Bhagavatula Charitable Trust

Transforms Visakhapatnam villages into models of learning and empowers physically challenged and able-bodied individuals to find meaningful employment

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    Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

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Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT) is a non-profit organization that has been at the forefront of transforming rural Andhra Pradesh since its establis Read morehment in 1976. Their journey, spanning over four decades, has been dedicated to addressing various aspects of development and improving the quality of life in rural Andhra Pradesh, particularly within the Visakhapatnam district. BCT adopts a participatory approach in its integrated rural development programs, aimed at nurturing change agents within villages. Their success stories serve as a model that can be replicated not only nationally but also on an international scale. Founded by Dr. BV Parameswara Rao, BCT has initiated and managed over 100 pilot programs. Some of these have become pioneering models for development efforts across the country. Examples include the establishment of women's self-help groups, which played a pivotal role in paving the way for the District Women and Child Development and Self-Help Group (DWACRA & SHG) movements. BCT's contributions also extend to rural banking, wasteland development, and the creation of literacy primers. Today, BCT remains committed to several core areas, including education, livelihood enhancement, support for the differently-abled, agricultural community development, and the promotion of rural entrepreneurship. The vision of BCT is to transform the villages of the Visakhapatnam region into centers of learning, where all individuals, regardless of their physical abilities, can gain meaningful employment. Additionally, they aspire to make substantive improvements in literacy, health, and economic well-being while tapping into both natural and human resources through leadership and motivation. The mission of BCT is to facilitate continuous self-improvement in the quality of life for rural villagers. This is achieved by empowering them to address their own challenges and by creating opportunities right at their doorsteps for efficient resource utilization. BCT is dedicated to fostering rural prosperity for the broader growth of India.


  • Tribal primary education

    To enhance the learning levels of primary students in tribal regions, Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT) collaborates with Sikshana Foundation, Bengaluru, the Government of Andhra Pradesh, and Vibha Inc to implement the 'Comprehensive Education Initiative'. Launched in 2019, this initiative has effectively improved learning outcomes, leadership skills, and overall student participation.
    The project caters to students across primary, upper primary, and high school levels. It is currently operational in 11 mandals, targeting a total of 1958 schools organized into 77 clusters. The initiative operates on a mentorship model, with 11 mentors and one project coordinator responsible for implementing and overseeing the project within their respective regions. These mentors receive initial training at the BCT campus and then engage with headmasters and teachers in their assigned mandals. Additionally, two teachers from each mandal undergo intensive training.

  • BCT Residential Model High School

    The BCT Residential Model High School, founded in 1995, is committed to addressing the unique educational needs and challenges faced by rural India. It embraces a government-recognized, value-based, skill-oriented, and rurally-biased approach. This distinctive educational model encompasses various key elements, including academic excellence, skill development, social engagement, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The school adheres to state syllabi and government regulations while employing innovative teaching methods, such as multimedia integration. Student progress is continuously monitored, with special attention given to those with learning difficulties. The school has transitioned from traditional classrooms to subject-specific learning centers, reducing the burden on students to carry textbooks. Additionally, students receive computer education, learning essential skills in software applications, typing speed, and hardware operations.

  • Industrial training Institute

    Established in 2012, the BCT-run Industrial Training Institute (ITI) is an integral part of BCT's ongoing efforts to empower rural youth. Operating under the CTS scheme of NCVT, the BCT ITI provides training in skill sets essential for the manufacturing and service sectors. Each year, 100 students receive comprehensive training in Electrician and Fitter skills, resulting in successful job placements.
    The BCT ITI aspires to establish itself as a premier institution and is exploring the introduction of non-conventional short-term programs tailored to the job market's needs, with a special focus on attracting female students. The students' training includes:
    • Enhanced practical knowledge through hands-on projects.
    • Extensive practical sessions in well-equipped laboratories and workshops under expert guidance.
    • Improved observational skills through exposure visits and industrial field trips.
    • A thorough understanding of job tools, framework techniques, machinery components, and more.

  • SMART Centres

    BCT has joined hands with the Tech Mahindra Foundation (TMF) to establish three SMART centres in Visakhapatnam. These centres are dedicated to enhancing the skills of youth hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The training programs are geared towards employment, equipping students with IT and ICT proficiency, as well as technical skills. Moreover, these centres facilitate job placements for the students.
    Commenced in 2014, these centres are situated in Dwarakanagar and Gajuwaka, focusing on empowering economically marginalized youth in the area. The BCT TMF SMART centres offer short-term training programs tailored to high school, intermediate, and graduate students, with an emphasis on employment-oriented education. These programs are designed to prepare students for suitable positions in various sectors.

  • Rehabilitation of PWDs

    In its commitment to ensure that physically challenged individuals in rural Visakhapatnam have equal opportunities and can transcend the perception of being a burden to their families, Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT) operates the 'Skill & Health For Physically Challenged' program. This initiative has been serving communities since BCT's inception and focuses on people with disabilities through a Community Rehabilitation Program. Additionally, it manages a residential facility known as the Sri PV Venkatesan Center for the Challenged.
    Covering over 12 mandals, the community-based rehabilitation program takes essential services to the doorsteps of individuals in villages. With a physiotherapy center situated on its campus, trained physiotherapists also make village visits to provide doorstep services to those in need. Collaborations with organizations like the Tata Relief Committee, Heart and Hand for the Handicapped (USA), and others enhance the reach and impact of the program.

  • Krishi Vigyana Kendra

    Established in 1995, the Bhagavatula Charitable Trust Krishi Vigyan Kendra (BCT-KVK) is dedicated to enhancing and improving agricultural practices for local farmers. Over the years, BCT-KVK has implemented various approaches aimed at enhancing the quality of work and the overall well-being of farmers in the region.

    BCT-KVK has established demonstration units, model farms, and conducts frequent training sessions and awareness campaigns. Located in Haripuram, the campus features a laboratory and model farms, where scientists collaborate to provide farmers with hands-on experiences that lead to improved qualitative and quantitative agricultural yields. This proactive and innovative approach has brought tangible benefits to farmers throughout the district, with approximately 45,000 farmers benefiting annually.

    A few methods through which the KVK empowers the farming community include
    • On Farm Trials
    • Frontline demonstrations
    • Technology Assessments:
    • Disease management

  • Community action groups

    BCT prioritizes internal empowerment as the driving force for village growth rather than relying on external factors. To achieve rural self-sustenance, the organization fosters partnerships with local communities. Over the past six years, Community Action Groups (CAGs) have been established in 137 villages. These groups, in collaboration with local stakeholders, identify and address issues pertinent to their communities by finding innovative solutions.
    Through the CAGs, BCT has facilitated solutions to both short-term and long-term challenges, including crop and pest management, post-production of agricultural yields, sanitation, public health, education quality, healthcare access, employment training, and more. Every year, approximately 1.3 lakh people benefit from the diverse programs run by the CAGs. This community-driven initiative reflects BCT's commitment to local self-sustenance and progress.
    • Farmer’s Field Schools
    • Farmers clubs
    • Health screening
    • Support for women

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