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Collaborates with businesses and governments to enforce and accelerate action programs on climate change

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Works with the mission of accelerating action on climate change, bringing the level of global warming to below 2 degree centigrade and helping busines Read moreses and governments achieve zero net greenhouse emissions. To achieve its objectives, it focuses on collaborating with governments and businesses worldwide to initiate and speed up climate action with a global impact. It works by facilitating joint action by government and corporate entities to combat climate change and also publicizes their achievements with a view to stimulating and promoting further action. At present, it has multiple ongoing projects in collaboration with both governments and business entities. Its business action plan consists of projects which stimulate climate action on the part of powerful business entities and governments and aim to influence global policies on climate change. The RE100 initiative aims to commit influential businesses to use of 100 percent renewable power to encourage and promote peer-to-peer learning. The EP100 initiative is focused on sharing of best practices on enhancing energy productivity. The EV100 initiative aims to promote faster transition to electric vehicles to achieve a massive cut-down in greenhouse gas emissions. The LED-Scale Up initiative is working with the aim of promoting the use of LED lights for the purpose of street lighting across the world. Its Under2 Coalition drive is the result of a collaboration between more than 200 national and regional governments with a commitment to limit the global rise in temperature to less than 2 degree centigrade. The coalition works through three channels to enforce accelerated climate action. The 2050 Pathways initiative is focused on devising long-term and medium-term plans of reducing emissions in compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement. The Policy Action initiative aims to devise carbon reduction policies and to replicate and publicize their success with a view to achieve eventual decarbonization. The Transparency initiative aims to support governments in developing expertise and systems to deal with climate change, by way of accurate assessments, progress tracking and policy monitoring. In the past, it has undertaken and completed multiple projects focusing on reduction of global emissions, clean energy, implementation of low-carbon solutions, climate finance, creating a Net Positive impact, recycling, brand leadership on climate change and electric cars emitting significantly lesser amount of Carbon Dioxide. Through its efforts, it has been successful in influencing enactment of a legislation regulating Carbon Dioxide, implementing low carbon emission goals, formulating an industry framework for resolving climate change issues and sourcing finances for implementation of clean energy and technology.

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  • Energy

    RE100 - RE100, the worldwide initiative for renewable energy, unites numerous influential and large businesses dedicated to achieving 100% renewable electricity. Together, we emphasize the economic advantages and strongly advocate for policymakers and investors to tackle market obstacles. Led by the Climate Group in collaboration with CDP, the primary objective is to establish widespread zero carbon electricity grids.

  • LED scale-up

    The LED Scale-up is a worldwide initiative urging policymakers to transition to energy-efficient LED technology for all city street lighting by 2025. Additionally, it aims to develop long-term strategies that promote the widespread adoption of LED technology, including by utilities, across the globe. The Climate Group, in partnership with Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), is actively delivering the LED Scale-Up initiative to drive this transformation.

  • Transport

    EV100-EV100, spearheaded by the Climate Group, is a worldwide initiative that unites companies dedicated to expediting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and establishing electric transport as the standard by 2030.
    Members of EV100 are actively boosting the demand for EVs, influencing policies, and facilitating widespread implementation, all with the aim of making electric vehicles more accessible and affordable for everyone in a shorter timeframe.

    ZEV-The ZEV Community serves as a platform that unites governments at all levels to exchange best practices and explore innovative zero emission vehicle (ZEV) initiatives happening globally.

  • Built environment

    Energy efficiency presents a significant opportunity to slash emissions and generate billions in savings for businesses. EP100 members have already achieved remarkable results, saving $1.2 billion USD and cutting emissions by an amount equivalent to the annual emissions of Denmark, Italy, and Portugal combined.
    In the ongoing pursuit of a net-zero future, every company must actively participate. Incorporating energy efficiency into corporate strategies is a crucial initial step. EP100 members have taken the pledge to double their energy productivity, implement energy management systems, or achieve net-zero carbon buildings. By publicly committing to and driving these targets, these companies demonstrate climate leadership and send a powerful message to policymakers and other businesses about the transformative potential of energy efficiency in combating climate change.

  • Industry

    ConcreteZero, the latest global initiative aims to drive significant demand for sustainable production and sourcing of concrete. As the concrete industry currently accounts for 8% of global emissions, this initiative is a powerful signal to shift global markets towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly direction.

  • Food

    The global food system, encompassing production, processing, packaging, distribution, and consumption, contributes to approximately one-third of global emissions and consumes around 30% of global energy. To reach the objective of net-zero world by 2050, it is crucial to decrease the emissions intensity of food. Collaborating with influential coalitions of businesses and governments, the organisation is focused on addressing various challenges within the food supply chain, with particular emphasis on agricultural practices.

Leadership Team

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    Project Officer

  • Zainab Agha

    Senior Programme Officer

  • Atul Mudaliar

    Director of Systems

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