Works on urban reforms by involving citizens and local authorities for improving urban infrastructure and services

  • Started: 2001
  • Bangalore, Karnataka


Janagraha educates school children and citizens about the civic responsibilities and good citizenship through programs called BalaJanagraha and IMatte Read morer respectively. Both these programs hold engaging discussions to create awareness about citizen participation in local governance. The Organization has initiated various projects to voice civic issues, funds and services provided by local governing authority. It has created an online platform that exposes retail corruption and helps concerned departments take appropriate action. It provides a framework for city development addressing challenges like spatial planning, finances for development, issues faced by municipality, garbage management etc. The organization is involved in maintaining error free voter lists using digital and manual force. A monitoring team evaluates projects run by Janagraha.


  • Media & Awareness
  • Governance
  • Water
  • Recycling
  • Sanitation


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UNI Building, 4th Floor, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanth Nagar

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    JanaUSP, Janalakshmi, Janadhar, Jana Urban Foundation, Jana Urban Services for Transformation

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