Tiruvalla Social Service Society

Uplifts the underserved, fostering community development through values-based initiatives and empowerment programmes in Kerala

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    Tiruvalla, Kerala

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Thruvalla Social Service Society (TSSS) is dedicated to building a sense of brotherhood within the community while fostering the development of the di Read moresadvantaged in Kerala. Its vision, known as Bodhana, revolves around establishing a social service society that upholds justice, peace, love, and self-reliance as its core values. TSSS is committed to caring for, aiding, collaborating with, consulting, and training individuals within the community to enhance their quality of life. Functioning under the archdiocese of Tiruvalla, Bodhana has been actively addressing the challenges faced by the poor and marginalized since its inception in 1950. TSSS's unwavering dedication to social intervention, guided by gospel values and professional excellence, has earned it a significant role in the development and empowerment of marginalized individuals. Its operational reach encompasses four districts in Kerala, engaging in diverse projects and sponsorship programmes that benefit over 20,000 families. The organisation's objectives focus on community growth through self-sustainability, with an emphasis on training, empowerment, and support. TSSS conducts awareness campaigns, training sessions, and empowerment initiatives, serving as a driving force for positive change and helping countless individuals lead dignified and sustainable lives.


TSSS operates across four districts of Kerala, positively impacting an extensive number of beneficiaries, engaging in over 20 projects, and involving a dedicated team of more than 50 field operatives.


  • Entrepreneurship Development and Marketing Programme

    TSSS focuses on elevating the local economy by nurturing entrepreneurs through its Entrepreneurship Development and Marketing (EDP) department, ensuring self-sufficiency among the marginalized. The 'BODHISREE' marketing network facilitates product marketing, overcoming challenges. The Bee Research Centre advances beekeeping and honey production, offering training and marketing Agmark-branded products. Mushroom cultivation is promoted for income generation. A vocational training centre in Ranni empowers with skill development, spanning various subjects for self-reliance. These efforts collectively empower the marginalized economically and socially.

  • Health and Disaster Management Programme


    In the domain of Health and Disaster Management (HDM), TSSS addresses emerging health concerns and disaster impacts within its operational areas. The organisation has established 'Arogya Kendram,' a medical access initiative in collaboration with Pushpagiri Medical College. The project aims to enhance medical accessibility for economically vulnerable individuals, offering affordable quality medical checkups and generic medicines, thereby contributing to improved health conditions among the underserved segments of society.

  • Human and Institutional Development Programme

    In the domain of Human and Institutional Development (HID), TSSS is dedicated to enhancing human resources and fostering the growth of community-based organisations within its operational scope. HID focuses on bolstering these organisations, conducting capacity-building initiatives, and ensuring effective collaboration with Bodhana's projects. Through 'Balabodhana,' the organisation empowers children and adolescents, offering sensitisation programs, career guidance, and cultural activities. TSSS's micro-insurance section caters to deprived sectors, while the Farmer's Club supports sustainable farming practices. Collaboration with the Childline Project offers emergency outreach services for children in need. 'Peoples Bank' provides accessible loans at reduced interest rates. Additionally, TSSS collaborates with the Financial Literacy & Counseling Centre (FLCC) to enhance financial awareness within the community.

  • Infrastructure Development Programme

    In the domain of Infrastructure Development (ID), TSSS focuses on critical projects to address pressing challenges. Through 'Jalanidhi,' it collaborates with the Kerala Government to provide drinking water solutions, prioritizing freshwater access for disadvantaged sections. The organisation has successfully executed Jalanidhi projects in various areas, furthering its commitment to water availability. Tackling environmental contamination, 'Eco San Toilets' are designed, particularly in waterlogged regions, to ensure hygienic facilities and mitigate pollution. These toilets, with watertight cement-sealed pits, contribute to a cleaner environment. Additionally, TSSS emphasizes 'Low-Cost Housing,' recognizing housing as a vital aspect of dignified living. It constructs eco-friendly homes, positively impacting vulnerable groups and the underprivileged. With a track record of over 500 constructed houses, the organisation continues to enhance the living conditions of those in need.

  • Natural Resource Management Programme


    In Natural Resource Management (NRM), TSSS emphasizes responsible use of resources, raising awareness on environmental conservation. Waste Management efforts include sensitization, bio-gas plants, and vermicomposting. Addressing water scarcity, TSSS promotes rainwater harvesting, water filters, and well backwashing. Its Bio-Laboratory offers water testing and produces mushroom spawns.

    Through Sustainable Agriculture, TSSS promotes organic farming and supplies quality seeds/seedlings. In Sustainable Energy Programmes, the organisation focuses on local-level energy management and subsidizes solar lamp distribution. These efforts embody TSSS's commitment to resource conservation, sustainable practices, and community well-being.

Impact Metrics

  • Helped Children From Emotional Trauma

    Program Name

    Childline 1098

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 219
  • Educational Assistance Support to Children

    Program Name

    Integrated Child Development Programme (ICDP)

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 320

Leadership Team

  • Saji Mathew


  • Fr. Samuel Vilayil

    Secretary & Treasurer

  • Omana Renji

    Joint Secretary

  • Shibu Varghese

    Board Member

  • Dr. Saji Cherian

    Board Member


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    Thokalassery, Near Pushpagiri Medical College, Tiruvalla, 689101


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