Uddip Social Welfare Society

Works for the upliftment of the specially abled people from economically weak sections through education, livelihood and rehabilitation

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    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

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The Uddip Social Welfare Society (USWS) is a civil society group that works to enhance livelihood, education, enablement, and accessibility to lift th Read moree most vulnerable segment of society. concentrating on places with low economic standing and giving special consideration to individuals with impairments. Through catalyzing women, people with disabilities, and underprivileged children, USWS hopes to foster a society that is steadfast in its commitment to justice, equality, and unity. Experts in the sector provide life skills and practical training to guarantee a living and foster self-assurance. The framework's application is overseen by a group of experts in the fields of medicine, rehabilitation, and career counselling throughout all of the projects. The development duties are centred on inclusivity, enablement, learning, development, and awareness for both urban and rural sectors, ensuring a demographic approach.


  • Inclusion and educational strategies

    Uddip, along with its skilled team, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals facing challenges by collaborating with leading institutes and organizations nationwide. Through effective inclusion and educational strategies, the foundation aims to establish inclusive environments for individuals with disabilities in both public and professional spheres. Key objectives include fostering inclusive employment opportunities, designing accessible infrastructure tailored to the needs of vulnerable populations, raising awareness about disabilities, and adapting educational curricula to accommodate special needs. These initiatives form the cornerstone of Uddip's commitment to inclusion and education.

  • Women empowerment and leadership strategies

    Gender disparity remains a pressing concern across developed and underdeveloped economies alike. Women often face inequalities stemming from insufficient awareness and action toward their empowerment. As part of its commitment to women's empowerment, the foundation endeavours to create employment opportunities, offer educational support, enhance financial and cultural literacy, provide career counselling, and promote health awareness among women in both rural and urban areas. Through initiatives such as supporting the formation of self-help groups, the organization fosters women's leadership and empowers participants to achieve self-reliance and independence.

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  • Poonam Shroti

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    MIG 1, 2C, Sector, Saket Nagar, Bhopal, 462024


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