Kolkata Rista

Works with LGBTQI communities in India, focusing on HIV/AIDS, health, and rights

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    Kolkata, West Bengal

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Kolkata Rista (hereinafter, ‘KLR’) is a transgender community-based organization (CBO). The organization working in four states of India for the last Read more14 years (West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh), with various subgroups of the broader LGBTQI community as well as general populations specially youths, i.e. those of non-normative sexual orientation and gender identity. This includes people who identify as Transgender, Hijra, Kothi, Lesbian, Gay, Queer, and also the often ‘hidden’ populations of Dupli, Parikh, Giria, etc. who rarely publicly identify. Amongst these groups are male and transgender sex workers. Kolkata Rista is run by members of these communities themselves and over the years the programmes and strategies of the organization represent an approach sensitive to the ground level experiences of exclusion and marginalization due to gender and sexual divergence from the heteronormative structures of society. KLR is sensitive to socio-cultural diversity and celebrates pluralistic nature in the surrounding: ‘All roses are roses but all roses are not red!’ The early years of KLR’s work had been in the context of health, and more particularly vis-a-vis HIV/AIDS interventions. It has been a primary partner for a range of governmental and international interventions providing HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment information and services from a Human Rights perspective - i.e. recognizing that vulnerability to HIV/AIDS is strongly correlated with broader social, economic, and political marginalization. From here KLR has broadened its work to other elements of health and healthcare, including work on tuberculosis within the transgender community. KLR also has a strong track record of working on broader issues of gender and patriarchy, including in the context of domestic violence, the right to education, and supporting families in extreme poverty. KLR has worked and continues to work with a range of local, national, and international campaigns, including the Wada Na Todo Campaign and the One Billion Rising Campaign. KLR has, over the years, focused on building a strong presence, especially amongst working class Transgender communities while also establishing relationships with a range of stakeholders in its attempt to bring about an Enabling Environment for the realization of rights. It has established mechanisms for collective deliberation and action by communities in the context of violence and crisis intervention. KLR has given special emphasis on working with the police and focused on administrative-level advocacy as a strategy to minimize stigma, discrimination, and violence against the community. In this regard, KLR has concrete expertise in organizing workshops and sensitization programs for high-level officials, police personnel, and government administrative offices.

Demographies Served

Vision & Mission

Energize, Involve and enable community to realize to their potentialities

Donor History

West Bengal State AIDS Prevention & Control Society, Women's Fund Asia, GFATM, Goonj, UNDP and Give India


  • Msm Ti Project


    The HIV epidemic is growing, risk factors are high, and mobility is becoming an important aspect of the epidemic. The intervention programme is implementing by NACO for long time with various organizations, MSMs are one of hidden population and sometimes it is difficult to identify them from outside, that’s why MSM population was neglected for long time in the aspect of HIV/AIDS, MSM community was the least likely group to have ever been tested for HIV infection and to know the test results. The MSM community has been identified as one of the HRG groups who are more vulnerable to the risk of contamination of HIV infection and allied co infections. The most prominent reasons are extreme stigmatization and discrimination which is faced by the community which result in frequent social and family violence including expulsion from families, early drop outs from educational institutions which deprive them of even basic education and thus making their professional future almost bleak, lack of employment opportunities or forced retrenchment from employment due to severe adverse situations forcefully created by colleagues or decisions taken by the management. The components of the programme are STI management, Behaviour Change Communication, Condom and Lube promotion, Linkage and Referral, Enabling environment and Advocacy & Networking. Currently the project is implementing through two modes, one is physical outrach and another one is virtual mode. This project is supported by West Bengal State AIDS Prevention & Control Society.

  • Link Worker Schemes

    This Project Proposal for a Link Worker Scheme (TG, MSM, FSW, IDUs, Migrant Labourers, Trackers an vulnerable youth groups) submitted to the West Bengal State AIDS Prevention and Control Society. In Coochbehar and the experience of existing Link Worker Scheme intervention programmes operating elsewhere in India. The innovations proposed here are necessary in order to develop an effective programme targeting TG, MSM, FSW, IDUs, Migrant Labourers Trackers and vulnerable youth groups in their social-sexual networks and milieu found in Coochbehar We hope that the innovations will be interpreted creatively and according to the specific needs of different target populations. The Project has initiated extension centres under DICs as safe spaces for reaching out the target community with Project Activities in far off areas.

  • Vihaan Care and Support Programme

    This project is based on HIV-positive transgender. Through this project, the organization is serving 312 HIV-positive transgender. There is a lot of HIV+ transgender who were not aware of their health issues, most of them were left out of the ART center, and they were taking ART irregularly so a large number of transgender people died. To protect TG PLHIVs, Kolkata Rista started VIHAAN TG CSC programme with the support of NCPI+ (Global Fund). The work is based on some important categories and these are to be initiated on ART, on ART miss, on ART LFU, newly initiated, CD4 below 200, viral load below 1000, Second line, third line, and TB co-infection.

  • Care Support Center Project

    Through this project, Kolkata Rista serves PLHIVs who are belonging to the so-called general population. The same scenario is there in this project. A lot of PLHIVs left from ART center, some of them not taking ART regularly. Due to a lack of knowledge, they are spreading HIV infection to other people. Through this project, Kolkata Rista is reaching them and bringing them back to the ART center. For those who are suffering from TB, the organization links them with the DOTS center. Rendering mental health support for them and for their family as well. doing a home visit to understand why they are not visiting the ART center regularly. Providing social welfare and social entitlement support for PLHIVs on a regular base.

Impact Metrics

  • Msm Identified and Supported

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 420
    • 2020-21 482
    • 2021-22 859
  • Beneficiaries Identified Supported

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 88
    • 2020-21 132
    • 2021-22 158
  • No of Beneficiaries Who Got Access to Healthcare Services

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 437
  • No of Beneficiaries Identified

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 12660

Theory of Change

The organization Kolkata Rista believes in solidarity, so when we take any kind of decision for the betterment of the organization we take it anonymously because everyone's valuable input helps the organization to take it right direction.

Milestones & Track Record

Kolkata Rista is a transgender based organization, working with transgender people for last 20 years, currently the organization is working in 4 states of India and these are West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The organization is working with national and international donors. Kolkata Rista one of organization who is implementing 3 projects which are supported by West Bengal State AIDS Prevention & Control Society. currently we are serving community like these -- MSM, Transgender, Hijra, FSW, Migrant labor, Truckers and other vulnerable youth groups.The organization nationally and internationally performed based on the issues of awareness and advocacy. currently the organization strongly doing advocacy with different kinds of stakeholders. very recent the organization took part to server pilgrims of gangasagar mela at Kolkata Moidan.

Leadership Team

  • Santosh Kumar Giri

    Executive Secretary and Director

  • Arindam Sarkar


  • Suraj Das


  • Sonaton Halder

    Vice President

  • Abhijit Aich

    Joint Secretary

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    100% women


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Dalai Lama Sahas award, Anandabazar health care award, Leadership award, youth for change award

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    2/H/9 Ghore Bibi Lane, Kolkata, 700052


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Government Partnerships

West Bengal State AIDS Prevention & Control Society and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.