Self Employed Womens Association (SEWA)

Empowers women for self-sufficiency through advocacy, cooperatives, and a comprehensive safety net, achieving significant milestones

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    Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

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The Self-Employed Women's Association or SEWA, is a trade union situated in Ahmedabad, India. SEWA, which signifies "Service", stands as a formidable Read moreforce, boasting a membership of 2.5 million resilient women, making it the largest central trade union representing female labourers in India. Its distinctive approach unites the identities of impoverished individuals, women, and labourers, recognizing their multifaceted needs. Its objectives encompass the attainment of full employment and self-sufficiency. To accomplish these aspirations, the organisation employs a dual-pronged strategy that combines the strength and advocacy provided by the union with the nurturing of livelihoods through cooperatives. These cooperatives are instrumental in enhancing income, skills, marketing, and credit access for members. In order to safeguard its members from vulnerability, it offers a comprehensive safety net encompassing banking services, healthcare, childcare, insurance, housing, and legal assistance. This holistic approach focuses on empowering women through the threefold dimensions of voice, visibility, and validity. SEWA's remarkable journey has led to seminal achievements such as the establishment of the SEWA Bank, the recognition of home-based workers as labourers by the ILO, and the enactment of the Street Vendor's Act in India, all of which have elevated the status of unorganised sector workers.

Demographies Served


  • National Insurance VimoSEWA Cooperative Ltd


    National Insurance VimoSEWA Cooperative Ltd., a collaborative effort with SEWA, stands as a multi-state cooperative with a mission to extend crucial social protection to women labourers in the informal sector and their families. This self-sustained and all-encompassing insurance institution is managed and utilized exclusively by its female members. Within its offerings, it provides a spectrum of essential products: SARAL SURAKSHA YOJNA, focusing on shielding vulnerable families from livelihood loss; LIFE COVERAGE SCHEME, which encompasses natural and accidental death coverage for policyholders, subject to a 1-year waiting period for pre-existing conditions; SWASTHA PARIWAR, delivering Mediclaim coverage for hospitalization expenses; and SAVING LINK SCHEME, ensuring coverage for natural and accidental death, coupled with maturity benefits.

  • Sewa Manager Ni School Programme


    Established in 2005, SMS was created with the primary objective of providing grassroots women with the essential management skills required to effectively manage and operate small-scale enterprises and businesses. The organisation's central hub is located in Ahmedabad, but it employs a decentralized approach to offer training to women residing in rural communities. Recognizing that the most effective learning often occurs through demonstration and emulation, it identifies and appoints master trainers from within these grassroots communities. These trainers play a pivotal role in imparting knowledge and skills to empower women entrepreneurs.

  • Mahila Housing Trust Programme(MHT)

    MHT, a grassroots development organization in India, champions women's pivotal role in fostering sustainable, gender-inclusive urban advancement. The mission centres on empowering women's grassroots institutions, equipping them to actively engage in community and urban decision-making. With specialized proficiency in construction, technology, and urban governance, it facilitates service and programme development for marginalized groups. The distinctive socio-technical approach positions it as a vital conduit between grassroots and mainstream public and private sectors, advancing responsible urban development.

  • Mahila Sewa Sahakari Bank

    Sewa Bank's core mission is to extend financial services tailored to the specific requirements of impoverished women labouring in the informal sector, empowering them socially and economically while fostering self-development. Operated and owned by these women themselves, the bank's approach is rooted in its ideology and extensive experience in mainstreaming disadvantaged female workers. By comprehensively assessing the lifecycle needs of impoverished women workers, SEWA Bank endeavours to break the cycle of persistent poverty that entraps them. The primary objective is to liberate these women from the relentless grip of poverty.

  • Research & Training Programme


    The Indian Academy for Self-Employed Women, known as SEWA, aims to enhance the well-being and self-representation of women and girls through education, leadership training, and research. Its goals include achieving full employment, increased income, improved nutrition, better health, childcare, housing, asset growth, organisational strength, leadership skills, self-reliance, and literacy among members. SEWA offers an interactive and participatory learning environment in subjects such as education, health, environmental studies, and society and culture. Its flexible course content adapts to students' needs, emphasizing discussions, demonstrations, and participatory exercises, all while considering the students' roles in their families and communities. SEWA collaborates with other organisations to create tailored programmes for specific needs.

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  • Rehana Riyawala

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    SEWA Bharat 7/5, First Floor, South Patel Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India, Srinagar, 110008


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