Jan Sahas Social Development Society

Works to remove sexual violence and forced labour from underserved communities through multiple initiatives of prevention, response and rehabilitation and improving systems

  • Started: 2001
  • Dewas, Madhya Pradesh


Jan Sahas works to abolish sexual violence and forced labour through legal and social support, land and property rights, skill development, increased Read moreincomes, mental health and education. It aims to bring equality and dignity to all. It engages closely with the migrant labour community to reduce the frequency of forced labour conditions. It creates awareness about social security schemes, enables tracking of the labourers, which helps in providing assistance as the situation demands, connects the migrants to government welfare schemes and takes up discussions with government authorities and private entities to initiate policy change. Despite its primary focus being on the reduction of forced labour and sexual violence, it is also actively involved in other social initiatives of skill development, mental health, legal aid, land and property rights, early childhood care and education and promoting community-based organisations.


  • Human Rights
  • Gender
  • Prisoners & Jails
  • Governance
  • Livelihoods
  • Legal
  • Specially Abled
  • Child & Youth Development
  • Skill Development
  • Food & Nutrition


Jan Sahas has managed to get over 2.4 million households registered, facilitate social security benefits to over 1.9 million and partnered with industry to facilitate benefits to over 300,000 people, it has worked with around 19,72,000 women and girls across all programme areas and supports 21,135 survivors of sexual violence and have prevented 7,276 women from trafficking, 6,640 young girls from caste based commercial sexual exploitation besides providing counselling services to 1800 beneficiaries in 35 districts across 5 states conducting over 397 mental health workshops.


  • Prevention of Sexual Violence against Women & Children

    Jan Sahas Operates a toll-free helpline for girls and women who can report any form of violence they are facing. It believes that boys and men form a crucial driver to reduce violence against women and need to be engaged, for positive change to happen in society.

    It takes up reported cases with appropriate authorities to get justice delivered and supports the survivors and their families through rehabilitative measures.

  • Safe Migration & Worker Protection Programme

    Jan Sahas engages with migrant worker communities to ensure their social protection and safe migration. It implements its PR-3 model to reduce the cases of forced labour which includes prevention, through creating awareness and information on welfare schemes, response, which includes the use of technology to track migrant workers and offer assistance, rehabilitation, which includes attaching the workers to welfare schemes and reforms ensuring proper formulation of policy and laws in partnership with the Government.

  • Migrants Resilience Collaborative(MRC) Programme

    The Migrants Resilience Collaborative(MRC) is an initiative to safeguard the security and movement of migrant families across India, it is an attempt to bring together non-profit organisations, humanitarian and private players to enable the protection and recovery of 10 million workers and their families in 100 districts and cities. The migrant workers can call on a toll-free helpline to access help in case of disputes and to gain information on welfare schemes.

  • Livelihood and Skill Development Programme

    It assists marginalised and disadvantaged communities, especially forced labourers, survivors of sexual violence, migrants, single women and widows to live a life of dignity and self-reliance. It provides the relevant skills and employment assistance through training them on tailoring, driving, setting up of dignity stores, digital literacy and entrepreneurship development.

  • Mental Health Programme

    Jan Sahas runs an in-house counselling unit to help people from marginalised communities access mental healthcare services. Mental health workshops are conducted within communities and schools with the aim to nurture strength among people.

    It runs a certificate course in barefoot counselling to reach grassroots levels and help people. It trains volunteers to transform into ‘Mann Saathis’ who spread out into the community and try to reach people with counselling and mental health support.

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