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Empowers kids with cancer to fight and survive the disease by taking up initiatives to provide quality care, research, advocacy and financial help

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Cankids Kidscan is working to support children suffering from cancer and also cancer survivors. It runs a signature programme YANA(You Are Not Alone) Read moreto provide all-round assistance to the affected children and their families. This programme includes hospital support through its Cancare Hospital Support Units(CHSU) and detection, diagnosis and treatment services. It also provides affordable accommodation near cancer care centres for the children and their families while the treatment is going on besides operating two Canshalas or schools attached to hospitals to keep the learning process going on. Its palliative care centre Subhita offers day-care and both OPD and IPD services to children in advanced stages of the disease.

Demographies Served


3,800 children supported, 14,669 sessions on hygiene, 22,462 meals provided, 15,022 nutrition assessments, 2,767 hygiene kits, 2,300+ CanSurvive kits, 800 tabs distributed for CanShala Online, 80% increase in applicants for scholarships and awards, ₹35,37,975 in support for continuing education, 2,092 children received formal education, 22,591 online and face-to-face classes and 2,591 admissions at CanShala.

Vision & Mission

CanKids enables better standards of treatment and care by partnering with Cancer centers, assessing needs and filling gaps on an ongoing basis, through funding support, providing social support staff, enhancing capacities and driving quality care, research and impact assessment. Through stakeholder engagement and advocacy we aim to ensure that Childhood Cancer is a child health priority in India. More information about our working model can be found here.

We are committed to children faced with cancer and their families, and aim to:
Ensure access to the best possible treatment, social and emotional support
Ensure continuity of care
Ensure the rights of the health impaired child to a childhood, to the highest standards of health, and to education
Ensure opportunities for reintegration into society

Donor History

Cipla, EXL, DBS, Kotak and Indorama


  • Education and Reintegration Support Programme

    To enable continuity of education during the duration of treatment Cankids runs formal schools within the cancer care centres/ hospitals. Learning is imparted from rooms specifically assigned for the purpose and features activity centres where education is imparted through crafts, arts, DIY, outings and celebrations. Scholarships and awards are also given to children who do well in their studies boosting their confidence and their will to fight.

  • Medical Project and Support Services Programme

    Offers direct services in the form of providing medicines, surgeries and treatment at discounted or lowest rates partnering with Pharma companies and hospitals. Its indirect services connect the patients with relevant Government schemes to enable them to make use of such financial services and provisions.

  • Treatment Support Programme

    The organisation helps cancer affected children and their families through preventive, curative and rehabilitative care providing hygiene and infection control, nutrition and blood support and affordable accommodation for the duration of the treatment.

  • Quality Care Research Impact Programme

    Cankids conducts research on the situation of cancer care in India and works to promote and improve the healthcare scenario. It supports multiple research initiatives through contributing patients or is the study sponsor and is continuously working on finding methods to positively impact the treatment of childhood cancer in India.

  • National Outreach Programme(NOP)

    This programme attempts to provide cancer care to the needy across the country and benefit as many people as possible. It partners with cancer care centres and hospitals and builds their capacity by providing manpower and social support services. It has initiatives at the State level and regional and State coordination centres providing screening, detection and early intervention services across the country to assist children fighting the ailment.

  • Yana - You Are Not Alone

    No one is left alone with regards to childhood cancer and the families

Impact Metrics

  • Supported Children With Cancer for Holistic Healthcare

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2016-17 1141
    • 2017-18 8530
    • 2019-20 11868
    • 2020-21 12232
  • Provided Financial Support to Patients

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2017-18 5275
    • 2019-20 7244
    • 2020-21 6378
  • No of Children Supported

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 16868
    • 2020-21 12232
    • 2021-22 16628
  • Cankids Care Centres Operational

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 11
    • 2020-21 14
    • 2021-22 20
  • Cankids Hospital Support Units

    Year-wise Metrics
    • 2019-20 99
    • 2020-21 121
    • 2021-22 132

Theory of Change

CanKids' YANA approach involves forming strategic partnerships with hospitals in India treating children with cancer. Through the partnership, Cankids provides a support unit (CHSU) covering 10 program areas and 25 core services in each hospital. Each CHSU has a CanKids Social Support Team, a cadre of trained people for pediatric oncology support services, including social workers, data managers, dietitians, teachers, psychologists, volunteers, patient navigators, and care coordinators (parents and survivors)

Milestones & Track Record

CanKids KidsCan is the Knowledge and Technical partner to 7 state governments, through Memorandum of Understanding

Leadership Team

  • Priti Dhall

    Executive Member

  • Sandip Jariwala

    Executive Member

  • Poonam Bagai


  • Dr. Dhanshri Pradhan

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Gopal Sharma

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mohit Gupta

    Deputy General Manager Finance

  • Sanjay Saluja

    Senior Manager Accounts Coordinator

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Government Partnerships

Punjab (2017) Maharashtra (2019) West Bengal (2020) Tamil Nadu (2021) Gujarat (2022) Madhya Pradesh (2022) Pondicherry (2022)