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ATMA Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals, families, and communities through various projects and campaigns focusing on education, health, wellness, community development, and social transformation initiatives.

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    Thrissur, Kerala

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ATMA Foundation is a non profit voluntary organisation in the social sector dedicated to community development as well as empowerment of individuals a Read morend families.Based at Thrissur District in Kerala,India. ATMA supports children,adolescents,youth,women,senior citizens and the rural populations. We are a fully compliant ISO certified Charitable Trust with 12A, 80G, FCRA and CSR 1 registrations. We are also Great Place to Work certified. VISION Empowered communities where people lead happy lives with healthy relationships and serve fellow beings with compassion, for sustainable development MISSION: Contributing to improve the lives of people by meeting their developmental needs Empowering marginalized and vulnerable people Enabling and engaging volunteers to serve the community through social transformation initiatives.


ATMA Foundation has projects, campaigns and programmes in 4 major thematic areas: 1) Care and Protection of Vulnerable Groups: Ensuring safety and well-being of marginalized populations 2) Education and Empowerment: Empowering individuals through quality education and life skills training 3) Health and Wellness: Promoting physical and mental health through access to healthcare and wellness programs 4) Community Development: Strengthening communities through outreach, advocacy, and capacity building


ATMA is now spearheading 11 projects and 4 major campaigns. ONGOING PROJECTS 1) ATMA Gurukulam : Residential Care Home for homeless girls, with special focus on their education & overall development. 2) ATMA Uyare: Learning support to underprivileged children across Kerala living in Child Care Institutions or with their parents. 3) ATMA CADC: Child & Adolescent Development Centre – A one-stop centre for children & adolescents who need Counselling & Remediation – integrating the professional expertise of psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, LD remediator, Yoga Trainer, etc. 4) ATMA FCC: Family Counselling Centre 5)ATMA Service Providing Centre: Providing free legal aid and counselling for women victims of Domestic Violence, supported by the Department of Women & Child Development, Government of Kerala, under Domestic Violence Act 2005 6)ATMA Digital & Financial Empowerment Centre: Promoting financial and digital literacy among the rural population, especially women and children, to accelerate financial inclusion and enable economic participation. 7)ATMA Yoga Peethom: Yoga Therapy & Training centre 8)ATMA Kalakshetram: Promoting art as culture for happy living 9)ATMA Vayobandhu : Helpline for senior citizens 10)ATMA Research & Development Centre: for actionable research on social & psycho-social issues 11)ATMA Gokulam: Cattle rearing as a culture and as livelihood MAJOR CAMPAIGNS 1) Living in Harmony: Public seminar series, talks & workshops for happy living with healthier relationships 2) We Care: Social awareness campaigns about issues rights, issues and empowerment of women, children and senior citizens. 3) Saha Dharmam Chara: Premarital Training & Post Marital Guidance Workshops Problems to Possibilities: Seminar series to empower adolescents to harness their 4)possibilities to overcome problems of their age – workshops and camps for students, parents, teachers.


-ATMA Gurukulam: Provided care and support to 82 girls. - ATMA Railway Child Help Desk: Successfully rescued 845 children. - Individual Development Initiatives: Empowered 16,500 children and 87,500 youth. - Parent Awareness Programs: Educated 46,000 parents. - Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation: Supported over 8,000 families in 50 villages. - Teacher Training: Trained 10,000 teachers in basic counseling and mentoring. - Free Counseling Services: Provided support to 3,000 families. - Overall Impact: Benefited over 400,000 families through various projects. - Outreach Events: Conducted over 2,194 events, promoting community engagement and support.


  • ATMA Uyare

    Uyare is an Education Project implemented by ATMA Foundation, providing online learning support to underprivileged children, including those residing in children's homes.Children who hail from socio-economically deprived backgrounds face various challenges in academics. They have no safe homes - either due to poor economic conditions, absence of functional parents, or due to other serious issues in the family or social environment.Uyare looks forward to providing a firm academic foundation and enhanced learning skills to these children.
    Uyare participants receive regular online sessions on the fundamentals of different subjects, including mathematics, English, science, social studies, and Malayalam, with the support of 30 plus volunteer teachers from different parts of the world. 600 plus children, both girls and boys, from 36 child care institutions across Kerala have so far benefited from this project.

  • ATMA Digital & Financial Empowerment Centre


    The Digital and Financial Empowerment Center (DAFEC) is a project launched by ATMA Foundation in 2019 to bridge the digital and financial divide in rural areas. The center provides free courses and training to empower individuals with computer and internet skills, as well as promote financial literacy and wise money management.
    The standalone center, located at the ATMA Foundation office in Thrissur, offers short-term courses in basic computer skills and internet usage, including training in MS Office, Python, C++, and Malayalam typing. Additionally, ATMA Foundation conducts outreach programs through traveling classrooms, reaching underserved populations and providing financial literacy sessions and awareness programs on savings, investments, and loans.
    By providing access to technology and financial education, 500 participants in rural and coastal areas are given basic digital and financial awareness through 94 sessions.

  • ATMA Gurukulam


    ATMA Gurukulam, a residential children's home located in Thrissur, provides a nurturing environment and comprehensive support to girls who lack parental care, a stable home, or financial means to access education. Since its inception, ATMA Gurukulam has empowered 86 girls, with the senior-most girls now pursuing professional careers or higher education. Currently, 22 girls benefit from the love, care, and support of the ATMA family, which includes school and college education at reputed institutions, extra academic support, remedial tutoring, special coaching in English and Mathematics, arts training, yoga practice, sports opportunities, leadership workshops, value education, and mentoring support from trained professionals. By fostering a sense of belonging and providing individual and group counseling sessions, ATMA Gurukulam promotes overall growth and development, shaping responsible and responsive citizens, future leaders, and change-makers.

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    Program Name

    ATMA Uyare

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    • 2022-23 400
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    ATMA Digital & Financial Empowerment Centre

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2022-23 500
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    • 2022-23 14

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    ATMA Foundation,Surya Gardens, Paliyam Rd, Near Vadakke Stand,Thrissur, Kerala, 680001


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