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Social impact specialists with expertise in designing and integrating technology solutions with systems within organizations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness

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    Bangalore, Karnataka

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Collaborating closely with its partners, Catalyst Management Services (CMS) nurtures and invests with a unique blend of resources, profound expertise, Read more and hands-on experience. In doing so, it contributes to the advancement of social equity across various SDG goals. Its approach includes: 1. Co-Investment in the success of key change agents. 2. Leveraging resources to address complex issues effectively. 3. Mobilizing and shaping investments. 4. Ensuring higher value for investments through growth-oriented solutions. 5. Investing in scalable solutions. 6. Incubating and expanding sector-specific solutions that deliver value and returns. CMS is committed to making a difference in the achievement of 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the year 2030. Its mission involves enhancing the lives of 100 million individuals by empowering development partners to amplify their influence through comprehensive and scalable solutions and investments. It also dedicates its resources to fostering external partnerships and social impact, while simultaneously investing in people, processes, and performance.


  • Wellbeing for workforce

    The Wellbeing for Workforce initiative is dedicated to transforming wellbeing into a tangible reality for frontline workers, with the aim of impacting 100 million workers by the year 2030. CMS hold a steadfast commitment to the welfare of workers, their families, and the communities they are part of.
    Over the course of the past 14 years, CMS has forged partnerships with more than 30 organizations and established a strong presence within 351 factories spanning 14 states in India. Additionally, it has extended its reach to 12 countries across Asia and Africa, providing vital technical support to enhance capacity, implement programs, develop systems, and formulate workplace policies. These efforts have directly benefited over 230,000 workers and their families, with a significant majority exceeding 60% being women.

  • Climate

    The Climate Practice within the Catalyst Group envisions a world where "Thriving communities and carbon-neutral systems coexist." Recognizing the pressing need to address systemic gaps in climate ecosystems and champion people-centric models on a broad scale, the Catalyst Group is committed to leveraging its expertise and relationships with vulnerable communities to advance climate action.
    It collaborates with vulnerable individuals who bear a disproportionate burden of the impacts of climate change. These include small-scale farmers, marine fisherfolk, Nano, Micro, and MSMEs, street vendors, and indigenous communities. The focus is on continually enhancing their resilience—their capacity to rebound from or adapt to climate-related disruptions without jeopardizing their lives, livelihoods, or long-term well-being.

  • Health

    With a 25-year track record as a global consulting firm specializing in social impact, it employs a comprehensive 360-degree approach to enhance the well-being of marginalized communities. CMS, in collaboration with its sister organization, Swasti—a public health agency —actively engages with communities at the grassroots level, assisting them in realizing their full potential in terms of health and overall well-being. The overarching objectives encompass the pursuit of Universal Health Care and the advancement of Global Health Security.

  • Behavioural Sciences

    The Behavioural Sciences services are dedicated to assisting clients in developing scientifically-informed programs that are committed to instigating and maintaining long-term behaviour change.

    Catalyst Behavioural Sciences services specialize in:
    1. Empirical Evidence-Based Strategies: It employs strategies grounded in empirical evidence to initiate the adoption of new or positive behaviors.
    2. Technical Support: Guided by in-depth analysis, research, insights, and current trends, it provides technical support to facilitate the effective implementation of initiatives at the grassroots level.
    3. Innovative Tools and Skills: It equips communities with innovative tools and skills that empower them to drive transformational change.

  • Social Protection

    Social protection encompasses a series of public measures designed to safeguard society's members from economic and social hardship resulting from the loss or significant reduction of income due to various unforeseen circumstances. These measures encompass access to healthcare and the provision of benefits for families with children.
    At CMS, the Universal Help Desk (UHD) for social protection serves as a solution hub, addressing issues at all levels of stakeholder engagement.
    A UHD center:
    • Bridges the gap between the demand for and supply of services.
    • Enhances awareness about available schemes and programs.
    • Acts as a central point for establishing referral connections with both public and private service providers.
    • Utilizes a technology-driven platform to monitor applications and analyze data

  • TechTonic

    TechTonic envisions technology as a catalyst, a solution-finder, a paradigm-shifter, and a powerful enabler of social progress. The primary aim is to conceive, execute, or apply technological solutions in a manner that benefits everyone, especially individuals from marginalized communities. The organisation's expertise is rooted in extensive on-the-ground experience, a diverse and multi-disciplinary team, as well as strategic partnerships.
    TechTonic functions as the specialized technology strategy division. Its central role is dedicated to the creation and development of:
    • Technology architectures
    • Implementation strategies for impactful programs on a large scale

  • Livelihood

    CMS collaborates with vulnerable individuals operating as small-scale producers, including those involved in farming, forestry, allied industries, fisheries, and MSMEs, to enhance their livelihoods. The overarching objective is to promote prosperous, resilient, and socially responsible small producers on a national scale through an inclusive entrepreneurial approach.
    1. Capacity Building: CMS bolsters the capabilities of various stakeholders, both internal and external, by aligning them with market opportunities and the institutional framework.
    2. Financial Services: It facilitate access to suitable financial services across the entire value chain, encompassing incubation, production, processing, marketing, and more.
    3. Business Partnerships: CMS fosters strategic business partnerships and coordinates an array of solutions to drive sustainable growth.
    4. Technical Support: CMS offers comprehensive technical support.

Leadership Team

  • Dr.Angela Chaudhuri

    Chief Catalyst

  • Arun Sivaramakrishnan

    Lead,Livelihoods Practice

  • Bhagvath Chandra

    Investment Catalyst

  • Raman Kumar

    Finance Manager

  • Abdul Latheef P

    Portfolio Manager - Community Engagement

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