Promotes folk arts, culture, and sustainable practices, educating and raising awareness about conserving intangible heritage and biodiversity

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    Trikaripur, Kerala

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Folkland – International Centre for Folklore and Culture, a UNESCO-accredited NGO, is dedicated to promoting traditional folk arts, culture, and susta Read moreinable environmental initiatives. Established in 1989 and registered under the Indian Societies Act of 1860, Folkland's core philosophy revolves around fostering awareness and education regarding the importance of conserving and sustaining intangible cultural heritage and biodiversity. Over the years, the organisation has made significant strides in the areas of Conservation Research, Documentation of Natural, Mixed, and Vernacular Tangible and Intangible Heritages, as well as Traditional Folk Arts, Crafts, and Culture in Kerala. Folkland actively collaborates with national agencies such as the Ministry of Culture, Sangeet Natak Academy, Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), and NABARD. Moreover, it represents India in both national and international forums, including ICHCAP-UNESCO, IOV, ICCN, ICCR, and more, furthering its mission to preserve and celebrate cultural diversity and environmental sustainability.


  • Education & Awareness Programme


    Folkland - International Centre for Folklore and Culture actively engages in educational and awareness initiatives. It conducts classes, sessions, and various activities targeting the younger generation and students to emphasize the importance of our cultural heritage in contemporary contexts. These efforts encompass workshops, training courses, competitions, and summer camps, all aimed at nurturing a deeper understanding and appreciation of our rich cultural heritage.

  • Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Programme


    Folkland - International Centre for Folklore and Culture focuses on empowerment and entrepreneurship, particularly for women, tribal communities, and transgender individuals. Recognizing the importance of education and financial independence, the organisation offers workshops and training courses. These initiatives encompass skill development in areas such as Areca sheath (PALA) product manufacturing and UDHYAM Jackfruit Clusters, providing valuable opportunities for individuals to acquire and enhance skills essential for thriving in our dynamic society.

  • Built Heritage Conservation Programme

    Folkland - International Centre for Folklore and Culture is actively involved in the conservation of built heritage. Its efforts encompass advocacy for historical sites such as Payyanur Police Station and Thirunelly Temple, as well as documentation and restoration initiatives for landmarks like Payyanur Gandhi Museum, Pazhassi Palace, and Dhoope structures in Kasargod. Additionally, the organization contributes to heritage preservation through the creation of a heritage map of Payyanur and the promotion of heritage walks, encouraging village heritage tourism. These activities are integral to preserving and celebrating the rich historical legacy of the region.

  • Promotion & Performances Programme


    Folkland - International Centre for Folklore and Culture actively engages in promoting folk traditions and cultural performances. Its efforts extend to both national and international platforms, showcasing the richness of these cultural expressions to diverse audiences

Leadership Team

  • Dr. V. Jayarajan


  • Dr. Anila

    Member, Board of Directors

  • Beena Odathil

    Member, Board of Directors

  • Sudhi Payyanur

    Member - Board of Directors

  • T T Krishnan

    Member, Board of Directors


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    Folkland International Centre for folklore and Culture ELAMBACHI TRIKARIPUR Kasargod District kerala, Trikaripur, 671311


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