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We Care Centre is committed to helping the helpless and uplifting the dignity of life of all human beings, no matter their background, circumstance or situation.

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    Kanjirapally, Kerala

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We Care Centre is a secular, non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting marginalized individuals and communities through a range of servi Read moreces and programs. With a focus on empowering those facing economic, social, or physical challenges, we deliver comprehensive support to enhance the lives of children, the elderly, disabled individuals, and those requiring palliative care or mental health services. Our initiatives span education, housing assistance, and numerous specialized programs like Angels’ Village and Nalla Samarayan Ashram, which offer tailored support and rehabilitation for individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental health illnesses. Angels’ Village consolidates our services for individuals with intellectual disabilities providing education, early intervention therapies, vocational training, and residential facilities to hundreds of individuals. Nalla Samarayan Ashram, operational since 1998, extends rehabilitation and therapeutic services to women with mental health conditions, utilizing a holistic approach that includes horticultural and agricultural therapies. Collectively, these initiatives reflect our commitment to fostering inclusivity, dignity, and opportunity for all.


  • Angels' Village


    Angels' Village is at the forefront of a transformative approach to caring for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Our mission, guided by our holistic 'Care from the Womb to the Tomb' philosophy, underscores our lifelong commitment to providing comprehensive care for women, men, and children with intellectual disabilities and their parents. Our integral initiative addresses the education, training, empowerment and rehabilitation of intellectually challenged individuals and their parents. We empower individuals to thrive at every stage of life with compassion and innovation, ensuring that they lead meaningful lives.

  • Nalla Samarayan Ashram | Good Samaritan Home


    Nalla Samarayan Ashram, also known as Good Samaritan Home, is dedicated to providing support and rehabilitation to women with mental health illnesses. Far too often, these individuals are abandoned, overlooked and unable to access care. Due to the fact that society often rejects these communities of individuals, organizations such as ours are essential in ensuring their care and support. The services that we are providing through Nalla Samarayan Ashram have created a safe-haven for hundreds of women where they are empowered, uplifted, given opportunities and experience an enhanced dignity of life. Nalla Samarayan Ashram is a home. All humans deserve to be treated with respect, supported when they fall, and a place that they can call home. Nalla Samarayan Ashram is and has been that place for hundreds of women since its inception.

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  • Fr. Roy Mathew Vadakkel

    Founder and Secretary

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    We Care Centre

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    Angels' Village, Nalla Samarayan Ashram, Bethlehem Ashram, Maria Bhavan

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