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Aims to reshape wellbeing by addressing primary healthcare and social determinants

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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The idea of Swasti was incubated 16 years ago by Catalyst Management Services Private Limited, with a mission to improve the health and well-being of Read morevulnerable and marginalised communities; through action research and implementation, technical support, knowledge management and policy advocacy. The lived realities and life stories of every individual and community has led to perspective change, paradigm shift and for impact at scale; often exploring out-of-the-box solutions for complex public health challenges. Over the years, the organisation has nudged ministries and governments across the world to lean towards policies that work for the poorest and most marginalised, translating some of these policies into solutions at scale. The organisation has focused its efforts on building community institutions that have grown to become self-reliant, resilient organisations. The simple, uncomplicated lifeskills modules for women have helped them transform into change agents and formidable leaders in their communities.


  • I4We

    i4We redefines primary healthcare, merging health and wealth interventions to enhance well-being among impoverished communities. Designed to be cost-effective, quality-assured, and scalable, i4We brings tangible well-being to underserved populations in urban, rural, factory, and sex worker contexts. Its sustainability stems from community institution ownership and management, driven by five revenue streams: inter-lending interest, health product sales, scheme and insurance fees, direct support for marginalized families, and initial grant capital. This ensures self-sufficiency and viability.

  • WASH

    The organisation has integrated WaSH into health and livelihood efforts. In tsunami-affected regions, it combined WaSH with water management. Collaborating with local governments, it established community water plants and waste management systems. Our entrepreneur-driven water supply model benefits over 1,625 households, 40 villages, schools, and hospitals. Women workers in Delhi and the National Capital Region are educated on menstrual hygiene. The WaSH partners include innovators, financiers, tech experts, and academia.

  • Social protection

    The innovations empower grassroots organizations for social protection. Pre-pandemic and during, we aided partners in securing scheme benefits like health insurance, pensions, for diverse groups: farmers, artisans, fisherfolk, transpersons, etc. The Bengaluru Social Protection learning site enhanced community organization capabilities, shared insights, and developed a portal for 200+ schemes. The organisation has reduced vulnerability for 121,000+ people across five states through demand creation, access facilitation, and capacity building. Between 2014 and 2017, the organisation supported 74 help desks in 50 districts to generate benefits of over INR 15 billion in the hands of the community.

  • Health Systems Strengthening

    The organisation offers comprehensive support to Health Departments, Civil Society Organizations, and Development Partners for strategic planning, policy development, and resource mobilization. Our innovations have fortified health workforce policies and practices among state and non-state entities. Addressing health workforce challenges, the organisaton advocated for HRH think-tanks and HR Cells at state levels, drawing insights from other sectors like Railways and Defence. Kerala and Madhya Pradesh's Health Departments established HR Cells, improving recruitment and performance management. The programs of HIV, TB, and Health Systems Strengthening in countries like Maldives, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Lao PDR positively impacted communities.

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    Director-Community Systems Strengthening

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