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SVP India’s vision is to provide individuals with a platform to engage with philanthropy by funding the growth of emerging NGOs and mentoring their leaders for scale.

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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Social Venture Partners (SVP) identifies high growth potential organizations and helps them gain the required human and financial capital to grow. SVP Read more works on local city-specific issues that allow its partners to create change in their local communities. SVP helps philanthropists connect with local NGOs. It helps them identify which NGOs to fund by careful selection and review by its grant committee. It conducts seminars, workshops and one-to-one meetings to help these partners answer important questions like how it should fund the NGO. The organisation helps non-profits to scale up and combat social problems. It selects NGOs by their work in their respective fields and commits to a 2-3 year relationship that involves both financial support and capacity building. Innovative ideas, proven results, and potential for growth are the metrics used to judge the NGOs. SVP also engages with companies to develop a venture philanthropy approach towards their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and programs thereby encouraging community leadership.


- We connect and engage philanthropists, helping them make the most significant impact with their contributions of money and time. - We fund and strengthen NGOs, ensuring they have access to knowledge, markets, and funding. - We invest in a collaborative solution, so those with a common cause can align their efforts and go further together.


SVP India chapters have a focus on funding and strengthening non-profits across 8 cities in India, namely, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune We have 520 Partners (Individual & Corporate) and Pan-India we have worked with 120 grantee NGOs with INR 25 cr disbursed in grants.


  • SVP Chennai Chapter


    SVP’s Chennai partners are enthusiastic about aiding nonprofit organizations that operate in the domains of Education, Women's Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship. Their aim is to enhance these organizations' capacity by harnessing the support of their network and facilitating collaboration among local stakeholders. This collaborative approach seeks to explore opportunities for partnerships between organizations, thus amplifying the impact of their funding efforts.

  • SVP Bangalore Chapter

    SVP Bangalore Chapter embraces the spirit of 'venture' as it collaboratively conceives and finances numerous pioneering programs with NGOs throughout Bangalore and Karnataka. The relentless pursuit of ambitious objectives has empowered us to swiftly expand social innovations that yield enduring, sustainable outcomes. It achieves this in close partnership with CSR leaders across Bangalore. Some of the NGO investees are: ACCORD, Industree, MASS NGO, Mitti Cafe, The Nudge Foundation, Involve EDU, Navsahyog Foundation, Oorvani Foundation, and Sahaja Samrudha

  • SVP Ahmedabad Chapter


    The Ahmedabad Chapter empowers community leaders, guiding their growth in alignment with the ecosystem's requirements, thereby establishing a robust framework for creating sustainable livelihoods. The primary emphasis lies in harnessing the inherent potential that exists throughout India, spanning domains such as artisanal crafts, food technology, agriculture, and beyond.
    This chapter collaborates with initiatives that approach empowerment as an all-encompassing dialogue, identifying opportunities for individuals to expand their spheres of influence and compassion. Some of the NGO investees are Aga Khan Foundation, Kaarigar Clinic, Prabhat Education, and SOACH.

  • SVP Delhi NCR Chapter


    The Delhi NCR chapter has excelled as an incubator for innovative concepts, assisting Investees in transitioning from modest, single-location nonprofit organizations to substantial, venture-backed, nationwide social enterprises. The chapter in Delhi NCR fosters novel initiatives by providing backing to nonprofits in establishing a demonstrable model, enhancing organizational capabilities, and facilitating networking support for organizations with emerging proof of concept.
    It fosters connections between Foundations and CSR leaders from large Indian and multinational corporations operating in the Delhi NCR region. This collaboration aims to uncover opportunities for partnerships and cooperation among organizations, mitigating the duplication of efforts, creating a consortium of reputable nonprofits, and amplifying the impact of funding. Some of the NGO investees are Aarohan, Saajha, Udayan care, Shakti foundation, Literacy India, and Labhya Foundation.

  • SVP Kolkata Chapter

    Kolkata operates a program called "Youth for Philanthropy," meticulously designed to educate and empower young individuals, grooming them to become the next generation of philanthropists in our country. These emerging philanthropists are poised to contribute their time, skills, and resources for the betterment of society. This experiential leadership program attracts community members, typically professionals or business leaders aged between 22 and 35, to participate as youth mentors.
    Each youth mentor oversees a group of seven to eight local college students, eager to engage in community service as interns for a three-month duration. These interns are placed with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), working across diverse domains such as data management, social media, and fundraising. The youth mentor dedicates a few hours every month to provide guidance and mentorship to the interns. To date, the program has enjoyed remarkable success and has completed 5 cohorts. Some of the NGO investees are Diksha, Garbage free India, Future Hope, KADAM, VIHAAN, VAANI, and Turnstone Global.

  • SVP Mumbai Chapter


    The Mumbai Chapter of SVP India is experiencing robust growth, boasting a dynamic community of over a hundred dedicated partners, each generously contributing their time and expertise to support the expanding portfolio of NGOs.
    In November 2022, the Chapter hosted a two-day event that brought together SVP partners from across India. This gathering marked the first time partners convened in person since the onset of the pandemic. The event was a vibrant amalgamation of workshops, panel discussions, and seminars, meticulously designed to aid partners in their philanthropic journey. Some of the NGO investees are Katalyst, Kshamata, Happy Feet Home, EMpower, Apni Shala Foundation, Antarang Foundation, Adhyayan Foundation, and CIVIS.

  • SVP Pune Chapter


    The mission of the Pune chapter is to establish meaningful connections between donors, corporations, individuals, and local non-profits and social organizations to spark positive and dynamic transformation. It empowers donors to achieve more, utilizing the ideal blend of time, resources, skills, relationships, and education. The Pune Chapter of SVP India serves as a robust support system for philanthropists and NGOs, driving impactful change.
    Launched in 2014, the Pune Chapter has collaborated with over 15 grassroots organizations and engaged with more than 100 like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference. Some of the NGO investees are iTeach Schools, INORA Foundation, UTMT, Prayatna, CYDA, DIFPT, and Anubhuti Foundation.

  • SVP Hyderabad Chapter

    The SVP Hyderabad chapter has set forth an ambitious vision: to enhance the well-being of a minimum of one hundred thousand families or households in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh through dedicated philanthropic efforts within the next five years.
    It is in the process of charting out a comprehensive roadmap for the next half-decade. This roadmap will encompass specific objectives and annual targets, aligned with chosen focus areas based on the partners' interests and expertise. The strategic interventions will primarily revolve around cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, launching tangible and sustainable alternative livelihood initiatives, enhancing capacity through training, devising effective strategies, and championing programs that impart vital employability skills. Some of the NGO investees are Chitrika Foundation, HUManity, Digital Equity, Craftizen, APMAS, Inquilab Foundation, Swasti, and Safa India.

Leadership Team

  • Bidisha Fouzdar

    CEO, Delhi NCR

  • Falguni Vora

    CEO, Bengaluru

  • Karishma Dixit

    CEO, Mumbai

  • Aamrapali Sharma

    CEO, Hyderabad

  • Angana Nanavaty

    CEO, Ahmedabad

  • Parul Vaidya

    CEO, Pune

  • Sherry Yezdani

    Head - Strategic Partnerships and Operations

  • Parul Vaidya

    CEO, Pune

  • Sherry Yezdani

    Head - Strategic Partnerships and Operations

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