Pratham Books

Creates and publishes low cost books to improve reading skills, reading fluency and learning outcomes in children

  • Started: 2004
  • Bangalore, Karnataka


Pratham Books works with the vision of putting a book in every child's hand by creating, illustrating and publishing low-cost books which cater to dif Read moreferent likes and interests of children and cover multiple genres including fiction, non-fiction, science, nature, history and mathematics. The aim is to develop reading habits in children and maximize learning outputs with the help of illustrated books covering different subjects. The books are made available through its online store. Story weaver ( is its initiative of enriching the learning experience of children through interactive storytelling in multiple Indian languages to enable children to read and learn from stories in their mother tongue. It has published 300 book titles in 18 Indian languages with a total of 2,000 books and received funding of USD 3.7 million from in the year 2017 to promote learning through storytelling.


  • Education
  • Child & Youth Development

Sub Sectors

  • Informal Education
  • featured-education

Demographies Served

  • Children


Pratham Books has motivated over 5700 reading champions who conducted more than 6300 storytelling sessions in 26 languages.


  • Donate a Book

    It also hosts Donate-a-Book, a crowdfunding initiative that allows individuals and organizations to set up book collection campaigns to make books accessible to children all over India. The aim is to bridge the gap between people who wish to help children learn and children who do not have access to good-quality reading material.

  • Story Cards

    A unique product of Pratham books is story cards. These are extremely economical mini storybooks which are laminated and durable and present pleasing stories in colourful formats. Through these story cards the organisation aims to make reading fun and improve reading skills in children.

  • Library in a Classroom

    Library in a Classroom(LIC) is a concept to bring the joy of reading books to children in Government and affordable private schools. It features a structure that hangs on walls and contains a hundred selected and illustrated children’s books.

    The books are openly visible to the children and not locked in cupboards, encouraging free reading, interaction and sharing of thoughts.

  • Story Weaver

    Story Weaver is a digital platform offered by Pratham books which is under an open license. The reading content available on the platform can be read, translated, versioned and printed free of cost to the user.

    The platform contains simple tools which enables stories to be translated into any language and also create stories from available illustrations. It opens up endless possibilities with regard to reading and the availability of reading material.

  • Reading Champions

    Pratham books motivates and mobilises volunteers who can tell stories to children to encourage them to develop the habit of reading. The volunteers are inspired to choose a book or story from the story weaver platform, a place which may be a government school, an NGO, a library, a bookstore, a park, a train, or their own building and conduct storytelling sessions for children.

    Volunteers are also encouraged to engage the children in activities like skits or discussions after the storytelling session to arouse their interest and retain their attention.

  • Books

    Its primary offerings are books that cover a wide variety of subjects be it fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry. The books are illustrated in full colour, are easily available and in the local language to encourage children to read more.

    With a firm belief that books are agents of change Pratham books also innovates by bringing out open-source digital and audiobooks. The available books are categorized under four groups according to the reading level of the child viz. emergent, early, independent and fluent. Care is taken to make the book as rich with pictures as possible to motivate children to become lifelong learners.

Impact Metrics

  • Distributed printed storybooks

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017 154000
    • 2018 1400000
    • 2019 1500000
    • 2020 1500000
    • 2021 1100000
  • Distributed Library-in-a-classroom kits

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017 50
    • 2019 200
    • 2020 4000
    • 2021 1500

Leadership Team

  • Himanshu Giri

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Purvi Shah

    Senior Director – Storyweaver & Strategy

  • Bijal Vaccharajani

    Commissioning Editor

  • Sandhya Taksale

    Senior Editor


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    DIT(E)BLR/80G/61/AAATP7221N/ITO(E)-2/Vol 2012-13

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House No. 621, Second Floor, 5th Main, OMBR Layout, Banaswadi

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Bangalore, Delhi

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West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi

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    Pratham Education Foundation

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