HRDS India - The Highrange Rural Development Society

Focuses on uplifting marginalized communities through diverse welfare initiatives across India, empowering tribes and rural populations for sustainable development

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    Idukki, Kerala

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HRDS INDIA, a registered NGO, focuses on Tribal Development, striving for a society free of social inequalities. It aims to uplift the oppressed, part Read moreicularly tribal communities, by implementing various welfare projects across India. These initiatives cover education, healthcare, livelihood, and women's empowerment, seeking to improve living standards for many tribal families. The organisation operates in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Tripura, Assam, and Jharkhand, addressing diverse aspects of rural and tribal development. The programmes, such as “Sadhgraha” for tribal housing, “Jwalamukhi” empowering women through micro-credit for SHGs, “Ekagrah” for educational and skill development initiatives, “Niramaya” for traditional medicine and health, and “Karshaka” fostering sustainable livelihoods through cultivation, promote community motivation and social mobilization. HRDS INDIA's ethos revolves around aiding the impoverished and needy, extending help within its capacity to improve their lives, not just in Indian villages but across the nation.


  • Karshaka Programme


    HRDS INDIA pioneers the Karshaka Project, cultivating 5000 acres of medicinal plants in Attappady, embracing natural farming to provide economic security to tribal communities for 35 years. This initiative, benefiting the Agriculture Development Committee members, aims to revolutionize tribal development by ensuring regular income and reducing migration pressures, particularly impacting women who face intensified hardships due to environmental degradation and societal changes. The project aims to address declining nutritional status, land alienation, and exploitation faced by tribal women with low literacy, brought about by shifts in land use and lack of access to modern development facilities like healthcare and transportation, perpetuating existing inequalities and neglect of both women and the forest environment.

  • Parasparam Programme

    The PARASPARAM initiative by HRDS INDIA empowers students to discover their potential, fostering self-esteem and safeguarding against exploitation in all aspects of life. Emphasizing an eco-friendly lifestyle and nurturing a counter-culture, this project strengthens parent-child relationships while recognizing youth as the future of society. HRDS INDIA commits intensely to engaging with individuals, especially the younger generation, grappling with substance dependency, aiming to bring them back to reality. By providing support through study groups, tutorials, workshops, and counselling sessions, the organisation addresses not just addiction but also the emotional and psychological toll it takes on families and children, striving to uplift and educate them for a brighter future.

  • Jwalamukhi Women Empowerment Programme

    HRDS INDIA, through its Jwalamukhi project, champions women's empowerment by enabling them to make life-defining choices and fostering self-assurance through education, awareness, and skill-building. Addressing societal inequality, HRDS INDIA recognizes women's vital role and strives to emancipate them from long-standing biases and mistreatment. With a focus on financial autonomy and freedom, the organisation seeks to uplift women's status and bridge gender-based disparities, aiming to dismantle ingrained dominance and support women's economic independence. Implementing initiatives like Self-Help Groups (SHGs), micro-credit facilities, vocational training units, and income generation programmes, HRDS INDIA empowers women by providing opportunities for entrepreneurship, employment, and skill development, contributing significantly to their social and economic advancement.

  • Ekagrah Programme

    Ekagrah, an initiative by HRDS INDIA, underscores the vital necessity of education in personal growth, societal cohesion, and economic development. While the Right to Education Act aimed to provide elementary education for every child, challenges persist in remote areas where financial constraints and lack of awareness lead children to prioritize labour over learning. Despite the mandate for primary education, socio-economically disadvantaged students often face barriers to higher education due to unequal opportunities and financial burdens. HRDS INDIA strives to bridge this gap by emphasizing the importance of education, seeking to ensure that all children have access to fundamental learning and opportunities for further academic advancement, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.

  • Sadgraha Programme

    HRDS INDIA initiates "Sadhgraha," a transformative Tribal housing project spanning seven major states in India, aiming to build three lakh houses for higher education access and community integration. This innovative housing programme employs environmentally sustainable Cement Fibre Panels, addressing poverty and societal inclusion for Indian Tribes. By constructing a million homes using this approach, the project pioneers a path toward reducing global warming and uplifting marginalized communities, fostering a significant change in the lives of Tribes across India.

Leadership Team

  • Guru Atma Nambi


  • K G Venugopal

    Vice - President

  • Dr. S. S. Madhana Kumar

    Vice - President

  • Aji Krishnan

    Founder - Secretary

  • Prabhakar Komaravolu

    Chairman – External Affairs


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