Abhivruddi Society For Social Development

Empowers women, children, and communities through holistic development initiatives focusing on education, rights protection, and sustainable resource management

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    Tumkur, Karnataka

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Established in 1992, Abhivruddi's mission is to promote the well-being of children, women, and the environment across several districts including Tumk Read moreur, Hassan, Bellary, Bagalkot, Chitradurga, and both rural and urban areas within the Bangalore Metro corporation. It was founded by a team of social work professionals with expertise in Community Development, arising during a period of significant challenges for women in social and economic realms. Abhivruddi, acknowledging this context, focused on empowering women and children and managing natural resources, crucial for communities heavily involved in agriculture. Its approach involves a comprehensive strategy aimed at empowering women socially, economically, and politically, while also advocating for child rights protection and sustainable management of natural resources to enhance rural livelihoods. The ultimate aim is to create a society where women lead dignified lives, children enjoy their rights, especially education, and all living beings have access to resources for sustenance. This is realized through advocacy for sustainable rural development, utilizing local resources and promoting the active involvement of community-based organisations.


  • Natural Resource Management (NRM) related projects

    ABHIVRUDHI has been actively engaged in rural development efforts since 1992, undertaking various rural and urban development programs across districts including Tumkur, Hassan, Bellary, Bagalkot, and Bangalore. Among the ongoing and completed projects, the Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) initiative holds significance. This project primarily focuses on reducing infant mortality rates and reproductive tract infections among women of reproductive age.
    Specifically, ABHIVRUDHI operates as the Mother NGO for the implementation of the RCH project in Hassan district. This endeavour receives financial support of Rs. 48 lakhs from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

  • Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development

    Sustainable agricultural practices were introduced through the demonstration of organic farming within operational villages. Model plots showcasing these practices were established in selected villages, facilitated by the support of governmental and other partnering institutions.
    Notably, the National Watershed Program (OPAP) and the World Bank-funded Sujala Watershed Project were executed across 101 villages in GUBBI taluk, Tumkur district, covering a land area of 15,153 hectares. The project encompassed various soil and water conservation initiatives such as earthen/boulder bunding, boulder checks, rubble checks, waste weirs, nala bunds, check dams, rooftop rainwater harvesting, and similar efforts. Additionally, plans were implemented to promote forestry, horticulture, livestock, and income-generating activities specifically aimed at improving the livelihoods of landless and marginal families within these villages.

  • Networking in Federations

    Currently, Abhivruddi serves as the State Convener for Campaign Against Child Labour - Karnataka (CACL-K). This role involves leading an influential platform dedicated to campaigning and advocating for the complete eradication of child labour across various sectors. The primary objective is to safeguard the rights of children, uniting the efforts of numerous NGOs, progressive forums, mass-based groups, unions, students, SHG federations, intellectuals, and other relevant institutions.

  • Development of Poor and Marginalized Families

    Engaged with 580 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) across 260 villages and 55 slums, encompassing over 6000 women from underprivileged backgrounds. These SHGs not only oversee micro-finance operations but also undertake various credit-enhancing activities. Collectively, these SHGs have amassed savings totalling Rs.55 Lakhs. Moreover, financial institutions and government departments have mobilized loans/subsidies amounting to around Rs.60 Lakhs.
    Operational in Gubbi, Tumkur District, a Family Counselling Centre managed by the organization has addressed 83 family dispute cases and 81 instances of alcoholism. Rehabilitation measures were implemented for these cases. Additionally, awareness campaigns addressing social issues such as problems associated with dowry and superstitious practices have been conducted by the organization.

  • Awareness on Children's Rights

    On August 3rd, 2021, the organisation initiated a program aimed at promoting awareness of children's rights. The primary objective was to educate the community about the available support systems for children in need. Specifically, the program targeted children, mothers, and educators at the Siddganga Mutt grounds in Tumkur, aiming to prevent child abuse and child marriages. The organisation was able to reach out to 60 mothers, 30 teachers, and 20 children. This initiative proved to be immensely successful.

  • Rescue and Rehabilitation of Children

    Over 3000 working children have been identified and successfully reintegrated into mainstream schools. Presently, 150 formerly working children are enrolled in bridge schools, tent schools, and day care centres, receiving financial support from both the government and European donor agencies.
    To cater to the needs of released working children, four evening schools operate in Jamakandi Taluk, Bagalkot. These schools aim to support school dropouts, reintegrate released working children, and assist children at risk. Abhivruddi conducts awareness campaigns targeting parents of these children and members of their village communities, advocating for the defence of child rights.

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    ABHUDAYA, 2nd cross, Near TUDA Layout, Manjunatha Nagara, Kyathasandra Post, Tumkur, Karnataka, 560078

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