People's Science Institute

Empowers the poor and promotes sustainable use of natural resources

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    Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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People's Science Institute (PSI) is a non-profit research and development organisation that works to eradicate poverty through the empowerment of the Read morepoor and the sustainable use of natural resources. It is known for its pioneering work in the fields of community-led watershed-based livelihoods development, environmental quality monitoring, disaster-safe housing, and dissemination of appropriate technologies. PSI's activities are spread all over India, with a focus on the central-western Himalayan states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and the poverty-ridden districts of western Orissa. Its operational headquarters are located in Dehra Doon, Uttarakhand. PSI provides technical and managerial support to communities and organisations that work with it. It also implements development programmes and undertakes public interest research. Some of its specific activities include: Developing and supporting community-led watershed management programmes, Monitoring environmental quality and promoting sustainable practices, Building disaster-safe housing, and Disseminating appropriate technologies to improve the lives of the poor.


  • Environmental Quality Monitoring Group Programme

    PSI's EQMG program monitors water, air, and soil quality, as well as pesticides and heavy metals in the environment. It also conducts research to develop low-cost pollution monitoring methods and provides training to citizen groups and voluntary organisations on how to measure and interpret pollution data. PSI's EQMG programme is essential to raising awareness of environmental issues and empowering communities to take action to protect their environment.

  • Innovation Development Programme

    People's Science Institute (PSI) innovates technologies and social processes by supporting research and development, developing technologies that are appropriate for local conditions, and promoting creative approaches to community action that are sustainable and equitable. PSI's Developing Innovations programme is essential to addressing the challenges of poverty, environmental degradation, and climate change. It is helping communities to develop and adopt innovative solutions that will improve their lives and the lives of future generations.

  • River Conservation Programme

    People's Science Institute (PSI) works to conserve rivers in India. It does this by developing a knowledge base about the current state of India's rivers, the threats facing them, and methods to minimize these threats. PSI also disseminates this information among various stakeholders and advocates for the sustainable use of rivers.

    PSI's River Conservation programme is essential to protecting India's rivers from pollution, over-extraction, and other threats. It is helping to ensure that rivers continue to provide essential services to communities and ecosystems for generations to come.

  • Natural Resource Management Programme

    Its NRM program focuses on developing and supporting community-led initiatives for watershed management, food security, and water conservation.

    PSI's NRM program includes the following activities:

    Promoting Systems of Crop Intensification (SCI) for food security, Conducting studies on hydrology and traditions of water management, Providing training in participatory watershed development and water harvesting activities, and Undertaking policy studies to inform decision-making on natural resource management.

  • Disaster Mitigation and Response Programme

    People's Science Institute (PSI) works to mitigate and respond to natural disasters by developing a comprehensive understanding of them, mobilizing communities for disaster preparedness and response, and undertaking relief and rehabilitation. PSI's Disaster Mitigation and Response programme also includes training and communication for earthquake-safe housing construction and disaster risk reduction planning. PSI's Disaster Mitigation and Response programme is essential to reducing the risks of natural disasters and helping communities to recover from them.

Leadership Team

  • Prof. Shambhu Prasad


  • Prof. Janki Andharia


  • Dr. Malavika Chauhan

    Member, Executive Board

  • Dr. Sumit Sen

    Member, Executive Board

  • Dr. Kshama Metre

    Member, Executive Board

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    Near Hotel Sun Park Inn ITBP Road, P.O. Kanwali Dehra Doon, Dehradun, 248001


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