area under triple cropping and a significant increase in farm incomes. It has also facilitated over 13,185 self-help groups involving nearly 160,000 women.


  • Water & Land Programmes

    Through the Water and Land Programme, WOTR provides technical support and capacity building to help communities implement sustainable land and water management practices. This includes activities such as watershed development, soil and water conservation, agroforestry, and rainwater harvesting. The programme also promotes the use of renewable energy technologies and climate-resistant agricultural practices.

  • Agriculture Programme

    Its Agriculture Programme promotes sustainable agriculture practices in India through agroecology and agroforestry. The programme works with farmers to identify challenges and provide technical support and capacity building for sustainable farming practices. The programme also focuses on improving access to markets for small farmers. The aim is to improve livelihoods while protecting the natural environment.

  • Livelihood Programmes

    WOTR's Livelihoods Programme promotes sustainable livelihoods in rural India by diversifying income sources, developing small enterprises, and promoting value chains for sustainable products. The programme works with communities to identify challenges and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and provides training on renewable energy technologies. The goal is to improve rural livelihoods while conserving natural resources.

  • Women Empowerment Programme

    This programme aims to empower rural women through capacity building, skill development, income generation, and leadership training. It provides training on financial management, health, hygiene, gender rights, and livelihoods. Women also receive access to credit and financial services to start their businesses and become financially independent. Advocacy and networking activities are also included to promote gender equality and women's rights.

  • Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Programme

    Its Women Health, Sanitation, and Nutrition Programme provides training and awareness sessions on maternal and child health, family planning, hygiene, and nutrition. It also provides access to healthcare services and support for the construction of toilets and access to clean water. The program addresses malnutrition through training on a balanced diet, support for growing vegetables, and nutritional supplements.

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Impact Metrics

  • Number of People Impacted

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2018-19 961566
    • 2019-20 724672
    • 2020-21 856334
    • 2021-22 1198974
  • Water Shed Conservation Work Done in Villages

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 328
    • 2018-19 813
    • 2019-20 709
    • 2020-21 1008
    • 2021-22 1201

Leadership Team

  • Marcella D’Souza

    Director - WOTR Centre for Resilience Studies

  • Crispino Lobo

    Managing Trustee & Co-Founder

  • Malini Thadani


  • Harish Daware

    General Manger

  • Rakshita Barithaya

    Fundraising Manager

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    2nd floor, The Forum, Padmavati Corner, Satara Road, Pune, 411009


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    Watershed Organisation Trust

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    The Sampada Trust, Sanjeevani Institute for Empowerment and Development, Sanjeevani Institute for Empowerment and Development

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