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Works on agriculture, healthcare, civil rights, bio-diversity restoration and rural infrastructure develoment in Wayanad, Kerala

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The TGG Foundation, a registered Public Charitable Trust in India initially funded by The Golden Greens (TGG), prioritises benefiting rural communitie Read mores through livelihood creation using over 80% of its funds. It has international partnerships and collaborations with Omprakash in the US and DIZ BaW├╝ in Germany. It operates without government subsidies or donations, relying on interest-free loans for daily expenses. Founded in 2012 and officially recognised as a Trust in 2014, the foundation seeks to create positive global change through human transformation. It advocates for equality among all beings, promotes a self-guided, accountable action model, emphasises "Oneness" over divisive ideologies, and encourages participation rooted in "effortless action."


  • Agriculture and Food Production


    In late 2015, the TGG Foundation established a self-help group in Wayanad, supporting three women from the farming community in starting a stitching unit and an organic farm. By April 2017, this group officially became "Navajyothi (Kerala)" and engaged in the production of exclusive, chemical-free, handcrafted food items like tea, coffee, pepper, avocados, and vegetables, with a strong emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices. In addition, the TGG Foundation transformed The Green Gardens Farm in Wayanad into a sustainable project focusing on ethical green tea production, while also producing pure cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil through a manual process. The foundation runs a cafeteria at the farm, providing fresh, home-cooked meals at subsidized rates and offers cooking classes on request.

  • Eco-Cultural Village


    The Green Gardens Farm, managed by the TGG Foundation, is a sustainable living model project emphasizing ethical farming and eco-friendly practices. Located near Edakkal Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the farm focuses on self-sufficiency and supports itself through activities like handmade tea processing, livestock management, and plans for biogas production. They also offer a sustainable living experience for members of the Responsible Human Mission. The project aims to create a balanced approach between socialist and capitalist mindsets, values education for compassionate, altruistic actions and promotes yoga and meditation in a natural setting. The farm's biodiversity zone contributes to environmental preservation

  • Healthcare


    In the pursuit of holistic healing, this program explores nature's remedies derived from various sources to minimise synthetic exposure, from skincare to dietary choices, to promote a chemical-free lifestyle. Nature, often referred to as a vast pharmacy, offers sustainable solutions. This approach prioritises prevention, adopting a chemical-free way of living, and harnessing the inherent healing potential generously provided by nature, ultimately promoting a balanced and flourishing life.



    The AARANYAM (Forest) project is dedicated to restoring biodiversity and revitalising native ecosystems with minimal human intervention. TGG is establishing a bio-diversity zone where people from around the world can witness and experience the marvels of a naturally evolved native ecosystem. They welcome inquiries and invitations from responsible individuals interested in understanding the importance of such zones and the methodology for restoring biodiversity, particularly in the face of ecological depletion caused by unethical agricultural practices and environmentally insensitive modern lifestyles. The project relies on self-help groups supported by the TGG Foundation, ensuring three years of maintenance to safeguard the initial survival of the ecosystem. The project encourages global participation by allowing individuals to sponsor a tree, thus contributing to the restoration of the ecosystem.

  • Alternate Education and Employability


    The TGG Foundation offers various initiatives aimed at sustainable development and responsible living. Their Experiential Learning Program (ELP) provides hands-on experience in ethical farming practices and ecosystem preservation. They also support postgraduate students and research scholars in various research areas, from medicinal plants to tea quality improvement. Need-based assessment studies are conducted to promote sustainable development in remote villages, and responsible tourism is encouraged. Additionally, their Wisdom Lab program focuses on childhood education through nature connection, and they organize national conclave events to discuss sustainable CSR projects in rural India.

  • Civil Rights and Responsibilities


    TGG Foundation provides aid to the victims of poverty, discrimination & natural calamities. The foundation has built houses for fire victims, sponsored socially vulnerable children and helped homeless cancer and stroke patients. TGG Foundation has also helped Anitha, a woman whose husband died in a fatal accident in Saudi Arabia, to receive compensation. The foundation has also helped Nibin, a man stranded in Saudi Arabia, get back home.

  • Rural Infrastructure

    TGG's Centre for Sustainable Development, with locations in Wayanad and Mysore, is an extensive project promoting rural development and transformation. It includes initiatives such as organic farming and livestock farming, responsible tourism, youth empowerment, skill development, and livelihood opportunities for women. The project also encompasses education, technology, social start-ups, and common facilities. Additionally, it focuses on research and development, accommodations for various groups, sustainable living experiences, and various activities related to biodiversity, medicinal plants, production, and healthcare. It seeks to create a holistic and sustainable approach to improving the lives of rural communities and preserving their cultural and natural heritage while also promoting responsible tourism and economic development.

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  • Anuj Mehta


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