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Empowers adults with intellectual challenges through vocational training

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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Diya Foundation is a Vocational Training Center for adults with intellectual challenges. The focus is on Life skills training and Employability skills Read more training centered on developing their self dependence towards the future. Life skill training covers Activities of Daily Living (ADL), commuting and transportation, personal safety and personal advocacy, self-awareness, understanding strengths, self-motivation. Therapies such as Art therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling and Physiotherapy are provided to enhance all round development. Employability training is provided to enhance their chances of getting employment. It is in the areas like cooking/baking, hospitality sector: F&B kitchen, F&B service, housekeeping, retail, IT - graphic designing, photo editing, video creation, digitization of old photos, digitization of books for the visually impaired and scanning. Internship and placement opportunities are provided through partnerships with other NGOs and Corporates in the Community.


Many a times, it is assumed that our young adults with intellectual challenges do not have dreams. Parents too do not raise their own personal expectation bar to dream bigger. Diya aims at stretching and going beyond to make every kind of employment opportunity available to our young adults towards living a life of dignity and pride. We have challenges of space, people resources and mindsets of Employers in the Community and Family towards the work potential of these young adults.


Young adults from 15-17 years are taken on a journey of self discovery and self dependence through the life skills training in the pre-vocational training program. Once 18, these adults are then taken through the Employability soft skills training and exposed to different domain training like IT, Retail, Office Assistant, Hospitality and Housekeeping to discover strengths and interests. On completing this, adults are then given the opportunity to intern 'on site' and then employed if the job tasks are a good fit.

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In these past years, we had a Vision of training 500 young adults and placing 250 adults by 2025. This has been a challenge because of lack of space and people resources. We have found creative ways of reaching our vision through short term courses, direct beneficiary impact projects and stakeholder capacity building. Currently, we have trained 315+ adults and have placed 100+ adults into internship opportunities and employment opportunities.

Vision & Mission

Vision - To see individuals with a disability and their families alive with dignity and pride in the present and operating with love, respect and confidence in the future.

Mission - To enrich the quality of life and bring dignity to differently abled adults by educating them in life skills and employability skills towards self-dependence, building support systems and enhancing awareness in the Community.

Donor History

Deloitte, CGI, Thysennkrup, Thoughtworks, Give india


  • Vocational Training For Adults With Intellectual Challenges

    Diya Foundation (DIYA) is a Vocational Training Center in Bangalore providing education in life skills and employability skills to adults with intellectual challenges. Founded in 1999, DIYA is a registered charitable Trust. The need was for vocational training once basic schooling was completed thus preparing a potential workforce that has so far been greatly ignored.

  • Pre Vocational Training, Vocational Training, Internships/Employment for Adults With Intellectual Challenges and Assisted Living Training

    Diya Foundation (DIYA) is a Vocational Training Center in Bangalore providing education in life skills and employability skills to adults with intellectual challenges. Founded in 1999, DIYA is a registered charitable Trust. The need was for vocational training once basic schooling was completed thus preparing a potential workforce that has so far been greatly ignored.

Impact Metrics

  • Budiling Eco -System ( Parents / Volunteers / Interns / Corporates )

    Program Name

    Stakeholder Capacity Building

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 767
    • 2020-21 595
    • 2021-22 1000
    • 2022-23 766
  • Adults Trained

    Program Name

    Vocational Training

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 45
    • 2020-21 42
    • 2021-22 29
    • 2022-23 85
  • Adults Placed in Different Employment Opportunities

    Program Name

    Internships and Employment for adults with intellectual challenges

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2021-22 14
    • 2022-23 17
  • Adults in Assisted Living Training

    Program Name

    Training in Assisted Living

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 22
    • 2022-23 40

Theory of Change

At Diya we believe that every individual is trainable. Since the training is person centered every individual is taken on a journey from dependence to self dependence, from being contributed to, to a space of being productive and contributing to others.

Milestones & Track Record

Diya Foundation is an organization that was set up in the year 1999 to train Adults with Intellectual challenges in vocational skills. They started as a sheltered workshop with 3-5 Adults with Intellectual challenges, and sold products made by the adults through their families and friends. They made profits and hence were able to find a footing in the community. After some years, the founder observed that if Diya remains a sheltered workshop the adults with intellectual challenges will not get access to the community and its resources while at the same time remaining in seclusion.

Diya’s big milestone was when they changed to a vocational training center and started building daily living skills, personal development, personal social skills and employability skills of the candidates. As a sustainability plan, Diya Foundation started its sister concern called Diya Innovations Pvt Ltd as a Social Enterprise and set it up as a corporate gifting company which hires Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.

Currently, Diya has tied up with Dusters Total Solutions Pvt Ltd, Lemon Tree Hotels, Specialisterne Enable India Solutions, and many other companies as their employment partner. The Adults after training in the Foundation will then be given either internship or employment at the partner companies.

In the last 23 years, Diya Foundation has built the capacity of more than 300 adults with intellectual challenges and more than 1500 individuals that includes the families, corporate employees, interns and volunteers over the years. We have also built capacity and brought awareness to innumerable stakeholders through parent capacity building projects, offering college internships and sensitization of corporate employee engagement.

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  • Maria S Santamaria


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  • Ruby Roy

    Resource Mobilization and Communications

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    Diya Foundation 112/147, Chikkatayappa Reddy Layout, Chelkere, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore, 560043


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    Diya Innovations Pvt Ltd., social enterprise providing supported employment to adults with intellectual challenges.

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