National Forum For Peoples Rights Human Rights Promotion And Protection Society

Promotes and protects human rights through education, advocacy, and recognition of contributions, with a focus on diverse outreach and awareness campaigns

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    Gurgaon, Haryana

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The National Forum For People's Rights-Human Rights Promotion and Protection Society, operating in India since 2005, focuses on safeguarding and promo Read moreting human rights, ensuring justice for all, and uplifting underprivileged communities. Affiliated with the World Human Rights Forum and the United Nations Global Compact, it educates individuals about their rights, particularly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, both within classrooms and beyond. The organisation strives to reach diverse audiences, echoing Martin Luther King Jr.'s call to integrate the pursuit of civil rights into various professions to enrich individuals and societies. With recent emphasis on spreading awareness about The Right to Information Act, the Forum conducts comprehensive studies on issues like Police Reforms and Consumer Rights. Through a plethora of events such as seminars, conferences, workshops, and projects, it educates and advocates for rights and responsibilities. Additionally, the Forum recognizes and honours individuals making significant contributions to human welfare and rights protection annually on World Human Rights Day. Operating through over 400 chapters across India, it has established organizational committees at various levels to ensure effective outreach and impact.


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    The organisation champions human rights, justice, economic empowerment, education, peace, and integration in India. Affiliated with global bodies, it educates people about their rights, particularly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, fostering awareness across diverse settings. Embracing Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision, it promotes civil rights as integral to personal and professional growth. Recent initiatives include advocating for The Right to Information Act and conducting studies on police reforms and consumer issues. Through seminars, conferences, and projects, it educates on rights and duties, while also honouring individuals for their contributions to human welfare and rights protection annually. With over 400 chapters nationwide, it operates through various organizational committees, ensuring broad outreach and impact.

Leadership Team

  • Kiran Sharma

    National President

  • P.Sudarshanan Nair

    National VP, Haryana

  • Dr. Rajshree Khare

    National VP, Haryana

  • P. R.Nath

    President, Haryana

  • Prakash P Thomas


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