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Funds and supports social impact programmes primarily using mobile technology

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Vodafone Idea Ltd is deeply committed to enhancing the communities in which it operates. The strong dedication to the social sector is clearly articul Read moreated in the vision statement, which aims "to connect and inspire every Indian to build a better tomorrow." Throughout the years, both the former Vodafone Foundation and former Idea CSR have actively collaborated with a diverse range of stakeholders, including central and state governments, policymakers, civil society organizations, academic research institutions, students, and the media. The current portfolio is centered on four key areas: Vidya (Education), Swasth (Healthcare), Aamdani (Livelihoods and Women Empowerment). Within each of these domains, it has embarked on transformative projects that have the potential to enhance the well-being of millions of Indians. These projects not only aim to improve lives but also demonstrate innovative applications of mobile technology and development approaches.


  • Smart Agri

    Agriculture is increasingly reliant on knowledge, and for millions of food-insecure smallholder farmers in India, access to relevant information and knowledge is crucial for enhancing yields, income, and resilience. Recognizing these challenges, the project was conceived to address agricultural issues by harnessing technology to boost agricultural productivity and improve the socio-economic conditions of farmers.
    The project's primary goal is to provide a comprehensive solution through smart agriculture, employing a technology-based approach to enhance agricultural practices, farm yields, revenue, and overall quality of life for farmers. Additionally, it aims to elevate the livelihoods of approximately 50,000 small-scale farmers involved in cotton and soybean cultivation through sustainable farming techniques.

  • Jigyasa

    Our flagship educational program, Jigyasa, is dedicated to building lifelong knowledge and tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing the education sector in India. It is a well-known fact that many teachers adhere to traditional teaching methods, which can render classrooms unengaging and lead to student dropouts. Additionally, government-provided infrastructure often remains underutilized. Our intervention seeks to enhance teacher capacity, introduce digital content to make teaching and learning more enjoyable, and enhance existing infrastructure where necessary.
    By introducing digital training tools, content, and innovative teaching methods, Jigyasa has positively impacted over 12,000 teachers and more than 2 lakh students across 26 districts in five states within just one year of its inception. Furthermore, Jigyasa addresses another critical issue in the education sector: limited awareness and access to scholarships.

  • Health Entrepreneurs – Diagnostic Tests

    Addressing anemia among school-going children stands as a top priority within the Anaemia Mukt Bharat program, a part of the Government of India's flagship initiative on public health, Poshan Abhiyan.
    This health intervention is designed to tackle one of the most significant challenges in managing anemia: accurate diagnosis. Through the use of a specialized medical device, the program offers rapid and convenient diagnostics, with results securely stored in the cloud, facilitating the identification of trends and patterns. This initiative is powered by "health entrepreneurs" selected from local communities, bridging the gap between beneficiaries and healthcare providers.
    Currently, this initiative is operational in eight districts across five states, and it has conducted nearly 2 lakh anemia tests on children as part of its efforts.

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