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Provides a range of innovative projects concentrating on Dementia Care, Active and Healthy Aging, Elder Abuse, Social Integration, Livelihoods, and Capacity Building

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT) is a reputed NGO working for the well-being of the elderly since 1998 in Bangalore. NMT is striving to keep family b Read moreonds intact through innovative, family-based support systems for elders of all socio-economic groups. Some of Nightingales’ projects have emerged as models and are being replicated in other parts of the country. NMT has a unique and high standing as a provider of quality age-care and dementia services. It was co-founded by Dr Radha S. Murthy and Mr S. Premkumar Raja. Our projects include 3 residential care centres for elders with dementia(one in Kolar), one respite home for elderly, one residential centre for destitute elderly, 4-day care centres (one in Hyderabad), 4 enrichment and active ageing centres and 2 activity and daycare centre for marginalised elders. We also run the mobile active ageing programme for old age homes. Nearly 600 elders utilise our services on a daily basis. VISION: A society where elders are healthy, happy, empowered and socially integrated. MISSION: To enhance the quality of life of elders through innovative and appropriate community-based support systems, comprehensive geriatric care with special focus on dementia and active ageing, combating elder abuse, skill development, economic empowerment, public education, advocacy and capacity-building programs.

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2711 dementia assessments done 112 memory screenings conducted 217 utilised the day care services 639 admissions for residential care 284 persons enrolled in active ageing program 163 persons actively participating on a long term basis 284 seniors depend on Sandhya Kiranas for their livelihood 163 adabdoned elderly persons picked up on the streets for rehab. 2031 elders trained in computer use. 2730 assisted in starting second careers. 1501 seniors trained in smartphone usage. 3026 citizens use IndiaElderConnect. 147 seniors rescued from a life on the streets. 1,98,392 elders in distress assisted. 284 professional caregivers trained. 60,000 persons trained as lifesavers. 2057 family carers trained. 2003 persons made Dementia friends.


  • Nightingales Sandhya Suraksha

    Sandhya Suraksha, a collaborative project between Methodist Church of India BRC and Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT), serves as a safe haven for Homeless Elderly Women, regardless of caste, creed, or religion. With over 70 beds, this senior-friendly residence offers a range of services, including nutritious meals, medical assistance, palliative care, rehabilitation programs, and skill development initiatives such as kitchen gardening, paper bag and candle making, and tailoring.

  • Nightingales Sandhya Kirana

    Sandhya Kirana Home offers secure accommodation and support for Homeless Elderly Men, irrespective of caste, creed, or religion. With a capacity of 25 beds, this senior-friendly residence provides essential services including nutritious meals, medical assistance, palliative care, rehabilitation programs, and skill development activities such as paper bag and candle making.

  • Jobs 60+

    Established in 2011, Nightingales Jobs 60+ is an initiative by Nightingales Empowerment Foundation (NEF) aiming to empower healthy and employable retired elders. The program facilitates their re-entry into the job market or supports their venture into self-employment, enabling them to achieve financial independence.

  • India Elder Connect

    Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT) introduced India Elder Connect, an inclusive website tailored for the elderly in India. This platform serves as a space for elders to connect, engage in discussions, share insights, seek guidance, and foster interactive communities, encouraging them to remain active and engaged. Additionally, the website offers resources to aid families and caregivers in comprehending and fulfilling the caregiving requirements of senior citizens. Serving as a central information hub on elder care services and effective strategies, the website enables caregivers to access support from qualified professionals during challenging times.

  • Memory clinic

    At a Memory Clinic, the patient will undergo an initial assessment to evaluate their existing memory concerns. This assessment involves a series of tests designed to assess their memory retention and ability to recall information, providing an initial understanding of their cognitive abilities.
    Nightingales Medical Trust operates Memory Clinics across several locations, staffed with trained psychiatrists and psychologists who specialize in evaluating individuals with memory-related issues.

  • Daycare centre

    Nightingales Medical Trust has set up Day Care Centers for the Elderly and Individuals with Dementia at multiple sites in Bangalore and Hyderabad. These facilities are designed to cater to the activities of daily living and psychological requirements of individuals with dementia in a secure, elder-friendly environment, managed by skilled mental health experts.

  • Residential dementia care

    NMT's Residential Dementia Care centres are tailored made for individuals with dementia. The team specializes in ensuring a seamless and stress-free transition to residential care.

  • Residential Care for Elders with other Medical Issues

    Respite Care, a temporary institutional care option for the elderly, is available upon request. Its main purpose is to offer family caregivers a break from their caregiving responsibilities. Additionally, it serves as a holiday care service, ensuring the well-being of the elderly when family members are away for work or vacation.

  • Mobile active ageing

    The Mobile Active Ageing initiative, inspired by the ThinkingFit research conducted in the UK, presents a comprehensive program delivered by experts who visit Old Age Homes. This program is designed to enhance physical, mental, and social well-being through a scientifically formulated protocol. Its aims include reducing dementia risk, managing hypertension, diabetes, and depression, and preventing falls.
    The Mobile Active Ageing unit is equipped with a fully-furnished vehicle, staffed by trained professionals, and furnished with all necessary tools and equipment required for conducting planned activities.
    Currently operational in over 10 Old Age Homes in Bangalore, this program has garnered positive reception and significantly improved the quality of life for the residents of these facilities.

  • Online active ageing program

    Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, numerous Senior Citizens have been confined to their homes, impacting their usual healthy routines. Acknowledging this challenge, Nightingales Medical Trust has revamped the Active Ageing program to be available entirely online. The program now includes physical and cognitive sessions encompassing a variety of engaging and inventive activities, allowing elders to interact socially through games and other interactive sessions.

  • Nightingales Sandhya Kirana

    Sandhya Kirana, a collaborative initiative of Nightingales Medical Trust with the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (City Corporation), aims to rehabilitate economically challenged elders.
    This day care centre caters to elderly individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds, primarily focusing on facilitating their income generation and ensuring a life of dignity with access to adequate healthcare. Notably, the centre fosters strong emotional bonds among the elders who participate.
    Currently located at Shanthigar, Nightingales Sandhya Kirana accommodates over 50 elderly individuals on a daily basis. Additionally, the center operates a Geriatric clinic, providing essential medical care to the underprivileged.
    All services rendered at this center are offered free of cost.

  • Elders Helpline 1090

    The Elders Helpline 1090, a collaborative effort between the Bangalore City Police and Nightingales Medical Trust, has been operational in Bangalore since 2002, aimed at addressing elder abuse issues.
    This helpline aligns with Nightingales Medical Trust's mission of ensuring dignity and security for all elders by combating harassment and abuse. With an average of 40 calls handled daily since its establishment, Helpline 1090 serves as a vital resource.
    Elders have the option to contact Helpline 1090 or visit the Helpline office for assistance in addressing various forms of abuse. The dedicated team, consisting of social workers, counsellors, volunteers, legal experts, and police personnel, is proficient in handling reported cases with sensitivity and discretion. Elders contacting the helpline can expect emotional support throughout the intervention process.

  • Elderline - Karnataka

    The Elderline - Karnataka, an initiative acknowledging Nightingales Medical Trust's efforts in addressing Elder Abuse through the Elders Helpline 1090 in Bangalore, has been selected by the Government of India, under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and the National Institute of Social Defence. This selection entrusts Nightingales Medical Trust to manage the Karnataka branch of the National Helpline for Senior Citizens.
    Operated through a technologically equipped central office housing a 10-seater call center, the helpline functions via the toll-free number 14567. Furthermore, regional officers stationed across various districts of Karnataka handle issues at the grassroots level, ensuring that seniors enjoy a life of dignity, devoid of abuse.

  • Training in Dementia care

    The incidence of dementia tends to rise with age. By the age of 65, approximately 1 in 20 individuals are affected, increasing to 1 in 5 by the age of 85.
    Consequently, clinical and medical care services are likely to allocate more resources to cater to individuals with dementia, many of whom have intricate needs. However, with a better understanding of treatment and care strategies, there exists significant potential to enhance the quality of life for those affected. Training plays a pivotal role in dementia services.
    The Training Department at NMT provides comprehensive training on dementia care and various aspects of mental health in old age, targeting the following groups:
    • Health and social care professionals
    • Managers and staff working in care homes
    • Family members
    The training programs amalgamate theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience.

  • Training in geriatric care

    NMT offers a comprehensive program in basic geriatric care, imparting skills in holistic elderly care. This course equips individuals to address health and psychological concerns, providing hands-on experience at NMT's elder care facility. The curriculum integrates an equal blend of theoretical concepts and practical training sessions.
    Moreover, the course emphasizes managing individuals with chronic illnesses and severe medical conditions. Upon completion, participants should be proficient in bedside assistance for the increasing number of elderly individuals requiring care. Additionally, they will possess the skills to create employment opportunities by providing such essential services.

  • Nightingales Lifesaving Services

    Nightingales Lifesaving Services (NLS) was established with the goal of raising awareness about Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and building a community of trained individuals capable of saving lives during emergencies.
    Highlights of the programme:
    • 3.5-hour Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training
    • 4-hour training covering Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) usage
    • 3.5-hour First Aid training
    • 1-hour training for Dental students in Intravenous (IV) and Intramuscular (IM) techniques

Leadership Team

  • Swati Bhandary

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  • Dr Radha S Murthy


  • S Premkumar Raja


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