Adiuvo Diagnostics

Works for developing customized portable diagnostic devices for detecting skin and soft tissue infections

  • Started: 2015
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Develops and provides accurate and technologically advanced diagnostic devices to doctors working in areas with low-resource conditions, enabling them Read more to differentiate between pathogens causing various skin and soft tissue infections and prescribe the right treatment. Skinscope-AD is the primary solution to the challenge of accurately identifying the type of skin or soft tissue infection. It works through multi-wavelength fluorescence spectroscopy, advanced image processing and machine learning and offers quick and non-invasive detection of pathogen presence on the infection site and also the species of pathogens present. It is expected to be improved with further technological advancements in the future, with the ability to detect the load of pathogen presence on the wound. Modular reader is another low cost, portable diagnostic device which helps to easily identify and quantify various molecular assays including lateral flow assay, PCR kits and Colorimetric kits. The MTB Screening device helps in quick detection of presence of TB causing bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in sputum samples, allowing rapid and mass-scale screening of Tuberculosis. The ultimate aim is to aid accurate diagnosis of infections, prescription of the right course of medication and reduction of unnecessary costs arising from frequent hospital visits or unwanted antibiotic prescriptions.


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IIT Madras Research Park 32, Kanagam Road, Kanagam Periyar Nagar, Taramani, Kanagam, Taramani

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