Agastya International Foundation

Enables access to quality education to children in Government schools and helping them grasp difficult concepts through hands-on-methods

  • Started: 1999
  • Bangalore, Karnataka


Agastya International Foundation is working to make education accessible to children. It seeks to transform education so that good opportunities are b Read morerought within the reach of underprivileged communities. It partners with Government schools to help children get an understanding of difficult to grasp concepts through activity-based learning methods. It inspires interest and curiosity in children through teachers trained in the hands-on method with low-cost models created out of common everyday materials, the children are equally taught to care for the environment.


  • Education
  • Child & Youth Development

Sub Sectors

  • Informal Education
  • Teacher Training
  • Formal Education

Demographies Served

  • Children
  • Teachers


Agastya International Foundation has impacted 3,00,000 lakh teachers and 20 million students across 22+ states


  • Operation Vasantha

    This programme aims to educate working children. The organisation observed that working children cannot find time in the daytime due to their daily wage-earning activity, so centres were opened in villages which would function at night. This ensured that the children do not compromise with their earnings and also got educated at the same time.

  • Acharya Initiative – Teacher Training Programme

    Through this initiative Agastya seeks to empower teachers, it is a 4-day session held at its Campus Creativity Lab premises. It is attended by teachers from all over India and trains them in the hands-on method of teaching which stresses on experience and guides them in creating low-cost models and teaching aids leading to better education delivery.

  • Young Instructor Leaders(YIL)

    YIL’s are students themselves who also get a chance to teach their peers. This programme enables the children to grasp concepts better since they teach their counterparts. This exercise helps the children to improve on their communication and retain what they learned and were taught. The YIL’s also get to visit science fairs and meet experts in the field of science as an added bonus.

  • Mobile Science Labs

    The organisation reaches out to children who study in remote under-resourced schools through its mobile science labs. These are vans equipped with models and science experiments also accompanied by two instructors who conduct the experiments and explain the working of the models to the schoolchildren. The experiments and models arouse interest in the children towards science and learning.

  • Lab on a Bike

    For those places where its mobile science labs cannot reach, Agastya has provisioned bikes equipped with models and experiments driven by an instructor. These bikes also have the facility of internet and a laptop available on them. The instructors drive these bikes to extremely remote areas and expose the children to science experiments and concepts ensuring that learning reaches even the unreachable areas of the country.

Impact Metrics

  • Provided training to teachers

    Program Name

    Acharya Initiative – Teacher Training Programme

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019 1804
    • 2020 2126
    • 2022 1075
  • Students got exposure to become leaders to teach their peers

    Program Name

    Young Instructor Leaders (YIL) programme

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019 273212
    • 2020 295314
    • 2021 214678
    • 2022 10860

Leadership Team

  • K Thiagarajan

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Ajith Basu

    Chief Programme Executive

  • Rama Prasad (Ramji) Raghavan



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  • Registration ID
    no 15 / IV / 1999-2000
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  • 12A

    No.TRUST/718/10 A/VOL.I/A-806/99/-2000/CIT-II

  • 80G


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101, First Floor, Varsav Plaza 12 Jaymahal Main Road

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West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi

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    Agastya International Foundation

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