Works for developing low cost and portable diagnostic tools for screening of various medical conditions

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Works with the vision and mission of finding technologically advanced diagnostic solutions for multiple health conditions. The focus areas are diabete Read mores, anemia and malnutrition and the activities are focused on developing low cost diagnostic devices and consumable products for detection of conditions associated with these ailments. Diabetes diagnostic devices allow individuals to monitor their health and also assess their risk of developing diabetes type 2. SYNC is a portable, battery operated blood sugar monitor which allows Bluetooth pairing for easy tracking of blood sugar levels in a graphical format. uCheck is a portable smartphone based system for measuring multiple parameters in urine samples. It analyzes change of colour in urine strips by capturing images at predetermined times and accurately measures microalbumin to creatine ratio and other parameters. ToucHB is a non invasive device which measures the pallor in the eye for detecting anemia and facilitating early detection and subsequent timely treatment. The malnutrition kit consists of diagnostic devices for detection of multiple health conditions and enables Kit/ASHA/Aanganwadi workers with minimal training to use it. It provides testing tools for measuring blood sugar, hemoglobin, blood pressure, weight, height, MUAC, routine urine parameters, oxygen saturation, pulse, temperature and foetal heart rate. It also consists of rapid diagnostic kits for Pregnancy, Malaria, Typhoid, Chikungunya and STDs. Cloudscale is a height and weight measuring device with added features for measuring mid-arm and head circumference. It also provides low cost consumable products compatible with diagnostic devices on offer.


  • uChek


    uChek is a portable diagnostic system based on smartphones that measures the microalbumin-to-creatinine ratio and multiple parameters in routine urine tests. This urine analysis system captures images at predefined intervals to detect color changes in the urine strip's parameter pad, providing highly accurate results.

  • A1Chek


    The A1Chek is an intelligent HbA1C Meter designed for the quantitative measurement of HbA1C concentration in whole blood. It is suitable for diabetes patients for self-monitoring purposes. This device assists users in comprehending their diabetes control status or monitoring the risk of developing diabetes.
    Consistent monitoring of the HbA1C test is crucial as it aids in effectively managing diabetes.

  • Biosense HbChek


    The Biosense HbChek meter is specifically crafted to offer quantitative point-of-care hemoglobin determination from whole blood, ideal for primary care settings or blood donation systems.
    HbChek is an In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) medical device.

  • ToucHb


    Developing nations, such as India, face significant challenges like malnutrition and anemia, resulting in the deaths of numerous children and pregnant women yearly due to limited access to anaemia diagnosis. Highlighting the significance of early detection as the primary solution, ToucHb was created.
    ToucHb is a non-invasive anaemia screening tool that identifies anaemia without the need for a needle poke, recognizing pallor in the conjunctiva. Its design not only emphasizes ease of use but also affordability.

  • Remote Diagnostic Kit


    The Remote Diagnostic Kit is tailored to address malnutrition and reduce Non-Communicable Disease rates. This portable and user-friendly diagnostic kit facilitates screening and monitoring at the sub-center level. Designed for easy use, it empowers Remote Diagnostic Kit/ASHA/Aanganwadi workers, requiring minimal training for operation. This comprehensive kit encompasses various essential tests:
    • Non-invasive hemoglobinometer
    • Routine urinalysis
    • Blood sugar measurement
    • Weight, height, and MUAC (Mid-Upper Arm Circumference)
    • Blood pressure assessment
    • Oxygen saturation levels
    • Pulse and temperature measurement
    • Foetal heart rate monitoring
    • Rapid Diagnostic Kits for Pregnancy, Malaria, Typhoid, Chikungunya, and STDs.

  • CloudScale


    Malnutrition remains a pressing issue in our nation. The Malnutrition Kit is designed to address this problem and aims to reduce the infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, and malnutrition in collaboration with Aanganwadi. The kit includes various features such as a weight and height measurement machine, a Mid-arm circumference tape, Head circumference measurement tools, and integration with the ICDS app.

  • Biosense SYNC


    SYNC is an intelligent and integrated glucometer crafted for personal use, combining all essential components required for Blood Glucose testing into a compact, pocket-sized device weighing under 90 grams. Its innovative design incorporates strips built on our exclusive electrochemical platform, ensuring affordability while delivering Glucose results in just 5 seconds.
    With a mere microliter of Capillary blood required for testing, the SYNC meter guarantees results that comply with ISO15197:2013, the globally recognized standard for Glucometer Accuracy.
    Featuring Bluetooth® connectivity, this meter seamlessly links to a smartphone via the SYNC app, facilitating real-time tagging of results. The app provides comprehensive trends and analytics based on accumulated data over time. Additionally, users can log their meals and track exercise routines to monitor Glucose trends effectively.

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