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Advocates for child rights, empowers communities, and protects vulnerable children through training, awareness, and rehabilitation

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    Jaipur, Rajasthan

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Training Awareness And Behaviour Change About Rehabilitation(TAABAR) Society's mission is to protect the rights and entitlements of children and empow Read moreer communities through training, advocacy, awareness, behavioural change, and rehabilitation. Its vision is to create a free, caring, and fair society for vulnerable and neglected communities, particularly children and women. It aims to provide care, protection, and advocacy for children, reintegrate them into mainstream society, raise awareness about their needs and risks, collaborate with Government departments and child rights champions, provide rehabilitation and referral services, and generate public awareness about children in distress.

Demographies Served


TAABAR Society made an impact by rescuing and supporting 250-300 child labourers, facilitating the handover of 145 children to Government authorities, ensuring compensation for child labourers under the Rajasthan Victim Compensation Scheme, securing approvals for 28 out of 39 files submitted to the District Legal Services Authority, submitting 92 files to the labour department for compensation under The Minimum Wages Act, conducting over 100 sessions with RPF and GRP, and successfully verifying the residency of over 100 individuals in Shastri Nagar.


  • The Rucksack Project


    The Rucksack Project, a collaboration between TAABAR Shelter and Kapara London, aims to provide essential items and educational materials to street boys in Jaipur, India. The project involves selling handmade key rings to raise funds for providing rucksacks to the boys at the shelter, giving them personal belongings and educational resources. The rucksacks include items such as backpacks, notebooks, pencils, colouring materials, textbooks, personal care products, and a toy, helping to improve the boys' well-being and education.

  • Women Vocational Training Center

    TAABAR has initiated vocational training courses for women, having successfully trained 500 women in various trades such as Beauty Culture, tailoring, Mehandi Art, Painting, Handicrafts, and more. The centre serves as a resource and training hub, providing basic literacy skills, education on important topics like reproductive health, family life Education, family planning, domestic violence, and information about their rights and Government entitlements.

  • Sneh Girls Shikshan Sansthan


    Sneh Girls Shikshan Sansthan(SGSS) is an English medium school located at the intersection of an urban and rural area, with a special focus on promoting girl child education. Established in 2010, SGSS aims to provide quality education in a safe environment to girls in the Luniyawas area of Jaipur, Rajasthan. SGSS now educates 200 girls from low-income backgrounds. The school offers free education to these girls and conducts regular meetings with parents.

  • Mobile Clinic

    The TAABAR Mobile Clinic aims to address the health issues faced by street children who are often exploited and forced into continuous work, neglecting their health. These children are vulnerable to various diseases due to their unsafe living conditions and lack of access to healthcare services. The mobile clinic, equipped with medical facilities, reaches out to these children, providing them with counselling and healthcare services, including STI and HIV/AIDS support. By delivering services directly to their doorsteps, the clinic aims to show care, support, and improve the well-being of these children. The clinic visits two different locations daily based on surveys and the needs of the street children.

  • Migrant workers Information Centre


    TAABAR operates the Migrant Workers Information Centre to provide information, counselling, and referral services related to STIs and HIV/AIDS to migrant workers who come to Jaipur and other cities in search of employment. The centre focuses on personal counselling, creating a safe space for workers to discuss their concerns, including sexual behaviour, and refers them to nearby Integrated Counseling and Testing Centers if needed. Special events and programmes are organised to raise awareness and engage with the workers, fostering trust and openness. The project is implemented in collaboration with SAATHI and UNDP.

  • Mobile Library Van

    TAABAR is actively working to uplift the living conditions of nomadic tribes and traditional castes, such as Snake Charmers, Banjaras, and Nats, who are deprived and isolated. Recognizing the challenges faced by migrants in Jaipur, TAABAR has established a Mobile Library Van that visits eight locations on a weekly basis. Through this initiative, it aims to promote education among the children of these communities, helping them integrate into mainstream society and improve their overall well-being.

  • Counselling and Vocational Training Programme at Juvenile Homes


    In July 2011, TAABAR initiated the Counselling and Vocational Project at a Kota Observation Home. The project has continued as a four-day programme. A dedicated counsellor provides counselling and education, while a vocational trainer engages the children in various vocational activities like Mehendi, embroidery, and art and craft. The project aims to channel their negative energy, promote literacy, and empower the children to realize their full potential. The children eagerly await the sessions as they receive personal attention and understanding from the counsellor and vocational trainer.

  • Children Programme


    TAABAR operates the Bal Basera shelter home, providing shelter and support to vulnerable children, with a focus on reuniting them with their families. This shelter home has implemented practices to enhance the well-being of the rescued children such as a digital classroom equipped with a projector, CCTV surveillance, staff training, and counselling support for the children. The shelter home also provides medical care, with regular check-ups and a designated medical room. Reintegration (outings, picnics etc) practices are promoted. TAABAR has established the first child-friendly police station, Bal Mitra Thana, in Jaipur's Shastri Nagar area to handle cases related to child labour. The station has been renovated and equipped with the necessary infrastructure, including toys and games, to create a supportive environment for children. TAABAR is actively collaborating with frontline staff to sensitize them and develop child-sensitive approaches in handling these cases.

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  • Devendra Puri

    Executive Vice President

  • Ramesh Paliwal

    Founder & Secretary


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    H.No 90 Bhatton Ki Gali, Opp. to Old Townhall, Hawa Mahal Road, Bari Chopar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302002

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