Samarth Sanstha

Aims to foster a society where women have equal access to opportunities, resources, and decision-making roles, promoting their empowerment through organizing, skill-building, and policy advocacy

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    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

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Samarth is a pro-women, pro-nature, pro-development and pro-technology civil society organization with field standing of over two decades, promoted an Read mored managed by a group of zealous women activists and social entrepreneurs. Samarth has keen focus on hunger, poverty, social exclusion, environmental degradation and ill health. Information and resource poor people constitute its core constituency, within that women, children, youth, tribal, dalit, persons with disability are the prime focus. Samarth is mandated to handhold laggard population, stranded very low in development ascendancy due to multitude of pulling factors such as social, economic, educational, cultural barriers; access related constrains or power dynamics within section of population. Samarth works at the grass root level, ensuring fruits of development reaches where needed most. In the process Samarth identify problem groups and helps them in evolving concepts, strategies and actions and consolidate their will, commitment to lead the process of gainful development with sustainability as its intrinsic value. Interventions of Samarth are meticulously planned with the vision that beneficiary community would gradually become independent. Samarth has its field presence through diversified grassroot engagements in four districts of Madhya Pradesh state.


  • Evening Literacy Classes for Women

    Samarth's evening literacy classes for women in Bhopal's slums exemplify its commitment to empowering marginalized communities. By offering tailored programs, Samarth addresses the unique challenges faced by women, maximizing participation and sensitivity to their daily realities. These classes provide essential skills, fostering independence, improved communication, and expanded job opportunities. Education empowers women, boosting confidence and enabling active community engagement, ultimately contributing to a more equitable society.

  • Participatory Rural Appraisal for Watershed Development

    Samarth demonstrates its expertise in community engagement and sustainable resource management through the facilitation of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) sessions for watershed development initiatives. By organizing these sessions, Samarth actively involves local communities in the decision-making process, ensuring their voices are heard and their perspectives are considered in watershed development projects. Through PRA, community members contribute their knowledge, insights, and priorities, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment over the development process. Samarth's commitment to fostering community participation not only strengthens the sustainability of watershed projects but also builds trust and collaboration between stakeholders. Ultimately, this approach ensures that watershed development initiatives align with the needs and aspirations of the communities they aim to serve, leading to more effective and sustainable outcomes for all involved.

  • Problem Analysis and Community Needs Assessment for Primary Education Program

    Samarth demonstrates its grassroots capacity by conducting thorough problem analyses and community needs assessments for designing primary education programs in rural areas. Through this process, Samarth identifies key challenges, such as infrastructure gaps or teacher shortages, and ensures community voices are central to intervention development. Collaborating with external partners, including government agencies and NGOs, Samarth maximizes its impact and tailors solutions to address specific community needs effectively. This approach underscores Samarth's commitment to improving rural education through evidence-based strategies, community participation, and collaborative partnerships.

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