Tiljala Shed

Empowers and uplifts marginalized communities in Kolkata, with a focus on Rag Pickers, promoting human rights, shelter homes, women's empowerment, and fostering inclusive leadership and skill-building

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    Kolkata, West Bengal

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Tiljala (Society for Human and Educational Development) SHED is a grassroots non-governmental organisation devoted to the betterment of underprivileg Read moreed and marginalized communities in Kolkata, with a particular focus on the neglected Rag Pickers community, who have been excluded by mainstream society. It empowers and uplifts these marginalized individuals, particularly women and children, promoting collective action to assert and realize their human rights. It currently operates two shelter homes, one for working and street children in Park Circus, and another in Bhangur (South 24 Parganas) for children from Rag Picking families who have faced challenges like drugs, crimes, and abuse. Additionally, the organisation conducts various women's empowerment programmes and educational initiatives that have positively impacted the lives of women. Its objectives encompass rehabilitating the urban poor, especially Rag Pickers, and increasing women and youth participation in leadership and decision-making roles. Furthermore, it offers skill-building projects for women, fostering financial empowerment and respect within families, and actively involves men in the process. Tiljala SHED's ultimate aim is to bridge the socioeconomic gap and provide opportunities for positive change, emphasizing effective governance within the organisation.


Over three decades of service, Tiljala SHED has positively impacted over 9,991 beneficiaries, thanks to the generous support of donors who have contributed more than 10 million.


  • Education Programme

    Education has always been a fundamental part of Tiljala SHED's mission since its establishment in 1987. Starting with one classroom in Tiljala, it has now expanded to numerous classrooms across Kolkata. The Sponsorship Programme for Destitute Girls, supported by the Italian Association for Women in Development (AIDOS) since 1995, provides full scholarships and essential support to girls, ensuring their continuous education and having a significant impact in the local area. The Gyan Azhar Library, with a vast collection of books, computers, and internet access, benefits girls in Tiljala's slums, promoting learning and knowledge exchange.

  • Shelter Home Programme

    Tiljala SHED operates two shelter homes. The Open Shelter Home at Park Circus provides temporary refuge to 38 children during the day and accommodates 15 overnight. These children are placed under the care of the organisation by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) until permanent solutions are found. The programme, supported by the Ministry of Women and Children, West Bengal, offers food, education, and recreational activities. Additionally, Aasra Sadan is a children's home located in a village, supporting children from rag-picker families and vulnerable backgrounds. These children receive education in nearby Government schools, with dedicated classrooms in the hostel. They represent the first generation of learners in their families.

  • Livelihoods Programme

    In 2015, Tiljala SHED launched its livelihood programme through the Global Giving Winter Gateway Challenge, securing the first position. Starting with seed funding, the organisation initially faced difficulties in loan recovery from rag pickers. To address this, it formed Credit Interest Groups (CIGs) of 5 women, providing small-interest loans. Drawing from 20 years of micro-finance experience with the Trickle Up Foundation, Tiljala SHED empowered beneficiaries to establish businesses. These loans opened avenues for entrepreneurship, often faster than anticipated. The programme allows easy access to credit, is supported by Misereor (Germany), and aids staff salaries. Additionally, the Beauty Training & Empowerment Centre, established with Godrej's support, offers beauty skills training, enabling girls to be self-reliant by working in beauty parlours or as freelancers.

  • Rights & Entitlements Programme

    Tiljala SHED's programme assists rag pickers and marginalized communities who lack legal entitlements and documentation, often unrecognized by local authorities. It has played a key role in opening numerous bank accounts under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, enabling individuals to access banking services that were previously hindered by bureaucratic hurdles. Additionally, it oversees solid waste collection and management, partnering with entities like Cognizant, TATA Consultancy Services, Science City, Atmosphere, and housing complexes, supported by Misereor (Germany). Annually, it hosts a seminar uniting corporates, bureaucrats, police, journalists, and community members to engage in a direct dialogue with rag pickers, understanding their challenges and proposing solutions.

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  • N Nadarajan

    Vice President


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    28A, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, 4th Floor, Above Zamzam Restuarant, Kolkata, INDIA, 700017


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