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Brings healthcare to the needy by digitally connecting them to medical resources and information

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It develops mobile solutions to enable the underprivileged communities to get access to medical facilities and also inform them about primary health a Read morend hygiene. The solutions developed by ZMQ development are also being used in Africa and Afghanistan. ZMQ development has contributed to the following programs by developing appropriate software to fit the purpose: Stories on childhood pneumonia It partnered with Philips Foundation to spread information about pneumonia in children. It developed a mobile based application to educate people which included story telling through comics on how to detect if a child is infected with pneumonia and how to go about getting medical aid to the child. MIRA Channel A mobile channel which helps connect rural women to healthcare facilities. The mobile channel has information regarding health and hygiene and acts as an initial guide for women to look after themselves in critical pre-delivery condition and when reaching the delivery stage to connect to the nearest health centers through the channel. Freedom TB A mobile application that helps people infected with tuberculosis to monitor their visits to the health centers through periodic reminders. It connects the patient with the healthcare personal through video sessions to reduce time spent on travelling to the health center. Your story teller It is a mobile application through which stories with health and hygiene tips are sent to the users so that this information can be available to the rural masses. IncLudo An interactive digital game platform which can be used by organisations to access issues and problems in the workplace. Ajeevika connect It is a mobile phone and tablet based initiative to train rural and underprivileged women on skills which they can use to sustain themselves. The training can be imparted remotely by a trainer to the audience at any remote place. Freedom HIV/AIDS It is a mobile game application which through the activity of playing educates people about the dangers of contracting AIDS and steps to prevent it. Freedom Polio Is a health solution designed to help manage polio vaccination campaigns. It helps by keeping track of the children being vaccinated and gives a broad picture of how many households got impacted and how many more are left to be vaccinated. Connect-2-Climate Is an application which through games and information informs school children and youth about environmental responsibility. It helps by educating the audience on renewable energy, climate change and conservation of nature. Smart Madarsa It is a technology platform which helps madarsas to educate the poor children in subjects like English Mathematics, Hindi and Science so that these children can be ready for future career prospects. Games for development It is a game based platform which enables people to take risks virtually and look at the outcome thereby help educate people of the results of their action without them actually losing anything.

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