Lakshya Trust

Empowers sexual minorities through comprehensive sexual health programmes in Gujarat, including HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention

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    Vadodara, Gujarat

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Lakshya, which translates to 'aim' or 'target,' is a community-based organisation committed to fostering sexual tolerance, gender equality, and commun Read moreity empowerment. Founded in 2000 as a public charitable trust, it has become a leading authority in sexual health initiatives for the community. Operating in the western Indian state of Gujarat, Lakshya addresses a wide spectrum of issues concerning sexual minorities (including gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals). Its primary focus is on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention among MSM and GBT populations in Vadodara, Surat, and Rajkot. Lakshya operates through 11 DICs (drop-in centres) across these cities, with over 179 PEs (peer educators) and a dedicated team of 83 personnel. As the largest community-based organisation for MSM in Gujarat and the country, it also holds a significant role as the western zone representative of the Integrated Network for Sexual Minorities (INFOSEM), a nationwide network of community-based organisations addressing MSM and TG issues. Lakshya's HIV/AIDS outreach services extend to over 10,000 MSM, female partners of MSM, and TG populations in the mentioned cities, supported by local Government efforts. The organisation's core objectives encompass increasing condom distribution and usage, reducing STI incidents, promoting STI treatment, minimizing STD and HIV/AIDS prevalence, mainstreaming HIV/AIDS and MSM concerns, empowering HIV-positive individuals within these groups, and promoting scientific research for enhanced safe sex practices and health-seeking behaviour. Additionally, Lakshya serves as a national surveillance site for the country's National AIDS Control Organisation, contributing to annual HIV and STI surveillance efforts that illuminate the prevalence rate of HIV among the MSM population.


  • HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention Programme

    Lakshya Trust is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of MSM and GBT communities. It focuses on issues like sexuality, sexual health, mental well-being, and social security. The project's goals include boosting condom distribution, decreasing STI incidents, promoting treatment, reducing STD and HIV/AIDS prevalence, and empowering HIV-positive individuals. The organisation collaborates with female partners of MSM, employing methods like reproductive health programmes and interviews. Its work raises awareness, addresses mental and sexual health concerns, and aims to overcome challenges faced by female partners. Initiatives encompass educational campaigns and promoting safe sex practices to empower and uplift the community.

  • Queer A+ Community Campus


    Lakshya's Hanumanteshwar LGBTQA community centre is a dynamic resource hub addressing multifaceted aspects of sexual minorities (Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender populations) in Gujarat. The centre offers a wide range of services including weekly meetings, a comprehensive library, computer training, skill development, a therapy music room, conference facilities, a community kitchen, a medical clinic, and housing. It strives to foster hope, equality, visibility, and education within the community, welcoming individuals regardless of sexual orientation, identity, or expression. The centre's mission is to inspire unity, support, and empowerment, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the same rights and serenity. In this inclusive space, individuals can authentically express themselves without fear or judgment. The centre's significance lies in its commitment to solidarity, mutual assistance, and setting a positive example for future generations, supported by volunteer efforts and donations.

  • Counselling Programme

    Lakshya Trust operates a Counselling Centre that addresses domestic violence and legal concerns impacting women. The organisation offers inclusive guidance and counselling services regardless of gender, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background. Notably, the centre specializes in providing legal assistance tailored for women. A dedicated unit, led by a senior woman social worker, focuses on resolving issues related to marriage, dowry, and legal interventions. The organisation places a priority on addressing socio-legal cases of LGBTQI communities, offering reduced fees for such cases.

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