Janacare Solutions Private Limited

Enables bio-marker assisted diagnosis and management of chronic diseases through smartphones

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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Provides affordable home monitoring solutions and personalized coaching programs for management of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart failure. Read more The primary product offering uses a combination of paper-strip tests, a monitoring device called Aina and mobile connected technology for screening and management of serious health conditions. The user can calculate values like lipids, blood sugar, hemoglobin, HbA1c and creatinine at home, which was earlier possible only through lab tests. Flexibility and mobile connectivity of the testing device ensures seamless reprogramming, remote troubleshooting and possibility of screening for innumerable diseases. Habits, a diabetes coaching program, offers tips, insights and advice on effective diabetes management. Its vision and mission is to serve the largely unfulfilled needs of the community for disease monitoring, management and diagnostics at home.


  • Habits – Diabetes Coach, Behaviour coaching program

    Drawing inspiration from the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and the lookAHEAD protocol, a comprehensive coaching program has been crafted to assist individuals in effectively managing diabetes through practical lifestyle changes. This initiative incorporates daily interactive chat sessions, informative tips, and engaging quizzes, all designed to educate patients on tangible strategies for diabetes management. It is the result of a collaborative effort with Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Centre, aimed at empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being in the face of diabetes.
    Over a 16-week period, this program is structured into distinct phases, each focusing on vital aspects of health and diabetes management.

  • Aina - Mobile HbA1c Analyzer

    The technology behind Aina involves engineering layers of porous materials, such as paper, coated with dry chemistry to construct diagnostic tests. When the blood comes in contact with this paper, capillary action facilitates the passive flow of liquid across or through the strip, activating the embedded chemistry. This chemical reaction generates a signal that can be interpreted by the Aina device.
    To create customized tests for specific biomarkers, a wide range of biochemical techniques, including immunoassays, enzymatic assays, and chemical affinity is employed. The signals produced on the test strip are then detected and analyzed by the Aina device, an optical reader capable of interpreting various modalities such as colorimetric and fluorescent signals. The proprietary optical design is not only compact and cost-effective but also permits the analysis of multiple assays on a single reader.

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  • Anh Hoang-Lindsay


  • Tim Richards

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  • Richard Williams PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • James Januzzi MD

    Chief Medical Officer

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    Institute Of Bioinformatics And Applied Biotechnology, Indoor Biotechnologies Pvt, Electronics City, Phase 1, Electronic City, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 560100

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