Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society (MRWS)

Works for the upliftment of people from rural, tribal and remote areas focusing on their health, education and development

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    Murshidabad, Telangana

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Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society[MRWS] is a non-profit, non-government, and humanitarian voluntary organization operating in the rural, urban, triba Read morel and far-flung habitations of southwest regions of West Bengal, especially in the Murshidabad district. Its origin links to a dream once seen by some likeminded intellectuals, educationists, social-activist youths who firmly believe that India cannot be translated into a developed country until a sustainable holistic transformation of its rural sector takes place. We are trying our best to promote minimum education to the children and maintain the health and hygiene capacity of the mother, child and elderly of the unfortunate tobacco manufacturing [BIDI Smoking ] worker's family. For the past seven years, MRWS has been volunteering community and preventive health care support in its working periphery which basically focuses on mother and child immunization. The intervention is to support government health care system in the service-gap areas where the services are either not adequate or not being reached to target populations. Generally, the organization spearheads the intensive social mobilization actions for making target groups aware, especially mothers and caregivers, of basic needs of health care and linking them to the services. In the meantime, it participated in a UNICEF led programme- SBCC for Polio, RI & selected child survival issues which bolstered government services to reach out target population in hard-to-reach areas. The intervention focused on enhancing Routine Immunization, Institutional delivery, Exclusive Breast Feeding (EBF), hand washing with soap in critical times and other health-seeking behaviours by changing attitude and growing practices. During this movement, the organization surveyed its intervention areas and identified 50 service-gap pockets where government’s grass-roots level service providers- ASHA (Accredited Social Health Assistant) workers are not yet recruited and the services are very poor; the areas need a very well planned and coordinating measure to reach out target mothers and children. The selection has also been shared with BMOH, block level government Medical Officer for its prioritization. Indicator wise low performance has been tracked and analysed which is reflected in the Outcome/Result column. MRWS MISSION Promote “Community Based Development and assisting them for strengthening and capacity development in such a way that they are able to identify, fight and work on the issues affecting them adversely, Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society (MRWS) is a registered social voluntary organization which is planted in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Presently its working periphery confines to a particular block namely Farakka and all of its programmes’ implementation is also experienced in this block. In the wide range of its aims & objects, it emphasizes on basic health care services and promotion of primary education for elementary age group children. Its expertise is set on social mobilization and advocacy for the most vulnerable and marginalized section of the community. It is harnessing the practice of addressing social issues by the community. In the meantime it has implemented the projects 1] Pulse polio eradication & Routine Immunization 2] Rural Sanitation Construction 3] participated in district sanitation programme and involved its machinery in UNICEF led programme- SBCC for Polio, RI & other selected child survival issues to extend the support to government health care services Maintaining transparency and high-level networking [Rural & Urban] is our main mission, OBJECTIVES OF THE MRWS The objectives of the organization are -  Organizing uplifting BPL community against exploitation  Organizing training and seminars for capacity building on the coordination, Organizing awareness camps, meetings on different issues pertaining to their lives,  Taking up education programs for Integrated Child Development,  Formation of Self-Help Groups  Identification and strengthening of leadership capabilities  Motivating people and work for individual and collective action for environment conservation, protection and propagation.  Overall health awareness and facilities for preventive measures. Especially for adolescent girls and women.  To generate awareness to health, sanitation, family welfare and develop scientific temper in the rural folk.  To promote awareness in environment-related issues such as forest conservation, rainwater harvesting, alternative energy resources, and pollution control.  To ensure social justice by extending help to physically handicapped, poor and orphan children,  Child immunization programme,  To ensure proper academic education for every child as well as Adult,  Specific awareness on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Cancer [Malignant], and Diabetes.

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    With funding from the Department of I.C.D.S., Government of West Bengal, Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society is carrying out the SAG – Kanyashree Convenience Programme in the Farakka I.C.D.S. Project area Murshidabad District of West Bengal, which serves the SABLA groups (Group of Adolescent Girls) at 360 Anganwadi AWC Centre.

    The program's goal is to enable teenage girls to speak up and demand their rights from those in positions of authority. It also aims to support teenage girls in sharing their needs and concerns and working together to bring those concerns to the attention of various government line departments so that they can receive services.


    The programme aims to empower and build confidence in minority women by giving them the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to interact with banks, government systems, and other institutions at all levels. This includes the women's neighbours who come from different communities and live in the same village or locality. empowerment of women from underrepresented communities, giving them the confidence to leave the safety of their homes and communities, take on leadership roles, and fight for their rights both individually and collectively to opportunities, resources, and facilities as well as to receive their fair part of the government's development benefits for bettering their quality of life. This includes giving the trainee women financial empowerment so they can eventually become self-sufficient and assured members of society.

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  • Md Jahadi Hossain

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