Lok Prerna

Lok Prerna of Deogarh district believes in the philanthropy of “Helping people to help themselves” and implement it for the causes of marginalised and disadvantaged section of the society.

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    Deoghar, Jharkhand

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Lok Prerna is a podium of like minded people who believe in the philanthropy of “Helping people to help themselves” and implement it for the causes of Read more marginalised and disadvantaged section of the society.VISION-Establish a non-exploitative Self reliant social order devoid of inequalities based on caste, creed, religion or sex and characterised by dignity of the individuals with the primacy of truth and non for its perpetuation. MISSION-Empowerment of lowest rungs of the society.OBJECTIVE-To bring to the development front and help them take responsibility for their own development for creating environment for support and to strengthen SKILL as agents of change in society.

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1. 15681 households toilet construction as well as utilisation of toilets to benefit 47,043 persons. 2. 976 schools and AWCs have access to toilets & handpumps 3. 6148 Hand pumps repaired & 405 HandPumps installed benefitting 8,08,300 persons. 4. Promotion of second cropping in additional area of 1348 acres of 2200 household 5. 2898 demand generation of work with Job Card distribution, 2533 no's have recieved work.


  • Solar Irrigation Facilitation Programme

    Lokprerna team has facilitated and mobilised to the farmers of Deoghar and Jamtara for installation and utilisation of solar irrigation pump set in 90% subsidy supported by Switch On foundation. And so 287 application form of woman farmers have been raised and submitted to the DAO’s installations of the solar irrigation Pump-set are in process.

  • Training cum awareness on Rh incompatibility supported by Conexus foundation


    The PRERNA project aims to raise awareness about Rh incompatibility and hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn in the districts of Jharkhand. Training cum awareness programme on Rh incompatibility(Blood Group) in Jamtara district of Jharkhand was conducted among 2278 Health Frontline workers. After the training its observed that 46% of them knew about their own blood group and 86% of them became aware about Rh Incompatibility. They spread this awareness amongst 62% of pregnant women.

  • Ensuring access of wash facility at community level

    Lokprerna is committed to ensuring accessible potable water and sanitation for rural areas, focusing on marginalised groups like tribal women and children. The aim is to create an enabling environment and remove constraints in the functioning of village-level PRI's and VWSCs. Our efforts have led to improved living standards in schools and remote tribal areas. Building on the success of the "SWACHH BHARAT MISSION" pilot in Deoghar, Jamtara, and Pakur. 15681 households toilet construction as well as utilisation of toilets to benefit 47043 persons is ensured. And access for toilets and hand pumps for 976 schools and AWCs that has brought about benefits to 39040 schools and AWCs children also ascertained safe drinking water to 808300 persons by repairing 6148 HPs & installation of new 405 HPs. The above milestones being achieved by 1380 skilled man power skilled towards WASH accessibilities.

  • Livelihoods

    Lokprerna has ensured promotion of second cropping in additional area of 1348 acres of 2200 households. Also marginal farmers have generated income by fruit Orchids constituting mango, cashew nut, papaya, guava, etc, in 600 hectares of land reaping additional income of Rs. 12000 – 20000.1250 farmers have been skilled in advance agriculture practice.

  • Natural Resource Management (NRM)

    Lokprerna has promoted land and water management in rural tribal areas of marginalised farmers to make possible optimum utilisation. Some activities undertaken are-
    Contour Bunding – 230 acres
    Land Reclamation – 367 acres
    Lift Irrigation – 45
    Water Harvesting Tank – 137
    Shallow Wells (Chuan) – 29
    Sericulture Development – 500 farmers

  • Strenghtening of SHG's

    Under women development prospects, Lokprerna has achieved and attained strengthening of 175 SHGs. Besides this there have been credit linkages to 105 SHGs and 145 SHGs were annealing to the PANCHSUTRA LEVEL. 2000 mahila kisan Have been promoted and women SHGs have a collective savings of 2.13 crore consequently 97-98 % repayment of loan.

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  • Mr. Satish Kumar Karna


  • Madhav Kumar Das


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