National Development Foundation Ndf Jammu

Empowers communities, especially children and youth, by advocating for their rights, fostering development, and conserving nature

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    Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir

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National Development Foundation NDF Jammu is on a mission to create an environment where every individual can exercise their rights with dignity and c Read moreoexist harmoniously with nature. Its vision revolves around empowering communities, especially children and youth, to realize their rights, foster their development, and conserve nature and natural resources. NDF takes a collaborative approach, partnering with Government bodies and the communities they serve to develop and showcase successful developmental models. These models serve as examples of achievement and advocate for broader adoption by the Government and other service providers. NDF strives to enhance existing systems, complement Government initiatives, and connect marginalized communities with Government schemes. At the core of NDF's belief system is the conviction that sustainable change necessitates the active involvement of civil society, particularly children, youth, and women. NDF works diligently to make them partners in its mission, emphasizing community engagement as a transformative force in civil society interventions. It believes that involving community members ensures that programmes directly address its priorities, leading to various practical benefits such as enhanced local capacity and skills, greater beneficiary engagement, improved information sharing, and better programme outcomes. NDF values credibility, striving for efficient resource utilization and accountability to communities, partners, and donors. It is proactive in setting high goals and continuously improving the quality of its work, remaining open to innovative ideas that can bring sustainable changes through nature conservation initiatives and in the lives of the communities they serve, particularly children and youth. NDF is dedicated to learning from the past to better prepare for the future.


  • Education Programmes

    NDF Jammu's core mission is to empower communities, particularly children, and youth, to realize their rights and protect the environment. It focuses on education, advocating for inclusive and quality learning opportunities, especially in conflict-ridden areas. It collaborates with Government agencies, teachers, and Anganwadi Workers to create safe and child-friendly schools. NDF Jammu also emphasizes early childhood education, supporting children aged 3-6 in developing essential skills for school readiness. Its work extends to community empowerment, advocacy for policy reforms, and promoting girl child education while combatting child labour and child marriage. In essence, NDF Jammu strives to create positive social change by championing education, child rights, and environmental conservation in challenging circumstances.

  • Child Protection Programme

    NDF Jammu is committed to child protection in a region marked by conflict and challenges. It collaborates with various stakeholders to create a safe environment for children, free from violence and exploitation. NDF advocates for legal and policy reforms in line with international conventions and prioritizes the best interests of children. It focuses on healthcare, nutrition, preventing child marriage and adolescent pregnancies, and improving infrastructure. NDF also works to ensure that children in need of care and protection are treated according to the Juvenile Justice Act. It empowers communities to combat child labour, prevent child trafficking, and fight against child abuse and discrimination.

  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Programme

    NDF Jammu is committed to holistic water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) interventions, aiming to improve child and community well-being. It advocates for universal access to safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene, recognizing their impact on child health, education, gender equality, poverty reduction, and climate resilience. In schools, NDF promotes WASH to enhance attendance, academic performance, and health outcomes while actively engaging students, teachers, and committees. In communities, it empowers residents to drive change by improving WASH facilities and promoting hygiene habits. Its comprehensive approach combines infrastructure development, community mobilization, and behaviour change communication to create healthier and empowered societies.

  • Youth Empowerment & Skill Development Programme

    NDF Jammu is dedicated to empowering the youth and women by enhancing their skills and livelihood opportunities to support economic growth. It focuses on vocational training for marginalized youth and women, gender equality, and youth empowerment through various activities like camping, leadership programmes, sports, and cultural engagement. Recognizing the potential of youth as change agents, they aim to instil values of patriotism, selfless service, and discipline. In a region challenged by unemployment and lack of opportunities, especially due to conflict, NDF strives to create a safe and productive environment for the youth, offering skill development as a pathway to employment and self-sufficiency. It addresses the pressing issue of drug addiction linked to unemployment by channelling the energy and potential of the youth into productive avenues, ultimately integrating them into the national mainstream.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction & Emergency Response Programme

    NDF Jammu is dedicated to disaster risk reduction and emergency response. It has a history of providing relief and rehabilitation during natural disasters and conflict situations. Its efforts extend to communities affected by border shelling, landmines, and other emergencies. NDF focuses on building community resilience, particularly among children, youth, and women, by preparing them for emergencies and involving them in decision-making processes during crises. It advocates for disaster management plans, modern infrastructure, compensation for victims, and insurance coverage. Additionally, NDF places a strong emphasis on addressing the needs of vulnerable groups, including children, women, the elderly, and the differently-abled, both during relief efforts and in the rehabilitation phase.

Leadership Team

  • Rajiv Khajuria

    President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Nilly Pachnanda

    Vice - President

  • Jatin Anand

    General Secretary

  • R C Puri

    Member, Executive Board

  • Surbhi Sharma

    Member, Executive Board


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    2210S of 1994

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    Ist Floor, Shakuntla Bhawan, Ram Janki Enclave, Udheywala Jammu, J&K, 180018


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