Atma Vani Welfare Society

Empowers the underprivileged with education, healthcare, and a better quality of life

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    Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

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Atma Vani Welfare Society is a registered charitable organisation, established in 2005 under the Society Registration Act. It focuses on social servic Read moree, particularly the upliftment of underprivileged individuals, regardless of their creed or race. Its activities include providing education, medical aid, and social relief, including the distribution of essential items free of charge. Atma Vani is dedicated to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged sections of society. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life for the poor and needy. It works to empower children, families, and communities by prioritizing children's well-being in community development. It collaborates with partners to ensure children's rights to healthcare, basic education, a safe environment, protection from exploitation, and participation in decision-making. Atma Vani's primary goals are to support education for economically disadvantaged children, provide assistance during medical emergencies, aid in shelter construction, and offer economic tools for impoverished individuals to escape poverty with dignity. The organisation conducts various events and activities to benefit the elderly, the physically challenged, and those with disabilities, striving to meet their needs and bring smiles to their faces. Its ongoing commitment is to nurture underprivileged children, shield them from harmful influences, and educate them to become responsible individuals.


  • Livelihoods Programme

    Atma Vani Welfare Society focuses on livelihood improvement, recognizing that over 360 million people in India still live below the poverty line. The organisation actively promotes eco-friendly organic farming to enhance soil fertility, conserve water resources, and reduce the dependence on harmful chemicals, benefiting both farmers and their communities. Furthermore, Atma Vani empowers women through Self Help Groups, providing them with the knowledge and support needed for personal and economic growth. Its commitment to societal development continues with upcoming programmes, including initiatives for Village Development and Community Transformation, as well as a Water Security Programme.

  • Spiritual Programmes

    Atma Vani Welfare Society recognizes the profound connection between the soul and spirituality, understanding that it brings inner strength to face life's challenges. Its dedication to inner transformation, driven by a divine and supportive environment, aims to help individuals fulfill their destinies. Additionally, the organisation actively engages in gospel outreach, spreading the message through various means like tracts, personal evangelism, and open-air services to reach a diverse audience.

  • Healthcare Programmes

    Atma Vani Welfare Society is dedicated to public health, emphasizing the importance of a healthy mother and child for national progress. It offers comprehensive solutions to tackle health challenges, promoting newborn care, and immunization, and addressing issues like malnutrition and maternal and infant mortality. Collaborating with partners, it works to ensure quality healthcare for all. The organisation conducts annual medical camps, operates medical clinics, and hosts short-term medical outreaches in rural and semi-urban areas, providing free medical care to thousands. Additionally, Atma Vani raises awareness and initiates ethical actions, with future development drives in the pipeline, including Ayurvedic and Naturopathy development, as well as a School Health programme for the betterment of society.

  • Education Programmes

    Atma Vani Welfare Society is deeply committed to addressing the educational challenges in India, recognizing that children are the future of society. With a focus on rural areas, it strives to create centres of excellence within existing schools by collaborating with school leadership, teachers, and communities. Its mission is to ensure that every child completes at least 10 years of schooling, empowering youth for sustainable careers, providing teachers with motivational training and resources, and nurturing socially and environmentally conscious citizens who drive positive change. It also offers initiatives like Balwadi for students facing educational obstacles and non-formal education that goes beyond traditional school boundaries. Future development plans include innovative programmes like the School on Wheels and the Community School Development Programme to further enhance societal well-being.

  • Humanitarian Services

    Atma Vani Welfare Society is dedicated to humanitarian services, emphasizing the essence of being human and taking the initiative to uplift lives. Its activities encompass disaster relief, as they prepare to respond to natural calamities and their devastating impact on communities. Additionally, the organisation focuses on tree plantation to create a healthier environment and promote a greener nation. Looking forward, Atma Vani has upcoming plans for a Gaushala and Feeding Programmes to ensure that at least 2000 people in India do not go without a meal, seeking support from volunteers and partners at more than 30 feeding sites to achieve this noble goal.

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