Amanat Foundation Trust

Strives to elevate the disadvantaged through education and poverty reduction efforts

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    Kolkata, West Bengal

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Amanat Foundation Trust (AFT) is a voluntary social organization dedicated to directing educational and skill development resources towards the better Read morement of minorities and marginalized communities. Today, Amanat Foundation is recognized for its active involvement in social development initiatives. Over the course of its two-decade history, AFT has consistently focused on education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation, earning widespread credibility and trust from government bodies, national institutions, and international organizations.


More than 500 volunteers in 25 projects in over 23 districts. This has positively impacted about 100,000 people.


  • Ambulance service

    Amanat's Ambulance Services serve as a lifeline during critical junctures, offering swift and dependable medical transportation to individuals in need. Driven by a dedication to preserving lives and providing exceptional care, their expertly trained medical personnel and cutting-edge equipment ensure that patients receive the highest level of attention and assistance while en route to medical facilities. Encompassing a broad service area, their emergency response team remains on standby 24/7 to promptly answer distress calls.

  • Avian influenza prevention

    Amanat Foundation Trust's efforts to prevent Avian Influenza play a crucial role in safeguarding communities from the potential risks associated with this contagious disease. Bird flu, or avian influenza, not only endangers birds but also poses a threat to humans who come in contact with infected poultry. Embracing a proactive stance, Through public awareness campaigns, they educate communities about the importance of hygiene, safe handling of poultry, and early symptom recognition. Additionally, the trust collaborates with local authorities and veterinary experts to monitor bird populations, swiftly detect outbreaks, and put containment measures in place.

  • Relief distribution

    Amanat Foundation Trust's endeavors in relief distribution serve as a pillar of compassion and solidarity during moments of crisis and adversity. With a profound dedication to easing suffering, the trust swiftly responds to natural disasters, humanitarian emergencies, and unforeseen challenges that impact communities. Their well-organized relief operations ensure the efficient provision of vital resources such as food, clean water, medical aid, and shelter to those in need. The trust's humanitarian teams work tirelessly on the ground, reaching remote and vulnerable areas to offer prompt assistance and solace.

  • STEM Scholarship

    The STEM scholarship distribution program acts as a gateway to a realm of opportunities for ambitious students. With a strong emphasis on empowering potential leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the trust acknowledges the transformative power of education. Through strategic alliances with educational institutions and industry pioneers, Amanat Foundation Trust identifies talented and deserving students who lack the financial means to pursue higher education. The trust's commitment to STEM education goes beyond monetary assistance; it encompasses mentorship programs, workshops, and networking chances that equip scholars to overcome real-world challenges and thrive in their chosen domains.

  • Education

    With a vision for a more equitable and empowered society, the trust prioritizes education in its philanthropic endeavors. Through diverse educational programs, Amanat Foundation Trust extends a helping hand to those facing barriers to accessing quality education. Scholarships and educational grants empower underprivileged students, enabling them to chase their academic aspirations and usher in a brighter future. Collaborating actively with schools and educational institutions, the trust enhances learning environments and supports innovative teaching methods. By equipping educators with essential resources and training opportunities, they create a chain reaction of positive change that impacts countless students' lives.

  • Polio immunization and eradication

    Recognizing the harrowing impact of Polio on individuals and communities, the trust has embarked on an unrelenting mission to safeguard every child. Through meticulously organized immunization campaigns, Amanat Foundation Trust extends its reach to the most vulnerable populations, including remote and underserved regions. Their committed healthcare teams work tirelessly to administer polio vaccines, ensuring no child is left unprotected. The trust actively collaborates with local health authorities, international organizations, and volunteers, forging a united front against Polio.

  • Child health

    Amanat Foundation Trust's reproductive child health initiatives assume a pivotal role in fostering the well-being and prosperity of forthcoming generations. Acknowledging the paramount importance of early intervention and comprehensive healthcare, the trust commits itself to empowering mothers and communities with the knowledge and resources essential for securing a robust foundation for every child's health. Through an array of awareness programs and healthcare campaigns, Amanat Foundation Trust enlightens mothers about the significance of prenatal care, nutrition, and immunizations.

  • Healthcare

    Amanat Foundation Trust's endeavors in the health sector are driven by an unwavering dedication to enhancing lives and advancing well-being. Serving as a cornerstone of their philanthropic pursuits, the trust is actively involved in fostering equitable and high-quality healthcare for all. Through strategic collaborations with medical experts and healthcare institutions, Amanat Foundation Trust ensures that marginalized communities gain access to essential medical services. They establish health camps and clinics in remote areas, addressing critical healthcare needs and offering preventive care.

  • Amanat Zakat Mission

    Amidst the backdrop of global socio-economic disparities, Amanat Zakat Mission shines as a symbol of optimism, dedicated to elevating the less privileged through the noble act of giving. Anchored in the profound belief in the potency of Zakat – the mandatory charitable contribution in Islam – it purifies wealth and cultivates empathy. With unwavering commitment, the mission gathers Zakat from both local and international communities, pooling resources to drive positive change. Upholding transparency and efficiency, the contribution reach those who require it most.

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    25, Bright Street, Park Circus, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700017

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