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Empowers young individuals to challenge societal norms and embrace personal growth, fostering a collective vision of harmony and redefining success beyond material wealth and status

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Youth Alliance is a network of young individuals across India who embody the values of humanity in diverse socio-cultural and economic contexts. It en Read morecompasses a world where each person takes action and leads towards achieving harmony with oneself, others, and nature. The organisation strives to initiate a shift in the mindset of young people, providing them with an opportunity to think differently and question the conventional features of success such as wealth and status. While the education system remains largely unchanged, it recognizes that the key to transformation lies within each individual. Its approach focuses on guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery, enabling them to find their own truths, listen to one another, and establish a common language. These transformative journeys encompass the integration of intellectual, emotional, and practical aspects to foster holistic growth.

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Youth Alliance has empowered over 650 alums who have collectively initiated 70 social initiatives, established 38 enterprises, and pursued 300+ development careers, making a significant impact on society.


  • Earth Shastra Programme

    Earth-Shastra is a 9-day immersive journey that invites thirty young changemakers from diverse parts of India to slow down and comprehend the climate emergency and converging crises of our times. It serves as a leadership experience, guiding participants towards a life path aligned with greater harmony among oneself, others, and nature. Through reconnecting with nature, exploring the economic system, and understanding environmental challenges holistically, participants develop the capacity to grasp the bigger picture and engage in small yet impactful actions. This transformative journey fosters personal growth, community building, and the cultivation of an ecological way of being to inspire and amplify constructive action.

  • The Ecology of Self Programme

    Youth Alliance launched The Ecology Self, an online self-immersion programme, in response to the global pandemic's impact on the outer world. The programme encourages individuals to explore their inner selves and engages participants through reflection on life experiences, embracing a range of emotions, fostering curiosity rather than judgment in self-understanding, exploring relationships with systems such as family, community, and environment, learning alongside peers, and envisioning the lives they aspire to lead.

  • Alumni Community

    The programme includes SAMVAAD, an educational experiment fostering mutual learning, self-reflection, and dialogue among participants. PADH-YATRA offers a three-day walking journey in the wilderness, allowing individuals to connect with nature and explore self-discovery away from hectic city life. Action Learning Saturdays involve the Youth Alliance community coming together once a month to engage in group actions aimed at learning through practical involvement, such as supporting campaigns, mobilizing artist communities, and painting school walls.

  • Gramya Manthan Programme

    Gramya Manthan is a 10-day rural immersion programme that unites 30 passionate change agents from across India. It occurs twice a year, with one session in winter in Kutch, Gujarat, and another in summer in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Through empathetic exploration and staying with local communities, participants engage in workshops, discussions, and activities that foster individual and collective reflection. The programme aims to inspire self-exploration, service, and bridge the rural-urban divide. It creates a space for participants to observe, understand, and learn about the diverse realities of India, sparking their curiosity about life's complex dynamics.

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