Pallium India

Promotes palliative care integration, alleviates suffering, and ensures access to quality pain relief and compassionate care for all individuals

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    Trivandrum, Kerala

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Pallium India, an NGO based in Trivandrum, is dedicated to alleviating health-related suffering and integrating palliative care into mainstream health Read morecare. Its vision is to ensure that every individual has access to effective pain relief and quality palliative care alongside disease-specific treatment. Its mission involves catalyzing the development of palliative care services, education, capacity building, policy advocacy, research, and information dissemination across India. Pallium India's core values prioritize the patient's well-being and dignity, providing compassionate and competent care. It believes in the strength of community partnerships and engagement with volunteers to meet the needs of individuals requiring palliative care. Ethical principles such as autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice guide its actions in the best interest of those they serve.


Pallium India has made an impact by establishing 108 palliative care centres across India, training 6,771 individuals in palliative care, providing rehabilitation support to 10,898 individuals, and reaching a total of 96,876 beneficiaries across 28 states and 6 Union Territories.


  • Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS)

    The Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS), operated by Pallium India, has a range of activities and programmes aimed at improving access to palliative care and pain relief. TIPS runs a clinical service that provides community-oriented palliative care, including home visits and the involvement of local volunteers. Ir offers free treatment and medications to poor patients, with the goal of setting a model for others to learn from and replicate. TIPS also engages in Governmental advocacy at both the national and state levels to ensure the implementation of the Narcotic Amendment Act of 2014, which aims to improve access to pain relief without additional procedural barriers. Additionally, TIPS conducts educational programmes in Pain and Palliative Medicine, including training courses for doctors, nurses, social workers, paramedical personnel, and volunteers. It also provides short training programmes for medical students.

  • Home Care Programme

    In its Home Care programme, Pallium India places great importance on conducting Home Visits to reach individuals who are unable to access healthcare facilities. This includes bed-bound patients, elderly individuals living alone, and those who are geographically isolated. Pallium India is committed to meeting these individuals in their own homes, ensuring that no one is left behind in their pursuit of universal health coverage.

  • Link Centres Services

    The link centres established by Pallium India serve as a crucial bridge between the organisation and local communities. Manned by trained volunteer groups from the same community, these centres ensure that individuals with palliative care needs receive the attention they require. Additionally, the link centres provide infrastructure for outpatient care, utilizing facilities such as primary schools, libraries, or community centres. The dedicated volunteers at the link centres play a vital role in engaging and mobilizing local self-government bodies and other agencies to address the socio-economic needs of the families they serve.

  • In Patient & Out Patient Services

    Pallium India provides comprehensive in-patient and out-patient services through the Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences. In-patient care is delivered by an interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, medical social workers, and physiotherapists. Patients can receive short or long-term symptom control and hospice services for end-of-life care. Out-patient services are available at the Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Care facility, as well as in collaboration with hospitals such as Government Medical College, General Hospital Thiruvananthapuram, and Community Health Centres in Poovar and Vizhinjam. Pallium India also partners with volunteer-led Pain and Palliative Societies in various locations, addressing psycho-social issues in collaboration with local Panchayats or self-government bodies whenever possible.

  • Rehabilitation Programme

    Pallium India is dedicated to comprehensive rehabilitation, improving the quality of life for patients and families. It recognizes the multidimensional nature of illness-related suffering and provides various rehabilitation services. Its unique "Halfway Home" programme focuses on spinal cord trauma patients, offering training and accommodation before their return home. With a team of rehabilitation physicians and physiotherapists, it works to restore patients' functionality and provide free assistive aids. Pallium India also supports families through home modifications and offers vocational rehabilitation to foster independence and income generation. By imparting skills and purpose, it addresses financial needs and enhances mental well-being.

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    • 2017-18 23833
    • 2018-19 23106
    • 2019-20 22823
    • 2020-21 27486
    • 2021-22 35666
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    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 2032
    • 2018-19 1867
    • 2019-20 1731
    • 2020-21 1872
    • 2021-22 2033

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  • M.R Rajagopal

    Chairman Emeritus

  • Binod Hariharan Nair


  • Raj Kalady

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Manoj Gopalakrishnan

    Executive Director

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    65/P, JRRA, Shanti, Pothujanam Lane, Kumarapuram, Trivandrum, 695011


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    Pallium India

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