Environment And Social Welfare Society Khajuraho India

Bridges the gap between the environment and society, through education and scientific awareness among students at the university, college, and school levels, as well as in society at large, to contribute to environmental and social welfare

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  • Headquarters

    Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

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The Environment & Social Welfare Society (ESW Society) has been working in advancing environmental, educational, and scientific causes in India and wo Read morerldwide for over two decades. Registered under the Society Act of 1973 by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in 2000, ESW Society's mission is to bridge the gap between the environment and society by promoting education and scientific awareness among students and the broader community, ultimately contributing to environmental and social welfare. One of its key branches, the Godavari Academy of Science & Technology Research Centre, focuses on environmental sciences and biotechnology to tackle environmental issues through scientific research and contributions from scientists and researchers. It offers various programs to foster scientific curiosity among students and social workers.


  • Animal protection awareness

    Animal Rights Awareness Week was established by In Defense of Animals in 1991 to honor and remember animals who have been ruthlessly exploited and killed by humans worldwide. This week serves as an opportunity to focus public attention on the needs and wants of animals, emphasizing the importance of recognizing their rights. Animal rights advocates aim to distinguish animals from inanimate objects, as they are often treated by exploitative industries and the law. The movement strives to raise public awareness that animals are sensitive, emotional, and intelligent beings deserving of dignity and respect. We can raise awareness about cruelty to animals by volunteering at local animal shelters, donating money, reporting cruelty, and spreading the word about the cause.

Leadership Team

  • Ashwani Kumar Dubey


  • Sandeep Kumar Shukla

    Vice President

  • Vipin Kumar Soni


  • Sangeeta Chaurasia

    Joint Secretary

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