Works for improving maternal and neonatal healthcare through monitoring devices and mobile applications running on sustainable technology

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Works with the aim of reducing the mortality rate among mothers, infants and children before, during and after the birthing process. The focus is on i Read moremproving healthcare conditions for mothers and children by making use of advanced, sustainable technology. The core product offerings consist of monitoring tools which measure different health parameters in the mother and the child. DAKSH is a monitoring tool which is available as an application on mobile tablet devices. Running on a standard intra-partum protocol, it allows healthcare professionals to record vital statistics of a pregnant woman. It issues reminders for measuring vitals and also sends out alerts in case of an emergency, initiating a timely call to action if any anomaly is detected. KEYAR is a wearable monitoring device optimized for functioning in healthcare conditions with minimal resources and allows usage by health workers with inadequate skill training. It offers continuous monitoring of uterine contractions and fetal heart rate to allow healthcare professionals to make early decisions and prevent mother and child morbidity. Their monitoring tool has been used to monitor more than 2,800 pregnancies, reaching 37 hospitals.

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  • Keyar CM - Beltless Fetal Monitoring Patch

    Janitri’s Keyar CM enables users to streamline labour monitoring with the user-friendly, wireless, and beltless electronic fetal monitor. It relies on ECG and EMG signals to guarantee a distinct demarcation between maternal and fetal heart rates. It possesses the capability to measure contractions without the need for extra probes. It offers the following features:
    • Single time placement
    • Mother’s comfort and mobility
    • Continuous monitoring
    • Auto-interpreted reports
    • Remote monitoring
    • Digital reports

  • Keyar DT - Wireless and Portable Fetal Monitor

    Doppler and TOCO probes in a wireless form. These are ideal for both prenatal NST (Non-Stress Test) and electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) throughout the labour process. This innovative digital solution is designed to enhance the effectiveness and overall experience of pregnancy monitoring. It offers the following features:
    • Portable and compact
    • Critical reminders and alarms
    • Connects to any smartphone
    • Cloud storage of the past reports
    • Central monitoring system
    • Digital reports that can be printed with any printer

  • Daksh SI Max

    Daksh SI Max is an advanced obstetric shock index monitor meticulously designed to forecast the likelihood of postpartum hemorrhage in women following childbirth. Daksh SI Max is highly recommended for patients who may be susceptible to hemorrhage due to various factors. Employing cutting-edge technology, it empowers healthcare professionals, particularly doctors and gynecologists, to assess the probability of excessive bleeding and take timely preventative actions. Daksh SI Max employs a blend of vital signs, encompassing heart rate and systolic blood pressure, to compute the obstetric shock index. This index furnishes a quantitative gauge of the patient's vulnerability to postpartum hemorrhage, thereby equipping healthcare providers with critical insights to make well-informed decisions.

  • Keyar DT Lite

    Keyar DT Lite is a medical-grade fetal Doppler meticulously designed to offer high-risk mothers the convenience of monitoring their baby's well-being from the comfort of home. This innovative device empowers you to effortlessly record your baby's heartbeat and conduct Nonstress Tests (NST) at your own convenience, anytime and anywhere. Keyar DT Lite serves as an invaluable asset for high-risk mothers, providing a means to proactively monitor their baby's health. Regular monitoring not only offers peace of mind but also enables early detection of potential concerns.

  • Janitri mobile app for mothers

    Janitri, a mobile application, is thoughtfully designed to offer expecting mothers the means to vigilantly monitor their baby's well-being throughout the course of pregnancy. This app enables the tracking of fetal movement and the measurement of the fetal heartbeat, providing a sense of assurance and contributing to a healthy pregnancy journey. Janitri is available for download from the mobile device's app store.

  • Digital Pregnancy Monitoring App (Daksh)

    The mobile application and dashboard serve as a valuable tool for monitoring maternal vital signs throughout the intrapartum and postpartum phases of labour by issuing essential reminders. This system ensures that maternal information is promptly recorded, facilitating the generation of vital alerts and prompt staff notifications when necessary. This app comes with separate logins for doctors and nurses.

  • Keyar Mini

    Keyar Mini is a portable fetal Doppler device specially crafted for expectant mothers. It grants you the convenience of listening to and measuring your baby's heartbeat from the comfort of your own home. The Keyar Mini employs advanced ultrasound technology to detect and amplify the soothing sound of your baby's heartbeat. All you need to do is apply ultrasound gel to the device, gently place it on your belly, and begin listening to your baby's heartbeat using the Janitri: for Mothers application.
    The Keyar Mini comes equipped with a recording feature, allowing you to capture and preserve those precious moments of your baby's heartbeat for a lifetime. These recordings can also be shared.

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