Girl Effect

Uses media and mobile technology to create a supportive community of girls and empowering them to bring valuable changes in their lives

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Girl Effect builds youth brands such as music band, radio and TV talk shows, dramas, magazines and digital network to introduce positive reforms in gi Read morerls' lives. They have established a call center where girls can call and listen to inspirational, educational and informative stories, talk to a person and get insightful answers to their questions. The projects focus on spreading information and educating adolescent girls on issues like health, education, safety and financial security. Girls can conduct surveys through their app and provide vital information to the project development team to enable them to develop programs with deeper impact. The organization is active mainly in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Malawi, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Philippines.


  • Bak Bak Gang

    Bak Bak Gang, initiated by Girl Effect and facilitated through Chhaa Jaa, the youth brand in India, serves as an empowering space for girls across the country. This exclusive Facebook community for girls, established in 2019, celebrates girlhood and offers a platform for girls to delve into topics often considered taboo. With a burgeoning membership of over 2,800 individuals who have collectively contributed more than 75,000 comments, Bak Bak Gang has become a thriving digital community. To join, girls must respond to a series of entry questions, and once admitted, they can engage in moderated discussions covering various aspects of life, love, sexual health, and more. This safe, open, and non-judgmental space counters the intimidating and unwelcoming nature of the internet, which frequently overlooks the specific needs of girls. Bak Bak Gang is dedicated to empowering girls by addressing negative online experiences and fostering collective exploration of important issues.

  • Bol Behen

    Bol Behen, which translates to 'Speak, Sister' in colloquial Hindi, is Girl Effect's chatbot in India, providing girls with a confidential online platform to seek reliable and non-judgmental guidance on topics like sex, STIs, contraception, relationships, and other sensitive subjects they may hesitate to discuss with others. Bol Behen adopts a girl-centric approach and communicates in a blend of Hindi and English, known as "Hinglish." Unlike conventional helplines, Bol Behen is accessible 24/7 on-demand and is optimized for use on low-end smartphones with limited data packs.
    Available on both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Bol Behen engages with girls on platforms they already frequent, addressing their concerns and dispelling misconceptions about love and sex through interactive and enjoyable conversations. To date, more than 240,000 users have initiated conversations with Bol Behen, resulting in over 2.7 million messages exchanged.

Leadership Team

  • Sneha Chaturvedi

    Country Lead, India

  • Ria Dhanda

    Global Creative Partnerships Lead

  • Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    Global Marketing Lead

  • Shraddha Kulkarni

    Senior Programme Manager

  • Kedar Jaidev

    Content & Creative Lead

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    228 Park Ave S, PMB 33237, New York 10003-1502, USA


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    Nike Foundation

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